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Link to ArbCom statistics [1]

A useful tool: [2]

These templates should always be used with the subst: keyword, as suggested on Wikipedia:Template substitution. They are shown without subst: here to reduce the space occupied by this large table. For example, type Thank you for experimenting with Wikipedia. Your test worked, and it has been [[Help:Reverting|reverted]] or removed. Please use [[Wikipedia:Sandbox|the sandbox]] for any other tests you want to do. Take a look at the [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome page]] if you would like to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia.<!-- Template:Test (first level warning) -->, not {{test}}, to warn common first-time vandals.

Category Good faith General note Caution Warning Final warning Blocked Block & warning
Vandalism messages
Generic {{test0}}
Self-reverted {{test-self}}
Obvious vandalism {{vw}}
Removing content {{test1a}}
Blanking pages {{blank1}}
Malicious pages moves
and naming conventions
Anonymous vandals {{sharedIP}}
{{Anon vandal}}
{{Anon vandal-n}}
Use of multiple IPs {{multipleIPs}} {{MIPblock}}
Adding spam links {{spam1}}
Vandalizing userpages {{tpv0}}
Removing warnings
on own user talk page
{{wr0}} {{wr1}} {{wr3}} {{wr4}}
Creating inappropriate pages {{Testarticle-n}} {{Test2article-n}} {{Test3article}}
Editing messages
Not adhering to
neutral point of view
Adding non-notable material {{nn-test}}
Adding copyrighted text {{nothanks}}
three-revert rule
{{3RR4}} {{3RR5}}
explicit material
{{Not censored}} {{Not censored 2}}
Introducing deliberate
factual errors
{{verror3}} {{verror4}}
Posting off-topic
Using improper humor {{behave}}
{{funnybut}} {{seriously}}
Introducing stylistic problems {{Mos0}}
{{lang4}} {{lang5}}
Royalty stylistic problems {{rn2}}
Vanity/user pages
in article space
{{vanity}} {{userfy warning}}
Edit summaries {{edit summary}}
{{Edit summary personal}}
Other editing-related
{{talk sign}}
{{mcn2}} {{TestTalk}} {{obscene}}
Image-related messages
Image vandalism {{image1}} {{image2}} {{image3}}
Fair use and
tagging problems
{{image copyright}}
{{Image no source last warning}}
{{image source}}
{{name your images}}
Behaviour messages
Personal attacks {{npa2}}
{{npa5}} {{npa6}}
of other users
{{defwarn}} {{defban}}
bad faith
{{agf1}} {{agf3}}
Being incivil {{civil1}}
Inappropriate username {{usernameblock}}
Posting other users'
personal information
{{pinfo4}} {{pinfo5}}
Threatening legal action
against other users
{{threat2}} {{threat4}} {{threatban}}
Sockpuppet use to
dodge final warning
Process-related messages
Removing {{afd}} templates {{drmafd}} {{drmafd2}} {{drmafd3}} {{drmafd4}} {{drmafd5}}
Removing speedy
deletion templates
{{drmspeedy}} {{drmspeedy2}} {{drmspeedy3}} {{drmspeedy4}} {{drmspeedy5}}
maintenance notices
deleted articles
Clerical blocking-related messages
'Block clerical' tags Informative:
{{vandalism watch}}
{{Request accepted}}
{{request denied}}
{{repeat vandal}} {{arbcom}}
{{blocked user}}
Nuvola apps important.svg Please do not add a template here unless it does not match any other category above. Nuvola apps important.svg
Miscellaneous {{badcat}}

To coordinate numbers, the previous blanking 2, 3, and 4 templates have been moved because they were out of sync with the numbering usage with other templates. The old templates, though not listed, can still be used as they redirect to the new name and number.

The numbering system being used across the templates is simple:

0. Good faith edit
1. General note
2. Could be seen as vandalism
3. Warning to stop
4. Final warning
5. Blocked
6. Blocked plus severe warning

If you are creating new templates, please follow the numbers above, even if you are not creating templates using all the numbers. That way, by using the right number, users will be able to know automatically what category of message the template refers to.

Useful links[edit]

BlockUnblockAn index for WikipediaMailing list archivesHeavy Metal Umlaut, the movieTemplate messagesSign your postsCount your editsJimbo at HarvardBackground colorsHarvard referencing (pdf) • WP:ANWP:AN/IWP:AN/3RRBlock logBlockProtection logProtected pageAdmins' how-toList of adminsAdmins' reading listFixing cut and paste movesRfCNew pagesNewbie contribsRange blocksDealing with vandalismVandalism in progressControversial blocksBanning policyBlocking policyCheck-user accessPage history statistics

Alphabetical Links[edit]

