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This is a list of locations in the world that are reportedly haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings including demons. Reports of haunted locations are part of ghostlore, which is a form of folklore.


  • Cinco Saltos in Río Negro has been reported to have a number of ghosts, with most of them purportedly resulting from witchcraft.[1] In 2009, an intact corpse of an 8–12 year old girl who had died in the 1930s[2] was found in a cemetery ossuary.


  • Ararat Lunatic Asylum or "Aradale" is the largest abandoned lunatic asylum in Australia. Opened in 1867, Aradale was reserved for many of the incurable lunatics in Victoria during the 1800s. An estimated 13,000 people died here in 140 years of operation.
  • Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria is reportedly haunted by several ghosts of departed patients. The asylum was open from 1867 to 1995. It has appeared in several books, television shows, and documentaries, including A.C.T. Paranormal. Ghost tours run nightly.[4]
  • Thirteen people were executed at the Ballarat Jail in Ballarat. The remains of seven criminals are still in the grounds. The Ballarat Ghost Tours operate nightly.[6]
  • Princess Theatre in Melbourne has reported several ghosts since the building opened in 1886. The theatre's best known 'inhabitant' is Frederick Baker, stage name 'Federici', a talented bass-baritone singer who died in March 1888 whilst singing Mephistopheles in Faust – and who was seen by the rest of the cast taking his bows with them shortly thereafter. For years the theatre kept a seat vacant in the dress circle for Federici (only ceasing the practice on economic grounds), and his appearance in the dress circle during rehearsals for a new show is considered a good omen.[8]
  • Gawler house in Gawler, South Australia is reportedly haunted by past tenants. One visitor has reported feeling a choking sensation when he entered the house. The house is almost destroyed, missing its roof.
  • Brisbane City Hall in Brisbane, Australia has several stories of deaths spanning the eras before and after construction of the impressive structure. During the building's construction workmen were said to have died while placing the foundations, which were on top of a former swamp. It is also said that the area was once a significant Aboriginal site – either a meeting place or camp ground. One story relates to the death of a maintenance man or lift attendant who either fell to his death down the lift well or was crushed by the lift in his daily duties – this story likely results from an unfortunate suicide from the clock tower that occurred in 1935 (Haunts Of Brisbane). Another story claims an American soldier was stabbed to death during the war after a fight over an Australian girl turned ugly. Staff are said to have reported the sounds of an argument from the Red Cross Tea Room, and there are many reports of sounds and unusual activity throughout the hall relating to the areas surrounding these deaths. A third story claims the apparition of a woman is regularly seen traversing the main stairs in the lobby & looking out over the foyer – a story which likely results from yet another suicide from City Hall's Clock Tower in 1937, although recent photos of the stairwell exhibit a possible apparition.(Haunts Of Brisbane)
  • Whepstead House in Wellington Point, Queensland is rumoured to have a number of ghosts: Gilbert Burnett's wife Martha who spreads the scent of lavender perfume; the daughter of Gilbert and Martha, who apparently disappeared without a trace; Gilbert & Martha's son who had a withered leg and haunts the stairwell; and the ghost of an elderly servant who is seen around the house in a bowler's hat and suit. While no historical basis has been found for any of these stories, the house itself acted as a private hospital for a number of decades, during which time over a dozen people passed away. It is considered likely that the building's haunted atmosphere and unusual events result from this period of use. (Haunts Of Brisbane)
  • Victoria Park Railway Tunnel in Brisbane, Australia played host to one of Brisbane's most famous ghosts in 1965, after a group of local children overheard rumours suggesting a ghost had been observed within the tunnel. The following night, the intrepid ghost hunters crept down in the hope of spotting the spook. One boy, lagging behind the rest of the group as they passed through the tunnel, was apparently accosted by a misty green, limbless, headless apparition that seemed to materialise from the wall of the tunnel. Seemingly "mesmerised" by the spectre, the boy was dragged by his friends to the nearby Royal Brisbane Hospital – his companions feared he had been possessed by the ghost. The ensuing tale, as related by the children to hospital staff, made sensational newspaper headlines the next day and within a short time, thousands of local residents were lining both sides of the tunnel in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the ghost. For the next week, the Victoria Park ghost became the major talking point of Brisbane, and numerous suggestions to its identity were put forward, although the spectre may very well have resulted from one of the numerous suicides that took place in Victoria Park in previous years. (Haunts of Brisbane)
  • Dreamworld is a theme park in Coomera, Queensland. One building inside the grounds of the theme park, where the reality television series Big Brother Australia is produced, has been reported to be haunted since the show's start in 2001. Numerous production staff claim to have witnessed the presence of a young girl, as well as a child's voice and fog appearing late at night and early in the morning. And recently when the Buzzsaw ride was built in the 2011 people have been seeing sightings of a ghost called Jack Darke who has been claimed to have been killed by a buzzsaw. It is also rumored that the Buzzsaw is built on a burial ground.[10]


  • Chase Vault is a burial vault in the cemetery of the Christ Church Parish Church in Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados best known for a widespread but unverified legend of "mysterious moving coffins". According to the story, each time the heavily sealed vault was opened in the early 19th century for burial of a family member, all of the lead coffins had changed position. The facts of the story are unverified, and sceptics call the tale "historically dubious." The tale appears to have originated from anecdotes told by Thomas H. Orderson, Rector of Christ Church during the 1800s, and subsequently repeated in James Edward Alexander's 1833 Transatlantic Sketches.[11][12][13][14][15][16][17]


