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Wikipedia is not Michael Shumacher[edit]

see wikipedia is not The Stig

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple enough

Wikipedia is not the place to blow your teacher[edit]

Because they dont like you.

Wikipedia is not a brand of soda[edit]

And even if it was, nobody would buy it because it sucks (like Duncan).

Mountain Dew is better.

Wikipedia is not your mom[edit]

sorry, couldn't resist

Wikipedia is not a big truck[edit]


Wikipedia is not a urinal[edit]

Hey, you! Do that stuff over there, or there.

...but it is a public toilet.

Wikipedia is not a sock[edit]

I mean, does it smell bad? No! Then it's not a sock!

Wikipedia is not a graveyard[edit]

So don't put dead bodies in here.

Wikipedia is not behind you[edit]

So For the Love of God Don't Look. It's Your Mama there...

Wikipedia does not bite[edit]


Wikipedia is not Russian[edit]

In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia article edits YOU!

Wikipedia is not a place to get drunk[edit]

Awwww, man. That's no fair.... but it's okay if we're drunk already, right?

Wikipedia is not a swimming pool[edit]

Cannonball!!!! Aww, crap! I broke my computer. hehehe

Wikipedia is not your great aunt Agnes[edit]

Thank God!

Wikipedia is not God.[edit]

God is.

Wikipedia is still not God[edit]

(Insert prominent figure in your religion here, i.e. Jesus. For atheists, use Invisible Pink Unicorn) is.

Wikipedia is not not God[edit]

It has pocket lint, and no tea.

Wikipedia is not a place to boost one's ego[edit]

Perhaps this one should be officially added, now that the edit count tools are whack, and considering that the vast majority of editors are non-notable individuals.

Wikipedia is not a sexual lubricant[edit]

No explanation needed.

But knowing some of the stuff here could theoretically get you laid.

Wikipedia is not just for Christmas[edit]

It is for life. Don't let the kids sit on it or pull it by the tail.

Wikipedia is not a giant, blue and green striped, pink and purple polkadotted, odorous, pizza-covered, telephone-eating, lederhosen-wearing, Republican, bloodstained homicidal soda-sippin' piece of shit maniac named Bob[edit]

This follows from the fact that Wikipedia is not Republican.

Wikipedia is not a spoon[edit]

But you can still eat soup with it, although it might be wise to invest in a new computer. Also, Wikipedia is there, as opposed to the spoon.

Wikipedia is not a duck[edit]

Now that's just despicable!

Wikipedia is not a place for an argument[edit]

Yes it is. No it isn't. Yes it is. No it isn't.

That's not an argument, that's just a contradiction!

No it's not.

Yes it is. An argument is an intellectual process, intended to establish a proposition. That's not just saying, "No it isn't".

Yes it isnt.

No, it isn't.

Look -- if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position.

DUNCAN <dead argument sketch continues in random order ad infinitum>

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple enough

Wikipedia is not a window shade[edit]

You can't use it to darken your house. Well, you could print out articles and use those, but Wikipedia itself is not a shade. Don't even think about it.

Put down the pull cord and step away from the glass.

Wikipedia is not on the internet[edit]

Usefulness? On *my* INTERNET?!

NB: It's more likely than you think!

Wikipedia is not eadable[edit]

If you want to want to eat crap, go eat the real stuff, not the virtual stuff.

Wikipedia is not spell checked[edit]


Wikipedia is not an online encyclopedia that comes in many languages and can be edited by users[edit]

Oh, wait. It is. Never mind.

Wikipedia is not ON WHEELS!![edit]

Anymore, that is. Now that Willy on Wheels is gone.

Oh, no I'm not!--Willy on Wheels (ON WHEELS!)

Wikipedia is not a flotation device[edit]

In the event that someone is drowning, do not throw Wikipedia to him/her. This will only make matters worse (see electrocution).

Wikipedia's Javascript doesn't mean be hyper[edit]


Wikipedia is not.[edit]

It was, but that didn't work so well.

Wikipedia is snot.[edit]


Wikipedia is not for everyone[edit]

Please consult your doctor before starting Wikipedia. Do not use if under the influence of alcohol. Serious side effects, such as vandalism, explosion of cranium due to overflow of knowledge, or extreme headaches, may occur. If you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours, consult your doctor. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using Wikipedia. If you start experiencing discoloration of your right toes, discontinue use of Wikipedia and consult a doctor.

