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This article is about the ice cream snack. For the potato chip sandwich, see Crisp sandwich.

A Chipwich was an ice cream sandwich made of ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.[1]

The original, invented by Richard LaMotta (1942-2010) in New York City, was made up of vanilla ice cream sandwiched by two chocolate chip cookies with the sides rolled in chocolate chips which stick to the ice cream.[2]


While ice cream sandwiches have been sold in New York City since the 1890s,[3] Richard LaMotta created Chipwich in 1981. A guerrilla marketing campaign, in which he trained and enlisted sixty street cart vendors (mostly students) to sell them on the streets of New York City for a dollar each, established Chipwich as a successful brand. [2]

As an independent, the company struggled to find capital to expand. In 1984, burdened with heavy debt, Chipwich sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.[4] By 1987, co-founders Metzger and LaMotta had reorganised the company and obtained a $1 million investment from Swedish holding company Hexagon AB, which guaranteed loans and licensed its products.[5] In 1992, the company was back in Chapter 11 bankruptcy after incurring a $1.4 million loss on sales of $4.8 million; an accounting scandal involving inventory overstatements at Peltz Food, a subsidiary headed by Mr. Robert Peltz, were at the root of much of the problem.[4]

CoolBrands International bought Chipwich in 2002, becoming North America's third-largest ice cream vendor. Due to a series of financial difficulties which began with the loss of its Weight Watchers/Smart Ones frozen food licence in 2004,[6] CoolBrands sold Chipwich, Eskimo Pie and Real Fruit to the Dreyer's division of Nestlé in 2007[7] as part of a larger divestiture of core assets which left the company as little more than a publicly listed empty shell.

By 2009, Nestlé had stopped production of the original Chipwich,[when?] possibly because it competed with its own chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.[citation needed]

The US trademark was abandoned;[8] a "Retrobrands USA LLC"[9] with a long pattern of trademarking once-famous but abandoned names (like Ken-L Ration pet food, Hai Karate aftershave and Sani-Flush toilet cleaner — none of which it manufactures) has claimed the mark.[10] As of July 2014 a proposed "Chipwich Gelato" pint-size container of kosher Italian ice cream has yet to appear as an advertised product for Gelato Petrini[11] or Marina Ice Cream,[12] the Retrobrands-announced manufacturer and distributor respectively. Nestlé still owns the Internet domain name, which no longer resolves.

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