Adminship, Requests For
Admin Nominee Charts Admin Nomination Records
Project Echo Peer Review Templates
High Risk
Administrator Notices
General 3RR Incidents
Edit Wars Policy
Creation Policypedia
Thousand Top Wikipedia Editors
Collaboration of the Week Esperanza Protection
FAQ Requests Policy
Third Opinion
Blocking Featured Materials
Lists Articles
Point Disruption Wikipedia:Three-revert rule
Copyrights Games
Hangman Contests
Requested Articles Talk Pages
Archving General
Barnstars Harrassment Requests for Comment Users
Name Changes Names Pages
Categorization Help
General Meta Exo Tables General
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Into English
Cite Images
Copyright Syntax
Recent Change Patrol Unblock
About Wikipedia Index of How to articles Sandboxes
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In Progress Intervention Admin Assistance
Colors/List Ignore All Rules Shortcuts Village Pump
CryptoDerk's Tool Logs Wikipedia:Sock puppet Wikipedians
Cleanup Manual of Style
Special Pages Wikiprojects
Policy Process Precedents Review Speedy
Legal Threat Policy Statistics(WP-Overall)
Size in Articles Log
Did You Know? Improving Articles Stub Types Wikiholism
Monobook NH Wikiproject
Munc Nashua
The "Not" page

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Short cuts[edit]


+/-: new, npp, speedy,
vfd, del-log, policy
changes: rc, patrol, rc head
disputes: med, med-req, ama
arb, apolicy, arb-req
rfc, conflicts, qpolls
folks: rfa, admins, list
front: dyk, feature, itn, today
helpme: short, oldest, projects,

att, cleanup, merge

irc: channels, stats
lang: into, tr now, tw log,
c-vio, copyr, pd
links: redirs, orphans, lonely
makeme: req, wanted, enc
media: msgs, all, elems,
news: announce, goings, ce
noise: rdesk, pump,
pics: tut, policy, list, ifd
stats: charts, comp,

tables, traffic, usage

style: name, dab



This page is a list of templates to do "special effects", mostly to text. It is not a list of boilerplate or pastel boxes.

Feel free to edit this page as if it were in the Wikipedia: namespace.

Case insensitive ASCII order, please.

  • Template:flag · Template talk:flag
    • Displays a flag icon with text linked to that country's page. Aliases supported.
      • Usage: {{flag|USA}}
      • Results:  USA
    • Related: {{flagicon|USA}}: United States
  • Template:nobr · Template talk:nobr
    • Does the same as <nobr>, which is a nonstandard tag not supported by MediaWiki.
      • Usage: {{subst:nobr|sample}}
      • Results: sample

Wiki Tools[edit]

WP:ANI - Admin. Incident Report Center
WP:BITE - Don't Bite Newbies. Some REALLY need help, NOT scorn and ridicule.
WP:CON - Consensus
WP:FAC - Featured article canidates
WP:VPP - Village pump(policy)
WP:NLT - NO legal threats
Wikipedia policies - Policies and Guidelines
WP:SPP - Semi page protection protocol
WP:RFP - Full Page protection protocol
WP:RFC/SOC - Request for Comments/Wikipedia Society and Law
WP:WQT - Wikipedia Ettiquite
Wikipedia:Introduction - Introduction
Wikipedia:Introduction 2 - More on Introduction
Wikipedia:Introduction 3 - Still more on introduction
Wikipedia:Tutorial - Tutorial
WP:V - VERIFY sources, etc. on this format.
WP:SOCK: Tool usually used by vandals to vandalise votes,articles,attack people.
WP:AN - Noticeboard run by Admins., others. They deal with all manner of things.
WP:VIP & WP:VAND - Anti Vandalisim protocol. Incl. policies on newbies as well as on vandals.
WP:CVU- Counter Vandalisim Unit: These people go after vandalisim anywhere. To be in this, one must NOT be a vandal.
WP:BJAODN - Bad Jokes and Nonsense on Wikipedia.
WP:WIN - What Wikipedia is 'NOT'
WP:AGF - Assume Good Faith.
Wikipedia:Administrators - Click on the "List of Administrators" to contact a Administrator.
WP:NPA - NO personal attacks
WP:CITE - Cite Sources
WP:RFAr/AER - Request for arbitration/Admin Enforcement Requested
WP:RFAR - Requests for Arbitration
WP:Arb - Wikipedia: request for Arbitration
WP:ArbReq - Wikipedia: Request for Arbitration
Wikipedia:Bug report - Report bugs, such as Why is this site malfunctioning 1/2 the time ?
WP:ANB - Administrators' Noticeboard. See WP:AN
WP:AIV - Administrators intervention against vandalisim
WP:NPOV - Neutral Point of View
WP:RFA - Request for Administratorship. Think this one over people.
WP:GRFA - Want to be a Admin. ?! Read this carefully.
Wikipedia:Bureaucrats - These people have more power than even a Administrator.
m:stewards - creates "user 'bots' ", among other things.
Wikipedia:Requests for page protection - Option employed to protect a article from vandalisim,etc.
WP:POINT - Don' Disrupt Wikipedia to make a point.
WP:IRC - Wikipedia Channels
WP:QI - Quick Index
WP:RPA - Remove Personal attacks.
Wikipedia:Profanity - Profanity protocol.
WP:CIVIL - User Civility protocol.
Wikipedia:Administrators noticeboard/Incidents - used to report incivility, personal attacks.
Wikipedia:Resolving disputes - Protocol to resolve disputes.
Wikipedia:User Bill of Rights - Wikipedia Use protocol for Users.
WP:ArbCom - Arbitration Committee
Jimbo Wales Wikipedia BOSS
m:Board of Trustees - Wiki bosses under User Jimbo Wales.
Wikipedia:Blocking policy
WP:3RR - Three Revert Rule.
WP:AN/3RR - Report Violations of 3 Revert Rule.