Wikipedia is for everyone[edit]

Please do not consult your doctor before starting Wikipedia. Use if under the influence of alcohol. Serious side effects may not occur. Do drive or operate heavy machinery while using Wikipedia. When you start experiencing discoloration of your right toes, continue use of Wikipedia and don't consult a doctor.

Wikipedia is snot for everyone[edit]

Because everyone needs more snot, of course.

Wikipedia is not my beautiful house[edit]

Nor is it my beautiful wife.

Wikipedia is not the call of the Seventh Trumpet of the End Times[edit]

It does, however, hang out with war, famine, death, and pestilence.

Wikipedia is not the Governor of California[edit]

Hasta la vista, one-liners!

Wikipedia is not gay[edit]

Despite the assertion of many a vandal, Wikipedia is not gay. He is in fact going out with I heard he got her pregnant!

"Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Well, I don't know about ^him, but I heard they broke up.


Wikipedia is not in the process of sucking[edit]

Depending on what your reply is, you could suffer... *cocks shotgun* Any Questions?

Wikipedia is not also in the process of blowing[edit]

Do note that although this is the alternative of sucking, you should think accordingly as to whether it does or does not blow. *waves shotgun*

Wikipedia is not the wind in Vietnam[edit]

See two previous entries. Also, it won't love you long time.

Wikipedia is not the place for non sequiturs[edit]

The sky is blue.

Wikipedia is not my shotgun[edit]

It isn't really possible to blast your enemies in the face with Wikipedia, although additional cardiovascular damage may occur as a result, making it roughly as dangerous.

Wikipedia is not a game[edit]

Too many people think it is.

Wikipedia is not a carrot[edit]

Wikipedia is also not Britannica, nor is it a radish.[1]

Wikipedia is not original research.

Wikipedia is not a GameShark[edit]

You can't use Wikipedia to make your life as easy as breathing. It leads to serious problems.

Wikipedia is not deodorant[edit]

Yup.....what were you expecting something funny? Well your not gunna get it cuz it really isn't deodorant.

Wikipedia is not a banana[edit]

Don't throw it on the floor and let people fall on it.

Wikipedia is not any kind of fruit or vegetable[edit]

It is a website. Well duhhhhh!!

Wikipedia is not The Matrix[edit]

Although it is an alternate reality of sorts.

Wikipedia will not help you lose weight[edit]

That why dieting and/or exercise were created.

Wikipedia is not a pipe[edit]

Or, as the French would say, Wikipédia n'est pas une pipe.

Wikipedia is not sold in stores[edit]

So call now! The next fifty callers receive a free Wiktionary! Sorry, no CODs

Wikipedia is not gonna take it[edit]

no, it ain't gonna take it, Wikipedia's not gonna take it, anymore

Wikipedia is not a member of The Solar Federation.[edit]

But thanks for letting us know you have assumed control

Wikipedia is not a scientologist[edit]

Not since that arbcom ruling.

But it is a cult.

Wikipedia is not blasphemy and/or madness[edit]


Wikipedia is not not not not not an encyclopedia[edit]

Of course it's not not not not not. It is, however, not not not a fruit, and it's not not going to be on the test.

No, Wikipedia is not the rule of double negation[edit]

No, no, it is not.

Wikipedia is not Wikipedia[edit]

Wait, that's not right...

Wikipedia is not AAAAAAAAA[edit]

It's not BBBBBBBBBB, Meow, Woof or YYYYYYYYY either.

Wikipedia is not yo mama[edit]

If Wikipedia tells you to do something, you don't necessarily have to do it. Now clean your room!

Wikipedia is not The Flying Spaghetti Monster[edit]

Please don't get your friends to worship it, please.

Wikipedia is not radioactive[edit]

Okay? It's safe. Just take off that damn protection suit, it smells like your ugly face!

Wikipedia is not Cyndi Lauper's house[edit]

No girl should just wanna have fun here. This is serious business!

Wikipedia is not The Price is Right[edit]

Come on down all you want, but you aren't winning a new car anytime soon.

Wikipedia is not Jeopardy![edit]

I'll take "Wikipedia" for $200.

Wikipedia is not Wheel of Fortune[edit]

It isn't a place for buying any vowels, either.

Wikipedia is not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious[edit]

You can say that backwards. Or is that going too far?

