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Fiat India Automobiles Ltd
Industry Automotive
Founded 2 January 1997
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India
Key people
Sergio Marchionne, CEO
Parent Fiat Group Automobiles

Fiat India Automobiles Ltd is a subsidiary of Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. of Italy. It is the ninth largest Indian car manufacturer by sales in India.


Fiat India Automobiles Limited (FIAL) was originally incorporated on 2 January 1997. The company presently employs about 2600 employees and is located at Ranjangaon in the Pune District of Maharashtra. The definitive agreement of the Joint Venture between Fiat S.p.A (Italy) and Tata was signed on 19 October 2007. The board of directors for this company comprises five nominees each from Fiat and Tata.[1] Earlier, Fiat used to sell the 1100, 124 and Uno in India, manufactured under licence by Premier Automobiles Limited.

Manufacturing facilities[edit]

FIAT has a manufacturing plant at Ranjangaon, Maharashtra, which has an installed capacity to produce 135,000 cars and 200,000 engines, besides aggregates and components. The company plans to double the production capacity for both car units and engines in the next few years. The Car plant manufactures both Fiat and Tata cars, the latest additions in this year (2014) are the Fiat Linea Face lift, Fiat Punto EVO, Tata Zest and Fiat Avventura.


Fiat Linea T Jet in India


  1. Fiat Linea#Fiat Linea in India (Launched 2010)]]
  2. Fiat Linea#Fiat Linea Classic in India (Launched 2013)]]
  3. Fiat Punto EVO (Launched 2014)
  4. Fiat Avventura (Launched 2014)


Old version of the Linea

  1. Fiat Uno (1997–2001)
  2. Fiat Siena (2000–2003)
  3. Fiat Palio (2001–2010)
  4. Fiat Palio Adventure (2002–2007)
  5. Fiat Palio Weekend (2002–2005)
  6. Fiat Petra (2004–2008)
  7. Fiat Nuova 500 (2008-2010)
  8. Fiat Punto (2008-2014)

Sales performance[edit]

FIAT sold 23,551 vehicles in 2009[2] and registered an increase of 241% compared to the previous year sales which stood at 6,897 vehicles. It plans to sell 130,000 cars annually in India by 2014.[3][4]

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