  • The Joelma Building in São Paulo is allegedly haunted by victims of the fire that started on February 1, 1974, after an air conditioning unit on the twelfth floor overheated. The building is famous for the "Mystery of the Thirteen Souls", individuals who died within an elevator when they were trying to escape the fire, and are allegedly haunting the building today.[18]


A reportedly haunted house in Sihanoukville, Cambodia



  • Beijing: The Buma Inn has been reported to have a ghost walking throughout corridors looking for the chef that poisoned his food. The chef stabbed himself on the same evening of the poisoned patron's death.[21][22]
  • The Huguan Huiguan Opera House was built in 1807 it was originally a home for the poor. Although, it was supposedly built on top of an ancient graveyard, it is now a small opera house and museum holding regular performances. Legend has it that if a stone is thrown into the courtyard, a loud scolding will be heard, but no one will be seen.[23]
  • Chengde: The Yun Shan Fan Dian hotel is supposedly haunted with a man in western clothing and a woman in ancient Chinese imperial attire, who always lurks at the end of the eighth story corridor. There have been a few occasional sightings of others dressed in ancient Chinese clothing as well.[24]
  • Forbidden City: Located in the heart of Beijing and home to the Palace Museum. For 600 years the Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was the home of the country's all-powerful imperial family – along with a nest of concubines and servants willing to betray and murder one another for influence. Thousands have lived and died within its blood red walls. As a result, many visitors and workers have claimed to have seen ghosts there, such as a group of ladies-in-waiting or eunuchs walking by.[21]
  • Great Wall of China: The Great Wall has many reports from strange apparitions as well as the sounds of marching footsteps from the reports of local tourists and employees. Many local villagers will try not to go up the Wall alone, believing something very unfortunate will happen if they do. The TV series Destination Truth sent an expedition to spend the night investigating these supernatural reports near "The Wild Wall."[25]
  • Shanghai: The Normandie Apartment, now the Wukang Mansion was named after the World War I warship Normandie and was designed by the famous Hungarian architect Ladislav Hudec. The building has a French Renaissance style similar to a large ship. Built in 1924, the building was the first apartment house in Shanghai with an outside gallery. Over the years the apartments were home to many film stars. Sounds of footsteps running up the stairs, loud voices from empty rooms, and even the sounds of breaking glass are rumoured to be heard from this apartment building. The seventh floor corner apartment especially is believed to be haunted by a former tenant, this tenant supposedly was an actress who committed suicide by jumping out of the window.[21][26]
  • The Qiu Mansion was built by two brothers who were peasants turned millionaires during the beginning of the 20th century. They lived a lavish lifestyle with a garden around the mansion complete with peacocks, tigers, and crocodiles. During the prime of their life they both simply disappeared. Since then workers who have come in contact with the closed mansion complain of bizarre animal bites and sightings.[21]
  • Tuen Mun Road: Over the years many claim that this highway is haunted, which is though to be the direct cause for the many car-accident deaths that occur. The accidents are said to be the result of drivers trying to avoid hitting ghosts that suddenly materialise in the middle of the road. Some drivers have reported to officers that they had lost complete control of their vehicle as if someone else were driving.[21][27]
  • Yu Shan Fan Dian: built in the city of Chengde, China which is north of Beijing. It is a 220-room hotel beside the Yangtze River which is popular with summer tourists. The ghost of the Dowager Empress Cixi has been reportedly sighted by guests, still tending her former gardens. Sightings occur both inside the hotel and on one of the balconies.