Wikipedia is not the Paris Hilton Fanclub[edit]

Go to Jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Wikipedia is not a maid[edit]

Pick that up!

Wikipedia is not KAT-TUN[edit]

So take your kawaii's and kakkoii's elsewhere fangirls. D:<

Wikipedia is not suitable for vegetarians[edit]

It also isn't suitable for people with nut allergies.

Wikipedia is not The Weakest Link[edit]

You are, goodbye.

Wikipedia is not Final Fantasy X[edit]

There is no pilgrimage to becoming the high administrator, no maestor Wales to overthrow, no aeonpuppets to summon, and no overdrive edits to perform. The dead do not become fiends. No Wikiknights are battling Sin. You can't increase your power by negotiating the edit grid.

And on a further note, Wikipedia is not Final Fantasy XI

Wikipedia is not a Big Brother contestant[edit]

So you can't nominate it for eviction. But you can nominate the stupid contestant's pages for deletion. Or be bold and redirect them to the article of the Big Brother season they appeared. Unless of course they have been all over the news for saving baby seals, or they happen to be best friends with Paris Hilton, or written a best seller, or did the nasty with Richard Hatch. Other than those things, there is no reason to have individal articles on Big Brother contestants just for being on/or winning the show! Get a life.

Wikipedia is not a phone-in competition[edit]

But, if it was, they'd either be won by someone who works for Wikipedia[2] or have already chosen the winner before closing the lines[3].

It also follows that they'll also rig phone-in polls as well[4], or charge more than they should for those votes[5].

Besides, if it was a phone-in competition, the winner will be someone who works behind the scenes, without the host's knowledge[6]. Either that, or say the show with less votes is the winner[7] and be fined less than they made[8].

Wikipedia is not a Salmon[edit]

Because it had to be done.

Wikipedia is not a place for putting long funny lists[edit]

So what is this then?

Wikipedia is not Barbie Girl[edit]

You can't brush its hair, or undress it anywhere.

Wikipedia is not an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini[edit]

it's not a catchy song either.

Wikipedia is not a football[edit]

It's a stone, Luigi! You didn't make it!

Wikipedia can't save Koridai[edit]

It is written: Only Link can defeat Ganon.

Wikipedia is not Burger King[edit]

You can't always have it your way here, sorry.

Wikipedia is not The Borg[edit]

You won't be assimilated. Just your knowledge. You can go on about your business. Move along.

Wikipedia is not Donkey Kong[edit]

It will not throw barrels.

Wikipedia is not Jay-Z[edit]

Wikipedia has 99 bitches and ain't a problem with one[9]

Wikipedia does not look good on the dancefloor[edit]

Anyway, that's Alex Turner out of the Arctic Monkeys' job.

Wikipedia is not a purple monkey dishwasher[edit]

Nor is it a cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Wikipedia is not My Chemical Romance[edit]


Wikipedia is not not4chan[edit]


Wikipedia is not old copypasta is old[edit]

Wikipedia is not your bitch[edit]


Wikipedia is not the place to look for the meaning of life[edit]

That's on Wiktionary

Wikipedia is not Slashdot, Gizmodo, Engadget, MySpace, Digg, YouTube, Fark, or Reddit[edit]


Wikipedia is not fo' urban languages[edit]

So get ya shitty pants o' ma articlez, or y'ain't be breathin' anymo'. Come o', man, ya heard me, get t'hell outta ma encyclopediah.

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple enough

Wikipedia is not the place to swear[edit]

While Wikipedia is not censored, there is no fucking need to swear for no fucking reason.

Wikipedia is not claustrophobic[edit]

Not funny!

pikiWedia is Dot Nyslexic[edit]

pikiWedia is also not a space for ploonerisms, mo natter fow hunny they are. Seliousry. me Wean it. Necause there are bumerous editors tomitted co vinding thilly sings in articles and theverting rem, you won't wet agay with it.

Wikipedia is not an organ donor[edit]

We're so selfish

Wikipedia is not asian[edit]

Die hard American, baby

Wikipedia is a place to watch Monday Night Football[edit]

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun! Are you ready for some football!?

Wikipedia is not for figuring out the tattoo on your girlfriend's ass[edit]

Even if it refers to a minor river in Romania.

