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WiR redlist index: 1000 Women in Religion

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

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* This is a list under development of missing articles on women who are (or have been) notable for their work in fields relating to religion, theology and humanism in business, economics, politics, government or the social sector. 
* This list is for the 1000 Women in Religion Project.
* See also: Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/Religion
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Crowd-sourced list[edit]

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Wikidata-generated list[edit]

This table of missing women biographies was generated using Wikidata for Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women in Red. See Template:Women in Red for other lists by focus area or by country. The list will be refreshed roughly daily to remove blue-links - no manual editing is required.

The table can be sorted by clicking on column headers. The 'sitelinks' column indicates the number of links to information about the women on other wikipedias (including commons, source and quote) and is often an indicator of a biography article on another language wikipedia. Sitelinks can be accessed via the wikidata link in the 'item' column.

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name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death occupation religion religious order wikidata item site links
Charlotte Selina Bompas 1830-1917, wrote her memoirs about life in the Yukon 1830 1917 writer Q47895612 0
Laura Hulda Wild Biblical scholar and teacher, author of "A Literary Guide to the Bible" 1870 writer Q74712702 0
Violet Spiller Hay English Christian Scientist teacher and hymn writer United Kingdom 1873 1969 teacher
Christian Science Q78264905 0
Grete Mecenseffy Austrian theologian, historian Austria 1898-08-09 1985-09-11 historian
Protestantism Q59653255 0
Virginia Corwin American professor and scholar, pioneer in field of comparative religion United States of America 1901-08-17 1996-08-19 professor Q66057722 0
Anna Petrovna Markova Russian Doukhobor mother imprisoned for faith; granddaughter of Peter Petrovich Verigin Russian Empire 1902 1978 Q78001730 0
Eva Fleischner US-American university teacher (*1925) ♀ United States of America 1925 university teacher Q22666039 1
Mary Barbara Agnew, CPPS Catholic Sister of the Precious Blood, teacher and professor at Villanova University United States of America 1925-04-10 2016-10-12 nun
university teacher
Q66488856 0
Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel German theologian (1926–2016) ♀ Germany 1926 2016-06-07 theologian Q1330140 2
Johanna Eichmann
German nun Germany 1926-02-24 2019-12-23 head teacher
museum director
Ursulines Q1696925 1
Birgit Stolt Swedish germanist (*1927) ♀; member of Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities Sweden 1927-06-10 germanist Q24303822 2
Luise Abramowski German church historian Germany 1928-07-08 2014-11-03 church historian
university teacher
Q18618635 1
Carmen Trobia Ceteroni first Waldensian pastor died 2019 Italy 1930 2019-06-20 parson Waldensians Q66023406 0
Marjolaine Chevallier
Marjolaine Chevallier.jpg
French theologian France 1931-10-29 theologian
Q50862225 1
Ellen Margaret Leonard Roman Catholic nun, educator and professor of theology Canada 1933 professor
Q78266013 0
Luise Schottroff German theologian Germany 1934-04-11 2015-02-08 theologian
non-fiction writer
university teacher
Q1267435 2
Denise Ackermann South African feminist theologian, author and professor of Practical Theology South Africa 1935 professor
Q65512537 0
Anna Marie Aagaard Danish theologian Denmark 1935-01-14 theologian Q16403007 1
Uta-Renate Blumenthal German medievalist Germany 1935-12-05 medievalist
university teacher
Q2502725 1
Ingun Montgomery Swedish-Norwegian theologian, professor Norway 1936-04-14 theologian
Q17105265 2
Inge Mager German theologian (*1940) ♀ Germany 1940 theologian Q52600583 1
Gabriele Winkler German liturgist Germany 1940-03-09 liturgist
university teacher
Q20180255 2
Catherine L. Albanese Scholar of American religious history United States of America 1940-08-21 historian Q19367472 0
Mireille Hadas-Lebel
Mireille Hadas-Lebel Forum France Culture Histoire 2015.JPG
French historian France
1940-09-26 historian
university teacher
Q2892039 3