La Candelaria district in Bogotá: Is it the most haunted neighbourhood in Colombia?
  • La Candelaria: A neighbourhood in Bogotá famous for its old architecture and rich history (some of the most important events of Colombian history took place here) but also because of its reputation for being haunted.[28]
    • Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation: Home of Rufino José Cuervo, Ibañez Sisters and Viceroy José Manuel de Ezpeleta, who is reported to haunt the house and is nicknamed as "The Green Jacket Ghost". Legend says the ghost use to knock three times on a wall from second floor and then disappears.[29][30]
    • Jose Raimundo Russi House: Located in front of La Salle University on Carrera 2. Manuelito Ferro was murdered in front of the door and Russi was unfairly charged for the crime. Some neighbours say to feel Ferro screams and the sound of his stabbings. No one who walked in front of the house could avoid to cross themselves.[30][31]
    • La Salle University: The spectre of a vengeful woman who got rejected by a Spanish priest lures in the streets around the campus.[31]
    • Las Aguas Cloister: Former convent and house of Artesanías de Colombia. People claim to hear noises and seeing shadows in the south eastern patio, which nuns used as a burial place.[29]
    • La Calle del Sol: The Street of the Sun began to be built in 1917 as a lodge for a religious community and then on 1945 ended being headquarters for Colombian Intelligence Service (now DAS),[32] which on times of La Violencia was used to incarcerate and torture prisoners to death. Now as an apartment complex, some residents report to hear screams, moans, laughs, punches and whippings, preceded by lights and strange fogs.[30] Some workers of a restaurant located on what used to be the dungeons report to hear toilets flush by themselves, things changing positions with no one around and the feeling of someone around the kitchen area that pats workers on their backs. Apparently, those presences are the souls of those who were tortured there or a witch who was the mother of one of those prisoners, but who never get to find him there.[33]
    • Palomar del Príncipe Park: A blonde blue-eyed boy, who used to feed the doves 300 years ago, appears at dawn. A legend says that those who throw rocks or are cruel to the doves will be tormented by the soul of the boy.[30]
    • Gregario Vásquez de Arce y Ceballos House: Located on 11th Street., The benevolent ghost of the owner lures in the basement and the patio, wearing a long black cape.[30]
    • Rosa Florida House: A house in front of Banco de La República Museum on Carrera 4, haunted by General Sardá, a militar loyal to Simón Bolívar, who manifests himself with the sound of his boots stepping on the sidewalks.[30]
    • Casa Sámano Museum: It used to belong to Juan Sámano, Viceroy of New Granada. Probably one of the most hated figures of Colombian history, in life he used to spit, step on and kick those he didn't like and he keeps doing it in the afterlife.[30] Surveillance have felt steps on the second floor and doors which appear to open by themselves.[34]
    • The Silva House of Poetry: Home of famous poet José Asunción Silva, who committed suicide there, shooting himself in the heart, on 1896. Visitors experiment a feeling of sadness when they get in the house. Moans and whispers are heard at night and dawn.[30]
    • The south western corner of 10th. Street and Carrera 4: The house where a myth says horrifying satanic rites took place in. On 1999, a local newspaper reported a security guard who found a two-meter tall white human shape in the patio when no one but him was around.[31]
    • Juan Montúfar House: A room renting house since colonial times, and still run by Montúfar descendants. Some of the students who lived in the house have felt presences, steps in the middle of the night, artifacts running by themselves, and temperatures drastically dropped.[31]
    • José Caicedo Rojas House: Also known as The Goblin's Mansion, Baltazar is the name of the goblin who haunts this house located on 13th. Street. Legend says the goblin is the spirit of a newborn who was thrown to the patio's well when his single mother was afraid of being burned at the stake by the laws of the Holy Office.[31]
  • Bolívar Square: The ghost of José Raimundo Russi who was executed by fusillade here, and has been seen roaming around the square and the streets of La Candelaria, elegantly dressed but his face covered in blood.[29]
  • Lievano Palace: Home of Bogotá City Hall. Light lumps have been reported in offices, typewriters operating by themselves, an unusually giant owl flying over the parking lot, and lights turning on and off with no one around are some of the phenomena that the staff from the city hall report happening during any time of day.[35]
  • Tequendama Hotel: One of the most famous hotels in Bogotá, where some guests have felt a girl who cries and sings in a corridor, followed by dramatic low temperatures.[36]
  • DAS Headquarters: A building in central Bogotá that was target of a bombing in 1989, with a significant number of deaths. Some of the victims of the attack still haunt this building, roaming in front of surveillance officers and employees. A desperate blonde woman running on a corridor, a vanishing couple, a man in the parking lot and a strange presence on the terrace that makes dogs bark are some of the stories told by the personnel.[37]
  • San Juan de Dios Hospital: Once an important hospital in Bogotá, now abandoned since 2001 due to lack of financial support. Patients and workers had been seeing a nun wandering around the rooms, administering medicine. A lot of paranormal activity occurring in the Morgue has been reported.[33]
  • Central Cemetery of Bogotá: Most of the paranormal activity comes from a place called "El Caracol", a spiral staircase which conduces to a mass grave that was chosen for people who dies by suicide, rapists and murderers. Energies have been felt around Presidential tombs and also in Leo Siegfred Koop grave.[33]
  • Chapinero District: An apartment building located on 7th Avenue and 52th street where in 1986 Campo Elias Delgado viciously killed his mother and six of his neighbours, before perpetrating what is known as The Pozzetto Massacre. At night, residents claim to hear screams and moans.[38]
Marroquin Castle.
  • Marroquín Castle: A historic house built on 1904 on the lands of president José Manuel Marroquín in the countryside of the town of Chía. The ghosts of a nun who worked there when the house was an asylum, two female patients who hanged themselves, and an extremely tall black lady called "La Zancona" are some of presences that lure the place.[39][40]
  • Salto de Tequendama House: Located 5 kilometres south from Bogotá, built opposite to the Tequendama Falls, once was a luxurious mansion and then a hotel, but abandoned when the Bogotá River (which feeds the falls) started to pollute. Now a place with a high rate of suicides, the spirits of those that took their life there now haunt the insides of the house and the surrounding areas.[41]
  • San Agustin Cloister, Tunja: A cloister built on 1578, this building was a convent, a hospital, a penitentiary and now harbours a public library. A legend which terrified locals for centuries tells about the spirit of a monk who lured inside and attacked everyone who got on his way; People were so afraid that in 1912 the local bishop was called to perform an exorcism so the monk wouldn't appear anymore. Chains being dragged, laughs, children moans and screams have being heard.[42]
  • Normal Superior School of Medellín: Windows opened and swings pushed by unseen forces, ghosts of monks, and shadows appearing on the dovecote are some of the phenomena reported by students.[43]
  • La Catedral: A short lived prison, built to incarcerate Pablo Escobar. Now, as a monastery,[44] some priests and nuns report to have seen lights and to have felt attacks and eerie presences.[45]
  • Santa Lucía township, Tuluá: The ghost of Mireya Alpala, a 24 year old woman who was raped and quartered by AUC men, lures in the streets and creeks of the township at dawn.[38]
  • Central Cemetery of Palmira: A boy that sits on his grave have been seen by the guards.[46]
  • El Cerrito, Valle del Cauca: Guards of the cemetery report strange shadows and on one night, a blonde woman who asked to remain in the cemetery five minutes after closing but never came back.[46]
  • Manuel Varela House: Located in Ciénaga, An abandoned republican mansion that was the house of the infamous Manuel Varela, a physician who reportedly made a pact with the devil. Legend says that if Varela sacrifice a soul to the devil every year, the devil would rise his wealth, which would explain why some people related to Varela appeared dead or disappeared mysteriously. Witches, ghosts of disappeared workers, a gold-toothed black boy who smokes tobacco while running on a tricycle and even the devil himself haunt not only the mansion but also the lands that used to be properties of Doctor Varela.[47]
  • Naval Museum of the Caribbean: Located in Cartagena, it has a lot of legends going around. A tourist captured in camera what it seems to be the ghost of an old man and a ship's wheel moving by itself when there's no strong winds around are some of the occurrences in this place.[48]
  • Hospital General de Barranquilla: The ghost of a nun who worked there during the 50's is rumoured to appear. The ghost has been reported to walk around Maternity Wing.[49][50]
  • La Alboraya Castle: Located in Barranquilla, La Alboraya is a house built 200 years ago. A source of legends told by neighbours, who state that a headless horseman comes from the house, and also a boy dressed in school uniform walking by himself at late hours around the house.[51][52]
  • La Magdalena neighbourhood: In Barranquilla, a house has been the place of numerous businesses, which never seem to work due to the haunting of a goblin.[52]
  • Soledad, Atlántico: A house where a family were tormented by a series of unexplainable phenomena caused by a presumptuous pyromaniac spirit. Walls ignited by themselves, strange faces and laughs coming from nowhere, also a family member possessed by the spirit of an indio. The phenomena stopped when some catholic rituals took place. The family blames a witch, which whom the family's stepfather had an affair.[52]