Wikipedia is not even supposed to be here today![edit]

My girlfriend's orally pleasured 37, not in a row! DodgerOfZion (talk) 07:21, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

Wikipedia is not from New Jersey[edit]

So don't ask which exit. DodgerOfZion (talk) 07:21, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

Wikipedia does not own itself[edit]

Neither has it been on fire since 1962.

Wikepedea is nut the plaice two miss speel wurds[edit]

allwas ooze a spilling chequer too macke shure that ewe speel you're sentuncas corectally.

Wikipedia is not a Communist[edit]

It may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but it is not a porn star!

Wkpd ds nt lk vwls[edit]

Whch s why ths sntnc s Whch s why ths sntnc s wrttn wtht n.

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple enough

Wikipedia isn't not able to say Candlejack[edit]


Wikipedia is not a Brazilian timetraveller[edit]

We don't know what it refers to, either.

Wikipedia did not kill Kenny[edit]

So it is not a bastard.

Wikipedia did not kill Kennedy[edit]

After all, it was you and me.

Wikipedia did not shoot J.R.[edit]

In spite of what was revealed, we all know that little John Ross did it.[original research?]

Wikipedia is not suicide[edit]

Indeed, it's not always painless. Although it does bring home many changes...

Wikipedia is definitely not Stonkers[edit]

As ZX Spectrum fans know, nothing ever is. Not even stonkers.

Wikipedia is not a repository for fish puns[edit]

Cod knows, there's no plaice for such nonsense these dace.

I don't wish to carp, but no self-respecting Wikipedian would bream of writing such pollocks in any case.

Wikipedia is not The Game[edit]

But you just lost.

I did?! fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-----

damn it

Doesn't this make you win it though?

Wikipedia is not Lolcats[edit]

It isn't in ur compootr edditn ur filez.

Wikipedia is not affected by ADHD[edit]

Wikipedia never loses its concentration or gets distracted in the middle of an -- oooh.... a butterfly....

Wikipedia is not a lumberjack[edit]

But It's OK, it sleeps all night and it works all day. It cuts down trees, it skips and jumps, it likes to press wildflowers. It puts on womens clothing and hangs around in bars.

Wikipedia is not mindfuck[edit]

So, bricks won't be shat, when you see this.

Wikipedia is not The Stig[edit]

Wikipedia is not Perry McCarthy[edit]

Because he's The Stig

Wikipedia is not the Stig's Cousin[edit]

Wikipedia is not any of the following:

Although: Some [who?] say that wikipedia and The Stig both have matching tramp stamps laugh track and that if put into a cage wrestling match, they would both win... All we know is its called The Stig and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is not Linkin Park[edit]

Wikipedia is not tired of being what you want it to be.

Wikipedia is not Mindless Self Indulgence[edit]

Wikipedia has never wrote a gay song.

Wikipedia is not your bloody offspring[edit]

Neither is it your spouse.

Wikipedia is not your new bicycle[edit]

Although Barack Obama is.

Wikipedia is not your jalopy[edit]

Although John McCain is.

Wikipedia is not suitable for persons of a nervous disposition[edit]

Nor, in all likelihood, anyone else. :-)

Wikipedia is not asleep[edit]

or dead.

Wikipedia is not The End.[edit]

Dead follows it.

Wikipedia does not have the Ctrl button[edit]

Wikipedia can't be controlled.

Wikipedia is not a chicken[edit]

Though it doesn't cross the road.

Wikipedia is not[edit]

No one can see if you watched any mature articles.

Wikipedia is not real[edit]

Which, according to the modal realism of David Lewis... Can't touch this!

Wikipedia is not a Pokemon[edit]

So put away that pokeball! (Piplup!)

Wikipedia is not a Mettaur[edit]

Don't even think of charging that megabuster!

Wikipedia does not see dead people![edit]

Here's Wiki!

Wikipedia is not a FALCON PUNCH![edit]

Or else you wouldn't be able to read this.

Wikipedia is not a place to insult others for making really tiny mistakes[edit]

But if you look 4 sections higher, you'll see that someone forgot the accent on Pokémon. That guy was probably fucking its mother while making that.

Wikipedia is not a place to insult back people who are paranoid about small mistakes[edit]

Look above this section and you'll see a cock mongler who's mother is also his aunt (don't get mad, get even).