from Fabartus

Useful links

0. Wikipedia:Newcomers_help_page - The link that keeps going missing! Green check.png
  1. Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers
  2. Wikipedia:Introduction
  3. 'Altavista' Narrower than Google Garbage Searches
  4. WikiX Tools
  5. Wikipedia:Extended image syntax — About time found! Images 101
  6. of Congress notes on US gov. 'image sources'.
  7. Wikisource Scriptorium Page

Pages to Patrol Occasionally

Off Wikipedia

  1. Wikipedia Main Page
  2. WikiBooks Main Page

On Wikipedia

  1. WP:AFD
  2. Deletion log
  3. Wikipedia:Most_Wanted_Articles
  4. Requested Articles - Index
  5. Wikipedia:Pages needing attention
  6. Wikipedia:Peer review
  7. Wikipedia:Recent_changes_patrol
  8. General Stubs,sectstub
  9. Stubs, Templates Nominated for DeletionWP:SFD — Analog of WP:AfD for squiggly things.
  10. Vandalism
  11. Category:Candidates for speedy deletion
  12. Wikipedia:Deadend pages
  13. RecentChanges -- Major changes only, hide Bots, ?hideliu???

Maybe patrol

  1. WikiProjects --
  2. Special:Unusedtemplates --


  1. Special:Ancientpages
  2. [[A new special page, Special:Randomredirect, allows a user to visit a random redirect page. Added by Rob Church on 25 April, the page works in a similar fashion as Special:Random
  3. Special:Templates
  4. Wikipedia:List_of_Wikipedians_by_number_of_edits -- Tally March 2006
  5. Commons_Images
  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types



  • {{Template:Disputed}}Page
  • {{Disputed-section}}Section
  • {{DisputedAssertion}} — dispute one line's FACT.
  • {{DisputedAssertion}}Line

Disputed POV

Both Disputed and POV

Here at WikiP

  1. Wikipedia:Administrators' reading list
  2. Wikipedia:Boilerplate text (disambig: Very useful collection of links)
  3. WP:CSD ==CSD Project Page
  4. HELP by Department
  5. WikiP Policy Library --
  6. WP:VP -- The Village Pump
  7. Wikipedia:Tools/Editing tools#Spell Checkers
  8. User Scripts -- really need to take time to browse this soon, there are some good tools and variations here!
  9. WP:Btw

Categories, Templates Arcana

  1. Wikipedia:Category -- WP:CAT—The Main Guideline governing Categories
  2. Fundamental categories —This is daughter (subcategory) of CAT:CAT by natural topics
  3. CAT:CAT — Head end list of all categories, so can browse the whole heirarchial tree
  4. Category:Articles to be MergedWP:MM, put together for merging and moving.
  5. Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page

Guidelines, How to

*WXYZ indicates have hard copy on paper, quick filed index 'WXYZ'

  1. Wikipedia:Administrators' how-to guide,
  2. Wikipedia:Conflict resolution,
  3. Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page,
  4. Wikipedia:How to edit a page,
  5. Renaming/Moving a Page,
  6. M:Foundation issues,
  7. WP:PIC — Guide to Picture Layout, and options, part of MOS (long-See hardcopy) too)
  8. Wikipedia:Images — Guide to Images Layout in general, and options (see hardcopy too)
  9. WP:FUWP GUIDELINE What Is/IS not Fair USe Images
  10. WP:GTL — Guide to Layout, part of MOS
  11. WP:R == WP:RDR == WP:REDIR — Guide to Redirects, part of MOS (hardcopy)
  13. Wikipedia:Wikiquette#How_to_avoid_abuse_of_Talk_pages
  14. MediaWiki User's Guide: Editing mathematical formulae
  15. Wikipedia:Merging and moving pagesWP:MM
  16. Wikipedia:Template messages --
  17. Wikipedia:Utilities --
  18. WP:WSWikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Syntax — wikiproject list of syntax problem IDed by bots.

Special Link, Lookups, and References

  1. Polytonic orthography
  2. User:RoyBoy/The 800 Club --
  3. Wikipedia:Welcoming committee
  4. Stub Sorting Subproject
  5. Precis on Special Pages
  6. Article VfD instructions --
  7. Category:Candidates for speedy deletion
  8. Special:Newpages
  9. Cities Projects
  10. Encyl Artys Needed
  11. Wikiprojects
  12. 1911EBArtys Needed --
  13. AdminList Categorized by Recent Activity
  14. Complete by uncategorized list of Administrators
  15. Lamest Edit Wars
  16. Clueless

Things Check out/Examine

  1. - Forget it. Ridiculously high user fees Use free!
  2. = Destination of source materials, some of which may be good starts for wikiBooks
  3. = WikiBooks references and text project. Some don't like wikiPedian culture

Useful Techniques/Tools

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