Czech Republic[edit]

  • Zvíkov Castle: Until 1597 there are stories about so called Zvíkovský Rarášek (Supernatural being Rarach is common in Slavic folklore. To English it should be translated like Imp or Trickster of Zvíkov.) who inhabits and haunts people in ancient tower Markomanka with another name Hlízová tower. This tower has stones with engraved unknown symbols and it was built in the age of Marcomanni rule over Bohemia during 1st century BC to 2nd century AD. It became a part of Zvíkov castle built hundreds years later. Myths and weird events occurs here very often, it includes weird photos, technical problems, unpredictable behaviour of animals, bizarre spontaneous extinguishing of fires, electromagnetic anomalies, presence of wraiths and ghosts. In Czech media it's famous subject of investigation. Also the rest of the castle is surrounded with myths and ghost stories. It is said to be dangerous to sleep in the main tower, because everybody who will make so, will die within a year. Members of film crew who slept on the castle really died soon after, this is often connected with this story about a curse.

In Czech culture common mythical monsters Fire hounds are also part of mythology surrounding the castle. These spectral dogs are often guards of treasures, hideaways or hideouts. It's said that these fire hounds (in some versions are these dogs of Zvíkov depicted with burning eyes) are guarding hidden tunnel from Zvíkov.[53][54] [55][56][57][58]



  • Baron Empain Palace: Tourists have reportedly heard voices throughout the palace during tours late at night. Guards and police have reportedly seen ghostly apparitions of people who were once residents of the palace, wandering the outside lawn at midnight.[24]
  • Farafra Desert: The ghost of Akhenaten is said to wander the Farafra Desert (also known as the White Desert) of Egypt and has been reported to have been seen by dozens of tourists and nomads. Legend has it is because Akhenaten abolished the Egyptian gods when he become Pharaoh, thereby angering the religious followers and priests of Egypt. When Akhenaten died, the priests are believed to have cursed him to wander the deserts forever as punishment for banishing their polytheistic beliefs.[60]
  • Pyramids of Giza: A man in early 20th century clothing has been seen by visitors, and rumours have reported him to be the ghost of Howard Carter. Various employees and tourists have reported seeing an orb figure that appeared to be an apparition of an Egyptian Pharaoh, float away from the pyramids, and head south toward the Valley of the Kings.[24]
  • Valley of the Kings: Eyewitnesses have reported seeing the vision of an Egyptian Pharaoh in the Valley of the Kings, wearing his golden collar, headdress, and riding a fiery chariot with black phantom horses at the front.[24]


The château de Châteaubriant, said to be haunted by the ghost of Françoise de Foix.
  • Château de Brissac: The story says that Jacques de Brézé caught his wife, Charlotte, with another man and in a fit of rage, Brézé murdered them both. Tourists have reported a sense of an eerie feeling and slight touches. Reports of ghostly sightings abound and wailing throughout the halls.[61]
  • Château de Châteaubriant: This castle in Brittany is said to be haunted by the ghost of Françoise de Foix, a mistress of King Francis I. According to the legend, she was locked in her bed chambers by her husband, Jean de Laval-Châteaubriant, Governor of Brittany, because he was jealous of her relationship with the King. She died on 16 October 1537, and rumours said that she was either poisoned or bled to death. Since then, a ghostly procession would visit the château every 16 October at midnight.[62]
  • Château de Trécesson: There are various legends attached to this castle. The best known is that of the White lady, but there are also those of the Headless curate, the phantom card players and the Manoir du Pied d'Ânon .[63]
  • Château de Versailles: Was once home to the French royal family between 1682 and 1789. A few tourists and employees have reported seeing people in 18th century clothing. There have been reports of numerous sightings of the beheaded Queen Marie Antoinette. Claims of orbs and ghostly presences seen in tourists' photos have been made, and descriptions of being touched by ghosts are often recounted. Some have reported supernatural experiences throughout the gardens, seeing a different landscape than what people would see today.[61]
  • Paris: The Catacombs of Paris are said to be haunted by strange orbs, and standing human figures from different centuries. Reports of voices being heard through the walls, and the feeling of a presence or a touch by someone not there have also been made.[61]
  • Père Lachaise Cemetery: The largest cemetery in Paris, France; it is the most visited cemetery in the world and is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Europe. Some people have experienced overwhelming shivers and a sense of unease, although some have experienced a feeling of calmness. Claims have been made of photos from visitors and investigators revealing orbs and ghostly apparitions, as well as EVPs being recorded throughout the cemetery.[61]