Wikipedia is not a internet meme[citation needed][edit]


Wikipedia is not a place to keep insulting others if you did accidentally insulted them because they made a really tiny mistake, and thus, Wikipedia is not the place to keep creating sections in articles to impress the others[edit]

In b4 a longer title.

shut up you dumb whore learn to spell

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia[citation needed][edit]

Because enclopedias do not need to source obvious information[citation needed]. Grass is green[citation needed], the sky is blue[citation not needed], ice is white[citation needed], Wikipedia is full of silly people[citation needed].

Actually, most, but not all, grasses are predominantly (but not entirely) green because chloroplasts are green.[citation needed] The sky isn't blue, refraction of sunlight makes it look blue[citation needed] (if human eyes were more evenly sensitive across the visible spectrum, the sky would be purple with a blue tinge[citation needed]). Ice from pure water is actually clear[citation needed], but looks blue (not white) for similar reasons[citation needed]. But the author surely knew that.[citation needed]

Wikipedia is not naught[edit]

...contrary to popular belief.

Wikipedia editors are not Cybermen[edit]

Allthough there are editors whose battlecry is DELETE!

Wikipedia is not a Dalek[edit]

So it will not ex-ter-min-ate you."DEELEETEE!"

nor is it a cyberman

Wikipedia is not The Master[edit]

But you will obey it. YOU WILL OBEY IT.

Wikipedia is not a stone[edit]

It's a football! I chiseled it!

Wikipedia is not your father's Oldsmobile[edit]

This is the new generation of Wiki.

Wikipedia is not a beautiful and unique snowflake.[edit]

Wikipedia is the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and is all part of the same compost pile.

Wikipedia is not Mama Luigi![edit]

That's Mama Wiki to you, reader!

Wikipedia is not a cup of Coffee[edit]

Starbucks is better anyways.

Wikipedia is not GLaDOS[edit]

So it will not promise cake.

Wikipedia is not a wiki[edit]

Oh, wait, yes it is. Sorry, my mistake. While it turns out there're many, many wiki wiki, and that WikiMedia is subject to swinging, still, I'm married to my articles.

Wikipedia is not ITV[edit]

Which means that you won't see adverts instead of articles[10].

Wikipedia is not the place to forget[edit]

Umm... What was I going to write again?

Wikipedia is not a stranger to love[edit]

But it knows the rules. And so should you.
A full commitment by your edits is what we are thinking of
You wont get this from any other guy
We dont want to tell you how we are feeling (unless the server crashes, then we're all sad)
Got to make you understand that you cant vandalise wikipedia

Wikipedia is not a license to abuse the rules of language[edit]

Spellcheckers and such, hmmm. Apparently someone went through the trouble to create these tools, so why should it trouble me to take the time to learn how to use them effectively? Yeah, there are numerous editors combing through WP articles, willing to clean up our grammatical messes. But why test this diffusion of responsibility? Why not bring along my own pooper-scooper?

Wikipedia is not a pooper-scooper[edit]

Do I need explain?

Wikipedia is not the place for blank sections[edit]

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple Enough

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple Enough

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Simple Enough

Wikipedia is not repetitive[edit]

Okay, that's ENOUGH!

Wikipedia is not Himeko Nonohara in Disguise[edit]

But then why is it beeping?

Wikipedia is not Immanuel Kant[edit]

What's the difference between the Great Unthinking Masses and a triangle? A triangle has three points.

A job as a comedian is on des cartes I think.

Wikipedia is not the droids you're looking for.[edit]

Move along.

Wikipedia is not the place for inane lists of meaningless crap[edit]

... then what the hell is this page here for?

Wikipedia is not Skynet[edit]

Though it may be self aware.

Wikipedia is not run by Chuck Norris[edit]

If it's not in the Chuck Norris facts, then it's not true.

Chuck Norris Fact number 38:Editors don't run Wikipedia. Chuck Norris runs Wikipedia. -unsigned post signed by Some vandal hat hates Wikipedia (talk)

Oh be quiet. -.-

Wikipedia is not Gordon Brown[edit]

Could be true but I reckon it's more like George Bush.

Wikipedia is not TV Tropes[edit]

It's the Other Wiki, so stop posting egregious trivia sections in the main articles. And there IS such a thing as notability.

  • This Troper agrees!
  • Actually, it's THAT Other Wiki.
    • To be fair, it could be THIS Other Wiki.
  • This Troper points out that YOU'RE the other wiki.

