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This article is about the ice cream snack. For the potato chip sandwich, see Crisp sandwich.

A Chipwich is an ice cream sandwich made of ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes, it is rolled in chocolate chips which stick to the ice cream. The original one was invented by Richard LaMotta (1942-2010) in New York City and was made up of vanilla ice cream sandwiched by two chocolate chip cookies.


Chipwiches date back to 1981 when Richard LaMotta created them and began a guerrilla marketing campaign, in which he trained and enlisted sixty street cart vendors (mostly students) to sell them on the streets of New York City. The campaign established Chipwich as a successful brand. CoolBrands, the country's second-largest ice cream distributor, bought it in 2002, and sold it in 2007 to Dreyer's division of Nestlé, which has stopped production of the original Chipwich because it competed with its own chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

The trademark appears to have been abandoned; a "Retrobrands USA LLC" ( with a long pattern of trademarking once-famous but abandoned names (like Ken-L Ration pet food, Hai Karate aftershave and Sani-Flush toilet cleaner) has claimed the name and proposed in 2014 to reintroduce the mark via New York City distributor Marina's Ice Cream.[1]

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