  • Berlin: The Reichstag building has been reported to be haunted by numerous ghosts of famous German political figures.[24]
  • Heidelberg: The Hexenturm Witches Tower and the Nazi Amphitheatre are both said to be haunted by various ghosts.[24]
  • Lichtenegg Castle: The ghost of a lady in a white dress is said to be seen standing in front of the entrance of the ruins at midnight, stepping down into the ditch. She will, usually, sit down on a flat rock covered with moss.[24]
  • Schloss Nordkirchen:The Nordkirchen Castle was built between 1703 and 1734. There used to be a large water tower in its place in the 1600s. Being surrounded by two water ditches the castle, thus, sits on a square island with four pavilions located on the island, one in each corner. The architecture is a baroque style constructed by Johann Conrad Schlaun. According to the legend, at full moon and on certain foggy nights, a few people have reported seeing a luxurious carriage with stallions running through the grounds during the night.[24]
  • Wolfsegg, Bavaria, Wolfsegg Castle: This 14th-century castle was supposed to be a sanctuary for travellers . The folklore of this haunting originated from the 1500s. During this time, Klara von Helfenstein and her husband Ulrich von Laaber were living in the castle. Ulrich, a knight, did not stay at Wolfsegg very often at that time; so his wife Klara needed a man in the castle to support her, and for protection if problems occurred. Her choice ended up being "Georg Moller" who owned the Hammermuehle in Heitzenhofen. Klara did not only take advantage of Georg's support and protection, but also started an affair with him there closely after hiring him. Georg Moller was also the arch enemy of Klara's husband. Upon learning of this, Ulrich von Laaber did not waste any time in hiring two young farmers to kill his wife immediately. Not much later, Ulrich and his sons also suddenly died. There have been reports of strange noises coming out of a cave area, which have been described as being very haunting. There were several expeditions into the cave, where many skeletons were found, including the cadaver of a cave bear and many other animal skeletons. Locals decided that the noises coming out of the cave were from hunters who were hiding their prey. Still, people avoided going near the cave area. The strange noises coming out of the cave may have been solved by the findings of the expeditions; but this has not been the case of the haunting of the "White Woman" who is still restlessly making her rounds.[24]
  • Würzburg: There is supposedly the ghost a dead nun walking through the halls of Praemonstratenser Abbey. The ghost is said to be that of Maria Renata Von Mossau. She was accused of mixing herbs into everybody's food so that she could bewitch them. The nun was taken to be executed only three days after her sentencing in court. She was first decapitated, and then burned and her ashes scattered. To this day, there are reports of her walking down the hallways and holding a bouquet of roses while picking off the petals, leaving a trail across the grounds. According to legend, this is the sign of death for a holy man originating from Würzburg.[24]

Hong Kong[edit]

  • Tuen Mun Road: an expressway in Hong Kong that has recorded an astounding number of road accidents since 1978. Drivers claim that the high number of accidents are due to ghosts who suddenly appear in front of cars, which then violently swerve to avoid hitting them.


  • Bhangarh, Rajasthan: Bhangarh was purportedly brought to ruin as a consequence of the curse of Baba Balanath. Another legend attributes it to the curse of a sorcerer Singha Sevra[66]
  • Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai: is said to be the most famous haunted building in Mumbai. Because it was the site of several suicides and deaths it is believed by the management to be haunted.[67][4]
  • The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie: An alleged "screaming witch" and accidents are claimed to have been associated with paranormal activity.[68]
  • Dumas Beach, Surat: This beautiful and famous beach of Gujarat also has many stories. As per Hindu tradition, the human body is burnt after death. The local residents of this place burn the dead bodies of their family and relatives on this beach. This beach has been a centre of many horror stories. The tourists who visit this beach hear many voices, but can't see anybody. These voices tell them to go back from they have come from. Dogs keep on barking all night, to which people believe that they do so as they can sense ghosts around.[69]


The basement of the Building B of Lawang Sewu, a former prison. It is one of the rooms where ghost sightings have been reported.
  • Jeruk Purut Cemetery – A cemetery in Jakarta is said to be haunted by the ghost of a decapitated pastor which carries its head around with it, among other spirits, and is followed by a large black dog. The story was used as the inspiration for the 2006 film Hantu Jeruk Purut.[70][71]
  • Lawang Sewu – literally meaning a 'thousand doors' in Javanese, is a former Dutch colonial building located in Semarang, in central Java. The building gains its name from having many doors, and tall windows which look like doors. Many ghost sightings have been reported in the place, including a ghost of a Dutch lady as well as headless ghouls. It has been reported that during one of the ghost hunting programs on television, a ghost was purportedly caught on camera.[72]
  • Pelabuhan Ratu – Legend says that Nyai Roro Kidul (Nyai is a Javanese honorific for Madame), the daughter of King Prabu Siliwangi, who was the Queen of the South Sea is supposed to have committed suicide by jumping off the cliff and into the sea. Rumours say that if someone wears green when swimming (the Queen's favourite colour), he or she will be pulled by her ghost into the sea. Room 308 at the Samudra Beach Hotel is set aside for the Queen's ghost.[73][74]