Barbara Ardinger American writer and editor United States of America 1941 writer goddess movement Q64005094 0
Helga Weippert German theologian Germany 1943-05-04 2019-03-13 theologian Q18020825 1
Oda Wischmeyer evangelical theologian Germany 1944-08-20 theologian
university teacher
Q15452208 1
Joyce Ann Zimmerman American author (born 1945) United States of America 1945 writer Catholicism Sisters of the Precious Blood Q61161551 0
Martha Crystal Myers American obstetrician, medical missionary in Yemen United States of America 1945-03-13 2002-12-30 obstetrician
Q78107394 0
Miriam Adeney Professor of World Christian Studies 1945-12-29 university teacher
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Q66486462 0
Theresia Hainthaler German university teacher (*1947) ♀ Germany 1947 university teacher Q33134144 1
Barbara Alice Mann American professor United States of America 1947-08-04 university teacher Q64005075 0
Marianne Carbonnier-Burkard French historian France 1949-04-16 historian
Q15970873 1
Wilma Ann Bailey American professor United States of America 1949-07-20 university teacher Q64003437 0
Darlene Fozard Weaver American professor and theologian United States of America 1950 theologian
university teacher
Q69358009 0
Elsa Támez Mexican theologian Mexico 1951 theologian Calvinism Q5830033 3
Claudia von Collani German theologian Germany 1951-01-10 historian
Q11963884 2
Dorothea Wendebourg
Dorothea Wendebourg (2018).jpg
German evangelical theologian and professor Germany 1952 theologian
church historian
Lutheranism Q55456198 1
Marie-Theres Wacker German university teacher Germany 1952-10-30 university teacher Q1540955 1
Marie-Catherine Kingbo Senegalese nun, interfaith activist Senegal 1953 nun Catholic Church Daughters of the Holy Heart of Mary Q29017742 1
Madeleine Scopello
French historian of religion, Director of Research at CNRS and Director of Research at CNRS (*1953) ♀; Knight of the French Order of Academic Palms; member of Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres France 1953-11-04 historian of religion
Director of Research at CNRS
Q3275732 1
Isabelle Grellier
Isabelle Grellier.jpg
French sociologist France 1954-02-15 sociologist
Q3154932 1
Maria-Cristina Pitassi
Maria-Cristina Pitassi-IMG 5727.jpg
Italian historian and philosopher Italy 1954-05-24 historian
Q17580341 3
Ulrike Link-Wieczorek German theologian Germany 1955-02-20 theologian
university teacher
Q1284013 2
Sylvia Dunstan Canadian hymn writer and ordained minister in the United Church of Canada Canada 1955-05-26 1993-07-25 hymnwriter
United Church of Canada Q65923130 0
Beverly Zink-Sawyer American professor United States of America 1956 university teacher
Presbyterianism Q64005029 0
Barbara E. Reid American writer and professor United States of America 1956 university teacher
Catholicism Dominican Order Q64005331 0
Livia Kohn German professor Germany 1956-03-14 professor Q1866466 1
Marie-Anne Vannier French theologian (*1957) ♀ France 1957 theologian Q16663017 1
Irmtraud Fischer Austrian university teacher Austria 1957-06-14 university teacher
Q1673049 1
Marianne Heimbach-Steins German theologian Germany 1959-01-26 theologian
university teacher
Q1896826 1
Margit Eckholt German university teacher Germany 1960-06-16 university teacher Q1895279 1
Élisabeth Parmentier
Elisabeth Parmentier 2019.jpg
French protestant theologian & academic France 1961 theologian
university teacher
Q59256830 2
Angelika Berlejung German theologian and university teacher Germany 1961 theologian
university teacher
Q534198 2
Dorothea Sattler
Dorothea Sattler Tecklenburg Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum 02.JPG
German Roman Catholic theologian Germany 1961 university teacher Q16740935 2
Angela Berlis German church historian and theologian Germany 1962-07-03 church historian
university teacher
Q532239 1
Beate Kowalski German theologian Germany 1965 Q61746322 1
Katell Berthelot French historian France 1972-02-13 historian Q3193988 1
Grace Yia-Hei Kao American professor of ethics United States of America 1974 university teacher Q63990802 0
Liv Ingeborg Lied Norwegian professor Norway 1974-04-10 professor Q21473538 1
Maria Pilar Aquino Mexican catholic feminist theologian Mexico theologian Q25431493 3
Daisy Machado researcher researcher Q46953486 0
Esther de Waal writer, retreat leader writer Q56000555 0
Angela Ann Zukowski American author and professor United States of America university teacher
Catholicism Institute of Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart Q64005054 0
