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Original author(s) KDE
Developer(s) KDE
Stable release 5.31.0 (February 11, 2017; 39 days ago (2017-02-11)) [±][1]
Preview release 5.0 beta 3 (June 5, 2014; 2 years ago (2014-06-05)) [±][2]
Type Spell checker
Main article: KDE Frameworks

Sonnet is a multilingual spell checker program in KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE Software Compilation 4. Sonnet replaced kspell2 that was created for KDE3. The two main goals for Sonnet's development were a simpler API, wider language support and performance. Notable improvements in Sonnet over kspell2 are

  • Automatic language detection, a language can be identified with as little as 20 characters of text. Even multiple languages in the same document can be detected and spell checked correctly
  • Better performance
  • Improvements in spell checking languages like Thai and Japanese
  • Simpler design, kspell2 consisted of 7 components and a complicated API. Sonnet is a single component and aims to provide a simpler API
  • The user can select a primary and backup dictionary, an example given was a doctor who frequently uses terms from a medical dictionary. Words that would not appear in a regular dictionary would be corrected by the backup dictionary that contains medical terms.

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