  • Charles Fort is haunted by a 17th Century bride known as "The White Lady of Kinsale".[75]
  • Drumbeg Manor – Drumbeg Manor Inver, Donegal is considered to be one of the most haunted places in all Europe. Apparitions and strange events are reported to have taken place within the manor, and on its grounds. Stories say that a screaming woman can be heard, as well as the appearance of a man in a white suit walking the halls.[77]
  • Ducketts Grove: The mansion was owned by the Duckett family for 300 years, and is said to be haunted by a Banshee Ghost. On March 17, 2011, the SyFy show Destination Truth featured a four-hour live investigation for the season finale to find out the mystery of the ruins.[78]
  • Kilmainham Gaol: This former prison has paranormal activities of lights often turn themselves on and off in the prison’s chapel, unseen forces pushing people over, apparitional footsteps, the feeling of being watched by spirits, as well as unexplained bangs and disembodied voices.[79]
  • Kinnitty Castle:This stunning Gothic castle sits on a plot that once housed Druids and Bards. It has witnessed a long and turbulent history, and is reportedly the home of many ghosts, the most popular of which is the Phantom Monk of Kinnitty.[80] It was featured on Most Haunted.
  • Malahide Castle: This castle is haunted by Lord Galtrim or Sir Walter Hussey, the son of the Baron of Galtrim. He was killed in battle during his wedding day in the 15th century. His apparition roams this castle at night groaning in pain while pointing to the spear wound on his side. He is a heartbroken ghost because his bride-to-be married his rival immediately after death. There is also Lady Matilda "Maud" Plunkett. Her spirit appears to workers and guests as she did on the day of her marriage to Lord Chief Justice. Maud would chase his spirit through the corridors. The third spirit is Puck, a jester who fell in love with Gerard FitzGerald's daughter, Lady Eleanor. She was detained at the castle by Henry VIII for inciting rebellions. One snowy night in December, Puck was found with a stab to the heart, still wearing his jester suit and cap. Before his death he swore that he would haunt here until a master with a bride from the people would rule this castle. However, he promised not to harm any male Talbot who slept here. Numerous visitors have reported seeing the jester’s face on some photos taken here. The White Lady is the fourth apparition here. The White Lady is a painting of a very beautiful but unknown lady which is hung in the castle’s Great Wall. It is said that she would leave her painting at times and wander through the grounds at night. The fifth and final spirit is Miles Corbet. He was given this castle and the surrounding property by Oliver Cromwell. During the Restoration, Miles was made to pay for his crimes which he had committed during his time here and he was hanged. It is reported that his apparition would appear as a whole soldier in armour and then suddenly fall into pieces.[81]
  • Montpelier Hill: The Stewards House or as Killakee House was built around 1765 by the Conolly family as a hunting lodge. Over the years, it has served as a dower house and as a residence for the agent who managed the Killakee Estate. To its rear is a belfry; this was once a common feature of large farmhouses and was used to call in the workers for meals. The Hell Fire Club held meetings here for a time following the fire that damaged Mount Pelier lodge. The house has a reputation for being haunted. Stories tell of a particularly large ghostly black cat. The best documented account of these hauntings occurred between 1968 and 1970. The Evening Herald and Evening Press newspapers carried a number of reports
    The Stewards House
    regarding a Mrs. Margaret O'Brien and her husband Nicholas, a retired Garda superintendent, who were converting the house into an arts centre. The redevelopment had been a troubled affair with tradesmen employed on the work site began leaving complaining of ghosts. One night, a friend of the O'Brien's, artist Tom McAssey, and two workmen were confronted by a spectral figure and a black cat with glowing red eyes. McAssey painted a portrait of the cat which hung in the house for several years afterwards. Although locals were skeptical of the reports, further apparitions were reported, most notably that of an Indian gentleman, and of two nuns called Blessed Margaret and Holy Mary who had taken part in black masses on Mountpelier Hill. There were also reports of incorporeal ringing bells and poltergeist activity. In 1970 an RTÉ television crew recorded a documentary about the house. In the documentary a clairvoyant called Sheila St. Clair communicated with the spirits of the house through automatic writing. In 1971, a plumber working in the house discovered a grave with a skeleton of a small figure, most likely that of a child or, perhaps, the body of the dwarf alleged to have been sacrificed by the members of the Hell Fire Club. The house operated as a restaurant in the 1990s before closing in 2001; it is now a private residence.[82][83][84]
  • Leap Castle: Many people were imprisoned and executed in this castle, and it is supposedly haunted by several spirits.[85] It was featured on Scariest Places on Earth and Most Haunted.
  • Renyle House Hotel in Galway is haunted by former anonymous remaining guests.[86]
  • Ross Castle: Guests often wake at night hearing disembodied voices and doors banging and shutting on their own. The apparitional spirit who roams here is Richard Nugent’s daughter, Sabina. Her lover, Orwin drowned himself. The second apparitional spirit who roams here is Orwin's father, Myles “The Slasher” O’Reilly. This Irish soldier spent his last night here before dying in a battle in 1644.[87]
  • Shelbourne Hotel: This hotel is believed to be haunted by a seven-year-old girl from the 18th Century named Mary Masters who had lived in the row of houses which once stood where the hotel is now. She passed away due to cholera in 1791. Her apparition roams the halls.[89]


  • Castle of Moncalieri: This castle was investigated on Most Haunted Live!.
  • Lucedio Abbey: This Catholic site was investigated on both Most Haunted Live! and Ghost Hunters International.
  • Malaspina Castle: This castle was investigated on Ghost Hunters International.
  • Poveglia Island: The island off of the coast of Venice was alleged, by the TV show Ghost Adventures, to be haunted.
  • San Pietro in Vincoli: This Roman Catholic church is haunted by a young 18th Century Russian princess named Barbara Beloselkij. It was featured on Most Haunted Live!.
  • Villa di Corliano: This villa is haunted by Teresa della Seta Bocca Gaetani who married Count Cosimo Baldassarre Agostini in 1755. Teresa was a member of an important Pisa family; upon her marriage, she resided here belonging to her husband. Her spirit roams this villa moving objects and occasionally making an appearance. It was investigated on Ghost Hunters International.