Wikipedia is not a Time Lord, nor is it Haruhi Suzumiya, Evangelion, or a Xanatos Gambit by Jimbo Wales[edit]

And that just bugs me!!!

Wikipedia is not just for breakfast anymore[edit]

Part of a balanced diet includes plenty of Wikipedia, so any time is the right time for Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is not a Kentrosaurus[edit]

but it is heavily revamping the page.

Wikipedia is not James Cameron[edit]

it did not make Avatar, and we have more originality.

Wikipedia is not Gordon Freeman[edit]

So don't expect it to kill headcrab zombies for you

Wikipedia is not a Mudkip[edit]

Nuf said.

Wikipedia does not make lotsa spaghetti![edit]

It can only make toast at the moment.

Wikipedia doesn't host the Angry Video Game Nerd.[edit]


but when the server crashes, we act like him

Wikipedia is not Giygas[edit]

But you still can't grasp the true form of Wikipedia's attack

Wikipedia is not a Dacentrurus[edit]

yeah, it's not,

Wikipedia is not a Gigantspinosaurus[edit]

um, yeah, it isn't

Wikipedia is not a Tuojiangosaurus[edit]

These stegosaur jokes are just getting old now!

Wikipedia is not Billy Mays[edit]

Although they did hang out a lot.

Wikipedia is not a naut[edit]

of any sort

Wikipedia is not a Maggot[edit]


Wikipedia is not Blackout from the 2007 Transformers Movie[edit]

but it is nearly as cool as him

Wikipedia does not play The Spy[edit]

It plays the Heavy Weapons Guy

Wikipedia is not not not not not not not not a sandwich[edit]

What the heck?

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia (part 2)[edit]

A proper encyclopedia wouldn't have FAKE STORIES in it.

Wikipedia is not the NFL[edit]

So it doesn't claim that whoever wins it is "The World Champion" when all the entrants are from one country.

Wikipedia Is Not-a Luigi[edit]

That's-a Mama Luigi to you, Mario!

Wikipedia was not phone[edit]


Wikipedia will never ever ever ever ever write a song about the Sibbie[edit]

Wikipedia freakin' hates the Sibbie!

Wikipedia is not a doctor.[edit]

It's a real doctor!

Wikipedia is not a bakery[edit]

Because we all know that the CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!

Wikipedia is not a birth-control aid[edit]

Enough said.

Wikipedia is not Antisocial[edit]

But it does speak several foreign languages.

Wikipedia ain't fer ken-tract-shuns[edit]

Ner is it fer back-wuds di'lect!

Wikipedia is not The Greased-Up Deaf Guy[edit]

So stop chasing it!

Wikipedia is not a Spandvut[edit]

The word doesn't even exist anyway.

Wikipedia is not Buzz Lightyear[edit]

But it does go to infinity and beyond.

Wikipedia is not Paris Hilton[edit]

So don't hunt it down trying to assassinate it.

Wikipedia is not Leia's Metal Bikini[edit]

And it knows that there are people out there who wish it was.

Wikipedia is not a Seal[edit]

It's not a sea dwelling mammal either.

Wikipedia is also not Seal. However, it will never survive unless we get a little crazy.

Wikipedia is not George Orwell[edit]

Neither was it created in 1984.

Wikipedia is not vegan[edit]

It likes to eat any kind of animal.

Wikipedia is not a Stegosaurus[edit]

Oh, SHUT UP about the stegosaur jokes!

Wikipedia is not a Tyrannosaurus[edit]

It is king of the Encyclopedias, not king of Dinosaurs.

Wikipedia is not real[edit]

Yes it is.

Wikipedia is not German[edit]

It hates Nazis.

Wikipedia is not John McClane[edit]

But it will still say "Yippee Ki-yay motherf*cker!" if you want it to.

Wikipedia is not a Star Wars wiki[edit]

But Wookieepedia is.

Wikipedia is not Jurassic Park[edit]

There aren't dinosaurs in here, oh wait!

Wikipedia is not a repository for Animal dropping samples[edit]


Wikipedia is not a Vandal[edit]

It dosen't mess itself up.

Wikipedia is not a Giant enemy crab[edit]

As such, it does not have real-time weapon change, and you cannot attack its weak point for massive damage.

Wikipedia is not Ridge Racer[edit]

See previous entry.

