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  • Portuguese: Este é um espaço alternativo à Esplanada da Wikipédia em português para discutirmos assuntos relacionados à língua portuguesa, ou a cada país lusófono que incidam sobre a Wikipédia em inglês.
  • English: This page functions as a notice board for anything particularly relevant to Wikipedians from Portuguese-speaking nations (or anyone else interested in topics related to Portuguese-speaking nations).
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Museum of the Portuguese Language[edit]

Olá, luso-falantes.

I have just translated this entire article from scratch from the Portuguese Wikipedia (it is one of the better featured articles there.) If someone here could go over it that would be great (especially if you've been there.) I would like to get this to featured-article status very soon. I'll leave a fuller explanation of my translation methods on the talk page of the article... Please help if you can. Grandmasterka 20:07, 19 June 2006 (UTC)


Olá! Alguém poderia me ajudar na tradução do parágrafo "en: This is a page to function as a notice board for things that are particularly relevant to Wikipedians from the Portuguese-speaking on the EN.WP." --- Tenho minhas dúvidas que esteja correto. :) abraço! --FML IconSP.jpg hi me at pt 00:03, 1 August 2005 (UTC)

Ah não! Pode estar certo sim, porque eu copiei exatamente da versão inglesa desta página (Wikipedia:UK Wikipedians' notice board). Face-smile.svg valeu. --FML IconSP.jpg hi me at pt 00:04, 1 August 2005 (UTC)

Brazil and South America as powers[edit]

Sorry, I dont speak port. but could you please help - people are trying to expunge Brazil and South America from the Global Power and potential superpower articles. Countries such as Japan, Russia and India are listed, and Brazil was there until a month ago when someone excluded Brazil - they are waging edit war there. Please come and express your opinion. IMO Brazil, which has larger economy than Russia in both GDP and PPP, and which alone trails India in GDP, deserves its place (let alone united south america, which will be like EU in 10 years) there. Human development index is greater for Brazil and South america than that of India (by far) or China, and is like that of Russia at the moment. I think that some of those who revert the article to exclude Brazil might have racist motives.


I couldn't find a Brazil-related notice board, so I'm bringing it up here: Igarassu has been tagged for cleanup about a year ago, and it still needs a lot of work. Is there a Brazilian here who knows a bit more about this city and who can help to bring this article up to wikipedia standards? Aecis I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive. 19:56, 12 October 2006 (UTC)