Banket (food)

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Course Dessert
Place of origin Netherlands
Serving temperature Hot or cold
Main ingredients
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Banket (bahn-KET), banketstaaf (About this sound pronunciation  ) or letterbanket is a sweet pastry that originated in the Netherlands. It is popular during Christmas season, to celebrate Sinterklaas especially on Saint Nicholas' eve, December 5.[1] Also known as almond patties[2] in the mid-west United States.

Banket is made by rolling pastry dough around an almond paste filling, and then baking it. The rolled log is then cut into short lengths for serving, hot or cold. It can also be frozen and enjoyed after the holiday season.

The term letterbanket or banket letter refers to the tradition of bending the uncooked logs into the shape of letters. The baked letters would then be used to spell out messages such as Merry Christmas on a holiday feast banquet table.[citation needed]

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