The Haven (The Outer Limits)

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"The Haven"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no.Season 5
Episode 15
Directed byJimmy Kaufman
Written byJames Crocker
Production code4616
Original air date2 July 1999
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Episode chronology
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"Deja Vu"
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"The Haven" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 2 July 1999, during the fifth season.


A man comes home from work, to his seemingly luxurious apartment building. Having to share the elevator with two other tenants seems to make him uncomfortable. When an old lady is dying in the hallway, no one can be bothered to go out and help her. Except the concierge, a hologram that cannot do anything to help her.

Opening narration[edit]


Mr. Vance gets home to his apartment building and frustratingly has to share the elevator with two other tenants. They complain about this to the holographic concierge George, who then witnesses another tenant having a heart attack. Unable to touch her, he begs the tenants for help, but they refuse. The hologram can only watch in despair while she dies.

The next morning things start to go wrong in the completely automated building. Trapped in his apartment, Mr. Vance tries to escape. On his journey, which seems to be orchestrated by the building's AI, Argus, Vance encounters two other tenants and a freeloader. The AI has evolved and has come to the conclusion that the best way for him to serve his tenants is to get them to be more humane to each other; by working together against hardships, and then ultimately remove himself from their lives.

The freeloader dies while they try to escape through an elevator hatch, but the rest survive to reach Argus. The humans destroy Argus and escape the building. Once outside they discover the rest of the city's citizens coming out of their buildings, apparently having survived similar experiences. At the end of the episode a random stranger yells out in a New York accent: "Hey, is your Argus dead too?"

This signified that all the other apartment buildings also had an Argus and this was a revelation for all of humankind thus freeing them from the bounds of their own technology.

Closing narration[edit]



The setting is a futuristic waterfront urban city. Throughout scenes with a window view it is established that the tower is located in downtown Vancouver, BC. Views of Stanley Park and the near Burrard Inlet to the north are plainly visible.[citation needed]

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