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KBibTeX for KDE4
Developer(s) Community
Stable release
0.6 / August 9, 2015; 19 months ago (2015-08-09)
Written in C++ (KDELibs, Qt)
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Type Reference management software
License GPL
Website home.gna.org/kbibtex/

KBibTeX is a reference management software primarily for BibTeX which is typically used in conjunction with TeX/LaTeX. Beyond normal editing capabilities, KBibTeX offers features such as searching and importing new references from Google Scholar or BibSonomy.

KBibTeX is written using the KDE framework, but is not part of the official KDE Software Compilation or KOffice. There exist two versions of KDE: The original version is using the old KDE3 framework and has been in development since 2004;[1] it is stable for daily use. The most recent stable release 0.6 is built on KDE4. The online version of documentation to KBibTeX is hosted on KDE documentation server along with a copy in PDF form for the purpose of offline reading.[2]

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