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My Decumanus tree

As Decumanus no longer seems to be playing the game, it seems an explanation is in order. A Decumanus tree is a hierarchal list of articles a user has contributed at least one sentence of content to. An article is placed into the list based on what other article(s) it has connections to, in the form of wikilinks either to or from the other article (preferably both). A new article is indented one level from the existing article it is being linked to.

If another editor or editors come along later and remove the link, that has no bearing on the tree. On a wiki, articles change, and no one can keep track of all of them.

The goal is for each of the trees to be connected. When this happens, the editor is said to have reached a state of wikitari.

Bold = Started article
+ = "starting point" of group (ie not related to any previous articles at time of first contribution)
# = Linking article (article combines two or more trees together)

Highland Park Single Malt+[edit]

Pledge of Allegiance[edit]

Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco+#[edit]

San Jose (disambiguation)[edit]

Pumpkin pie+[edit]

John Muir+[edit]





Critical temperature+[edit]

Thread (Pern)+[edit]

The BOC Group+[edit]

Science stuff that I've not connected to yet[edit]

Mark Twain+[edit]

Captain Jack+[edit]

Hank Williams, Jr.+[edit]

Punter (disambiguation page)[edit]

Saddam Hussein+[edit]

Order of the Arrow+[edit]

Bhumibol Adulyadej+[edit]

Julie Billiart+[edit]

Moffett Field, California[edit]

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park+[edit]

Indo-Pakistani War of 1971+[edit]

Gary Oak+[edit]


Pedro Fages+[edit]

Flora Fraser, 21st Lady Saltoun+[edit]

Polish Lowland Sheepdog+[edit]

Mubarak Al-Sabah+[edit]


Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School+[edit]

Half Moon Bay (California)+[edit]