Terminator Salvation (arcade game)

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Terminator Salvation
Developer(s) Play Mechanix
Publisher(s) Raw Thrills
Distributor(s) USA and Canada: Betson
Europe: Namco
Series The Terminator
Platform(s) Arcade
Release April 2010
Genre(s) Light gun shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Terminator Salvation is a light gun shooter arcade game released in 2010. It is developed by Play Mechanix and published by Raw Thrills. It is an adaptation of the Terminator Salvation film. A spiritual successor, Aliens Armageddon, was released in 2014.


The player assumes the role of John Connor during the war between the human resistance and the machines of Skynet. The game consists of two selectable missions. The objective of the first mission is to seek out and destroy the secret lab where Skynet conducts experiments on humans. The objective of the second mission is to escort refugees to a safehouse and to finally destroy Skynet. The player, along with their resistance allies, faces whole armies of Terminator robots, such as T-600s, T-7Ts, HK-Tanks, Aerostats, and Moto-Terminators, among others. The player can also find and pick up grenades, as well as temporary-use shotguns and miniguns. During some sequences, it is possible to use heavy machine guns with unlimited ammo while riding in vehicles such as helicopters and pickup trucks).

The player's default weapon (a customized M4A1) has a magazine of 60 bullets. To reload, players press the bottom of the magazine or (formerly) shoot outside the screen. The button on the side of the weapon is used to throw grenades.


The story of the game takes place before or during the film, with John Connor and his resistance allies waging war against Skynet and its endless armies of Terminator robots and machines.


Three different versions of the arcade cabinet exist:

  • Standard: 32" LCD screen with mounted guns. This cabinet is the spiritual sequel to Aliens Extermination because of the guns share the same model as the Pulse Rifles (without the use of the LED bullet counter).
  • Deluxe: 42" LCD screen with attached guns.
  • Super Deluxe: 100" screen with attached guns, projector, and external speakers.


The game has been praised for its ambience and entertainment value. This arcade game was generally better received than the movie or the home console adaptation.

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