Bateshwar, Morena

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Bateshwar (Hindi:बटेश्वर), 25 km from Morena town, is an archaeological site comprising about 200 ancient shrines in Morena district in Madhya Pradesh. This site is located on the north-western slope of a range of hills near Padavali, a village about 30 km from Gwalior. The shrines of Bateshwar temple-complex are dedicated mostly to Shiva and a few to Vishnu. The temples are made of sandstone and belong to the 8–10th century CE.[1] They were built during the reign of Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty,[2] 300 years before Khajuraho temples were built.

The cluster of temples is spread over an area of 10 hectares in the ravines of Chambal. The Archaeological Survey of India team led by K.K. Muhammed started excavation works in 2005.[1] which are still continuing. Presently sites of Padavali or Padawli and Mitaoli are being excavated, where one temple each has been discovered till now. A temple cluster at Dodamath in the same place is also being excavated. The ravages of time and earthquakes had destroyed these forgotten temples.

Bateshwar is located at 26°25′35.4″N 78°11′48.25″E / 26.426500°N 78.1967361°E / 26.426500; 78.1967361


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