  • Amiidaji (Temple of Amida) in Dan-no-ura, in the Shimonoseki Strait, is the location of a legendary haunting. It is said that the blind Biwa hōshi Hoichi, a resident of the temple, was visited every night by the ghost of a dead samurai and made to play the biwa in the cemetery, but the priest of the temple soon found out and had the heart sutra painted on every part of Hoichi's body apart from the ears. When the samurai returned one night to take Hoichi to the cemetery, he could only see Hoichi's ears, so he took them instead and Hoichi was left earless. Hoichi is commonly known as "Mimi-Nashi Hoichi", "Hōichi the Earless", due to this event. This legend was famously retold by Lafcadio Hearn in his Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things which was later adapted as part of Masaki Kobayashi's film Kwaidan.[90][91]
  • Okiku's Well at Himeji Castle is often said to be haunted by the ghost of Okiku. She is supposed to rise from the well at night and count to nine before shrieking and returning to the well.[93]


  • Tambun Inn: The Tambun Inn of Ipoh, one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia is reported to be haunted by many ghostly apparitions. Many reports of the apparition events have been documented at the inn. Some of these accounts mentioned lights turning on and off, sounds of whispers and eerie cries heard in the inn, as well as a report about the ghost of an old woman that was spotted within the vicinity of the inn.[94]
  • Victoria Institution – a famous school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was turned into a torture chamber for captured soldiers and civilians by the Japanese during World War II. Apparitions are occasionally sighted during both night and day, and violent possessions among the students have been recorded.
  • Lormalong Primary School - A school at about 2.5 Kilometres north of Kunak. Reported to be haunted by a spirit from the Lormalong Islamic Cemetery.
  • Highland Tower - Highland Tower Is An Apartment building which is located in Taman Hillview. In December 11, 1993, Block 1 of the apartment collapsed, 48 people died and 2 were saved.
  • Kemayan City Mall - Kemayan City is an unfinished construction shopping mall in Johor Bahru due to an economic crisis in 1995.The Mall was supposed to be the largest shopping mall in Johor. But due to be abandoned for many years. Many Paranormal Activities have been captured such as Black Figure, Ghost and even eerie cries.
  • Dambai Bridge - Dambai Bridge is a bridge in Penampang. The bridge connects the Penampang road and the Papar road. However in 20 December 2013, A Lorry truck from Papar rammed the bridge and fall into the river and had travelled for 1KM. The lorry driver swimmed and saved while the 19-year old Muhd Hafis whom is living in Kepayan died.