Wikipedia is not the lead singer of A-ha[edit]

It ain't gonna drag you behind the milk rack and make you dance.

Wikipedia is not your GameBoy[edit]

Anyone get the reference? Anyone?

Wikipedia is not a sperm bank[edit]

So shake it somewhere else.

Wikipedia is not responsible for the loss of any valuables[edit]

So please make sure you keep them safe

Wikipedia is not Metallica[edit]

Wikipedia is not off to Never-Never Land.

Wikipedia is not the Walrus[edit]

However, it is the eggman. Goo Goo G'joob

Wikipedia is not Nazi Germany[edit]

All evidence to the contrary.

Wikipedia is not Modern Warfare 2[edit]

So it doesn't have ridiculously underpowered weapons, broken ironsights, failed experiments or campers.

Wikipedia is not Halo: Reach[edit]

There was no public beta.

Wikipedia is not Communist Russia[edit]

Again, all evidence to the contrary.

Wikipedia is not a Cow[edit]

No explanation.

Wikipedia is not Peter The Great[edit]

Nor did he banish his sister, Wiktionary.

Wikipedia is not a place for unproved rumors[edit]

Snopes is.

Wikipedia does not like fishsticks[edit]

So it is not a gay fish

Wikipedia is not Battlefield: Bad Company 2[edit]

But it does have awesome weapons, destructible scenery, more awesome weapons and awesome vehicles.

Wikipedia is not That Guy With The Glasses[edit]

So it doesn't have Comic book reviewing sleuths with magic guns, A guy with glasses who hates bat credit cards, Spoony bards, or general insanity

Wikipedia is not Roadside Picnic[edit]

So there are no subplots.

Wikipedia is not Pyramid Head[edit]

thank God.

Wikipedia is not a Walrus[edit]

However, it is Eggman. wait, wasn't this done before?

Wikipedia is not a video camera[edit]

so don't jam it up your nose and say "i'm so scared!".

Wikipedia is not Banjo-Kazooie[edit]

but there still are bears and red birds.

Wikipedia is not a Soapbox[edit]

oh wait, that's official policy.

Wikipedia is not using lots of sockpuppets[edit]

not anymore at least.

Wikipedia is not the answer[edit]

You must search within yourself to find the answer.

Wikipedia is not Wikipedia[edit]


Wikipedia did not hit her![edit]

It's not true! It's bullshit! Wikipedia did not hit her! It did not.

  • Oh, hi Mark.

Wikipedia is not good, it's just a chicken, chip chip chip.[edit]

But you probably should keep your stupid comments in your pocket.

Wikipedia is not Wol[edit]

Don't you mean Owl?

Wikipedia is not the 254th entry on this page[edit]

This entry is on a page that is on Wikipedia (now I'm confused).

Wikipedia is not the ruler of the world[edit]

Not yet.

Wikipedia is not Spock.[edit]


Wikipedia is not the place to look for Emma Watson's Phone number[edit]

For real! People have asked!

Wikipedia is not Minecraft[edit]

But you still can run around randomly destroying other people's hard work if you wish to.

Wikipedia does not exist[edit]

When your browser clicked on the Wikipedia link, your computer started emitting fumes that made you imagine that you were on an encyclopedia anyone can edit. You are not, actually, and are instead looking at a "This page was not found" error.

Wikipedia is not a guitar[edit]

but if it was it would be tuned in drop-D

Wikipedia is not a Neo-Nazi escort service[edit]

Acoording to Fetchcomms and yes, someone tried to use it that way

Wikipedia is not a toy[edit]

So it won't help destroy the Elder Race of Man.

You probably thought Wikipedia was alive.[edit]

Nope. It's not. It's dead. It's been taxidermized by Chuck Testa.

Wikipedia is not Dwarf Fortress[edit]

So no killing elves, no magma traps, no Giant Cave Spiders, no violating laws of physics, no-
A section of the cavern has collapsed!
Urist McAnon, Contributor has been crushed under falling rock.

Wikipedia is not a Vandal[edit]

It does not mess up Rome.

Wikipedia is no place for humor[edit]

Everything is very serious here and we are all terrifically important.

Wikipedia is not LittleBigPlanet[edit]

Although you can play, create and share.

Wikipedia is not a Baron von Raschke interview[edit]

Unless you are a deletionist or associated with an article's subject, then "Dat is all dat da people need to know" is the order of the day.