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The page gives a timeline of the various events related to the Quran according to traditional Islamic accounts.



Post Muhammad[edit]

  • 653 CE The Quran is canonized by Uthman ibn Affan[5]
  • 657 CE; pages of the Quran are wrapped around swords by Muawiyahs forces during the Battle of Siffin
  • 661 CE - 671 CE: the estimated radiocarbon dating of the oldest surviving copy of the Quran, the Sana'a manuscript[6]
  • 859 CE, the oldest quranic school (madrasah) in University of al-Karaouine is built[7]
  • 883 CE; the oldest surviving major tafsir collection was completed, namely Tafsir al-Tabari
  • 884 CE; the first complete translation of the Quran into a foreign language[8]
  • 1609 CE Quranic calligraphy for the Taj Mahal is created by Abdul Haq, aka Amanat Khan
  • 1649 CE; the first known translation of the Quran into the English language by Alexander Ross, chaplain to King Charles I.[9]

Some modern scientific methods discussed in "Nassourou, Mohamadou (2013), 'The Qurʾanic verses : history, computer-supported reconstruction of the order of revelation, examining the concept of abrogation', AVM - Akademische Verlagsgemeinschaft, Munich, Germany, ISBN 978-3869244754" have also been used to reconstruct the entire chronology of the Quranic verses.

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