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra American journalist United States of America journalist Q64005066 0
Barbara Boyd American Presbyterian minister and educator United States of America minister
university teacher
Presbyterianism Q64005116 0
Barbara C. Daughter US-American person ♀ United States of America goddess movement Q64005299 0
Barbara Mosley de Souza American minister, writer, and health consultant United States of America minister
health educator
United Church of Christ Q64005310 0
Elizabeth Ursic professor of religious studies United States of America Q64595293 0
Alice W. Hunt American university administrator United States of America writer
academic administrator
United Church of Christ Q65048399 0
Lucia Deirdre Pulgram Arthen Religious non-profit administrator United States of America executive director modern paganism Q65093806 0
Marla F. Frederick American ethnographer, professor and scholar, with focus on African-American religious experience United States of America ethnographer
non-fiction writer
full professor
Q65260133 0
Asayo Horibe American Buddhist lay leader, President of the Buddhist Council of the Midwest, activist in interfaith movement United States of America nurse Buddhism Q65931135 0
Griselda Delgado del Carpio Cuban diocesan bishop in Episcopal Church of Cuba Bolivia bishop Q65965955 0
Joan Bates Forsberg American ordained Christian minister, one of the first female faculty members at Yale Divinity School United States of America minister Q65989056 0
Zayn R. Kassam Professor of Religious Studies, notable scholar of Islam, recipient of multiple teaching awards university teacher
Q66174610 0
Be'sha Blondin Sahtu Dene elder and traditional healer healer
Q66310833 0
Francis S. Adeney Professor professor Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Q66480994 0
Agneta Ucko Deputy General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, Director -- Arigatou International Sweden director
Lutheranism Q66487635 0
Phyllis Airhart Professor of History of Christianity at Emmanual College of Victoria University university teacher
United Church of Canada Q66488882 0
Aisha Ansano Unitarian Universalist minister minister Q66580077 0
Aisha Al-Adawiya Founder of Women in Islam, Inc. organizational founder
Islam Q66580696 0
Ajisebo Abimbola Assisstant to the President of Ifa Heritage Institute lecturer
Yoruba religion
Q66603521 0
Alaina Buffalo Spirit Cheyenne Ledger Artist Ledger art
Q66605762 0
Alberta Iron Cloud Miller "Dakota 38" film promoter, Ogalla Souix Tribal Council Attorney Genera. promoter
Q66606145 0
Alexandra Hendrickson Director of Religious and Spiritual Life at Lafayette College chaplain
Presbyterianism Q66609969 0
Alexandra McCorkle yoga instructor yoga instructor Q67082084 0
Miranda E. Shaw American author and academic United States of America professor Buddhism Q68606332 0
Valerie Weaver-Zercher American writer and editor United States of America writer
Q69555388 0
Leela Prasad American scholar of religion, anthropology and ethics writer
university teacher
Q74550787 0
Eliza Hall Kendrick Professor of Biblical History at Wellesley College, and third president of the American Academy of Religion 1940-04-11 university teacher Q74709451 0
Arlene M. Sánchez-Walsh American professor of religious studies, author and scholar of Latino/a Pentecostalism United States of America professor
Q77617678 0
Sande Hart American interfaith leader and community activist United States of America activist Q77751230 0
Judith A. Berling American Professor of Chinese and Comparative Religion professor
Q77752221 0
Deborah Santana writer, activist, ex-wife of Carlos Santana writer
Q77754031 0
Cristina L. H. Traina American scholar of religion professor
Q77755877 0
Sheila Briggs American scholar of religion and gender teacher
Q77758102 0
Sarah Azaransky American scholar of ethics university teacher
Q77759055 0
Jerusha T. Rhodes scholar of Islam university teacher
Q77761197 0
Shannon Craigo-Snell American professor of theology full professor
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Q77762200 0
Mary Austin Endicott Canadian missionary in China Canada missionary Q78108259 0
Sister Mary Collins, OSB professor and liturgical theologian teacher Catholicism Q78167709 0
Traci C. West Author, Professor of Ethics and African American Studies professor
Methodism Q78268416 0

∑ 103 items.

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