Ares I-Y

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Ares I-Y
Mission type Test flight
Abort test
Operator NASA
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Orion boilerplate
Start of mission
Launch date September 2013
(Cancelled in 2009)
Rocket Ares I prototype
Launch site Kennedy LC-39B
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Ares I-Y was to be a structural test flight in the Ares I spacecraft development program. The test flight vehicle would have been similar to the Ares I-X mission, launched on October 28, 2009. The mission had a planned scheduled launch for September 2013,[1][2] but the schedule was later changed to delay the launch to March 2014,[3][4][5] and was later canceled in favor of a yet-to-be defined test flight.[6]

The test flight would have consisted of a five-segment reusable solid-rocket first stage with a flight-production upper stage, containing a dummy, or possibly real, J-2X engine.[7][8] It would have been used to perform a high altitude abort test of the Launch Escape System with a boilerplate Orion capsule. The first crewed missions of Ares I are scheduled to launch no later than 2015.[9]

Since its cancellation, NASA has proposed using an "Ares I-X Prime" mission to fulfill the I-Y's suggested objectives.[6]

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