  • Agua Caliente Casino and Hotel in Tijuana. This former casino which is now a high school is allegedly haunted by a female singer who poisoned her lover after stealing money from him in the 1930s. According to legend, the man pursued her in an attempt to get the antidote, but she refused to give it to him and he shot her to death in his frustration.[95]
  • Panteón de Belen (Belen cemetery): localised in centre of Guadalajara, was inaugurated in 1848. According to the legend several paranormal entities appear in the cemetery.[96]
  • Callejón del Aguacate in Coyoacán, Mexico City, site of esoteric rituals,[97] according to testimonies an entity wanders by the backstreet.[98]
  • Casa de Aramberri in Monterrey is reputed to be haunted by a man's wife and daughter who, according to legend were tortured to death by three male robbers in 1933.[95]
  • Casa de La Zacatecana: colonial mansion localised in Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro. In 17th century, a woman known as "La Zacatecana" commanded the murder of her husband and also killed to the contract killer than she contracted. The legend says than the mansion harbour the 3 spirits.[99]
  • Casa de los Condes de la Torre Cossío y de la Cortina , in Historic center of Mexico City, is a colonial masion. During the 1630s, a spree killer named Juan Manuel de Solórzano lived there, he committed several murders motivated by jealousy in 1640. He believed than his wife was unfaithful, supposedly "the Demon revealed than his wife meet to lover exactly to 11 o'clock", by delirious idea he killed several men, simply they walked outside to his house, Juan Manuel asked them "What time this it?", if they responded than the time was the 11 pm or showed anxiety, it was enough by to stab them. He executed in 1641.[100] The legend says than a man with era clothing wanders around and into the house, some times the man asks to the bystanders "What time this it?" and after to disappear.[101]
  • Claudia Mijangos house: localised in a suburb of Querétaro, in this construction Claudia Mijangos killed to her 3 children in 1989. She said than "she was possessed by a diabolic entity", diagnosed with schizophrenia and held in a psychiatric institution. The people say than treads, crying and shouting sounds into the house, and a boy appear in a window of the second level.[102]
  • Colegio Salvatierra in Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur. According to legend and student experiences. There was a student, a little kid who used to play with marbles in the girls bathroom, the girls always took out the boy. He returned to the bathroom and he accidentally swallowed a marble and choked. After teachers took out the body the girls who entered to the bathroom have said they heard noises of laughter and a children playing with marbles and some have said they've looked marbles run into the bathhouses.[103]
  • Guanajuato: La Casa de las Brujas or The House of the Witches, was built in 1845, and was owned by a Dutch mine owner by the name of Juan Carson. He was imprisoned for the murder of a man, and his daughter Susan was left in the custody of her aunts in the house. She was supposedly found beaten and starved to death in the cellar after a year. According to legend, Susan's ghost is said to haunt the house and odd sounds, and cold spots have been reported here.[95]
  • Hotel Finnestera in Cabo San Lucas. The ghost of a maid as well as voices are allegedly encountered.[95]
Palacio de Lecumberri
  • Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato. According to legend, there is a room on the hotel's top floor where sounds of doors slamming and furniture moving around can be heard.[95]
  • House of Laments or Casa de los lamentos in Guanajuato, Guanajuato. This mansion was house of serial killer activated during 1890`s and 1910`s, named Tadeo Fulgencío Mejía, according to the legend even the victims crying sounds into the mansion.[104]
  • Jarquin in Mietchulan, Oaxaca. This small store is haunted by its anonymous former owner. The owner's apparition is known to walk both in and out of the building. His notoriety is pushing customers out of this store.[105]
  • Journalism Museum, also known as La Casa de los perros or The House of the dogs: localised in centre of Guadalajara, is a colonial mansion than in 1790`s housed the first independent newspaper of America.[106] Supposedly in the site occurs several paranormal phenomenons.[107]
  • Palacio de Lecumberri in Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, inaugurated in 1900, served also prison by 76 years.[108] Supposedly several entities dwelt in the construction, but 2 are the most actives: the first is the male spirit, wanders by all installations, he had the characteristic of to interact with persons, said them some also "My name`s Jacinto" or "Again, Amalia didn`t come here" by after to disappear, according with the testimonies the ghost corresponds to prisoner death in the 1940s ;[109] the other is also a male spirit, dress a black charro costume, this is specially aggressive, appears in the actually high audience.[110]
Central place of Psychiatric Hospital "La Castañeda".
  • Psychiatric Hospital La Castañeda was the most bigger madhouse in Mexico, inaugurated in 1910, was in activity by 58 years, in this time housed around to 60 000 patients. Several activity paranormal cases were reportedly in the hospital.[111] Localised in Mixcoac, Mexico City, was demolished in 1968, actually the central place lingers in Amecameca, State of Mexico.[112]
  • San Juan Teotihuacán: The Pilar Hacienda was built by the Spaniards who came to Mexico in the 16th century. It was one of the many ranches built by these explorers. On the top floor of the building there is a large cut on the window which is believed to be the mark of Miguel Aritztia who was a Spanish hidalgo. It is thought that he died from falling off of the balcony, and while he fell he grabbed at the window and created a long scratch. The ghost of the wife of Miguel has been reported to be seen on the balcony crying "oh, my husband." She was there at the time of his death and tried to save him. Mr. Aritztia has been reported to be seen hanging from the window, and also seen in a window. It is said that at times the scratch disappears from the window.[114]
  • Swamp South of Mexico City: The Island of Dolls is rumoured to be one of the most haunted sites in Mexico. Don Julian Santana was a man who lived as a hermit on this island for over fifty years, where he is believed to have lost his mind. The tragic accident of a girl who drowned on the island while visiting caused further madness in Julian. Some people believe that he started fishing dolls out of the river because he believed that the dolls were real children. Whatever it was that motivated him, the island was turned into a shrine for that little girl. Dolls by the hundreds hang in the trees and the house. Don Julian Santana was found in the same part of the river that the little girl drowned in by his nephew. He said that he heard voices beckoning to him from the river. Each of the dolls is believed to be fused with the energy of the little girl. Candles, hard candy, and dolls are occasionally brought as offerings to appease the spirits. The dolls are said to move, beckon, and speak to those who come. The man's spectre also roams this place. Orbs, loud sounds, and reports of doll eyes opening abound.[95]
  • Villa de Santiago, Puerto Genovevo: These mountainous roads have been the site of many car accidents. Among the numerous crosses, there is a set of ten crosses which are there for the remembrance of a family who were the tragic victims of a truck accident. If one stands next to the crosses, it is rumoured to be possible to see a truck moving very fast through the trees. Also, it is said that at midnight the screams and pain of those in the accident can be heard.[95]


  • A former yacht belonging to Errol Flynn, the USS Zaca is berthed here and is supposed to be haunted. Witnesses have reported seeing the visage of Errol Flynn's frustrated ghost pacing on board. Others have described the sounds of voices and laughter as if a wild party was happening on board.[115]


  • Keng Tung: Kyainge Tong New Hotel was once a palace, it is now a reportedly haunted hotel.[116]


  • Mount Everest: the tallest mountain on land is reported to be haunted by the ghost of climber Andrew Irvine, who died in his attempt to reach the top back in 1924. His spirit is said to visit the tents of other climbers, giving confidence in their ascent.


  • Lier Sykehus is an old insane asylum situated in Drammen, Norway where people claim to have seen ghosts, shadows and apparitions.[117]
  • Nes Kirkeruiner: Ruins of an old 10th century church where people claim to have seen ghosts.[117]
  • Akershus Fortress, a castle in the City Centre of Oslo is said to be Norway's most haunted place.
  • Fredriksten Fortress in Halden. A white lady is said to haunt the place.
  • Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim is said to be haunted by a monk.


  • Bahla is a town located in Oman. In neighboring Gulf countries and Oman itself, there are rumours of Bahla accommodating jinns which is same as genies in English.[118]


  • The Koh-i-Chiltan peak in Balochistan is described, according to a local myth and legend associated with it, as being haunted by the "spirits of forty babies."[119]
  • The Mohatta Palace in Karachi is said to be haunted by ghosts of the British Raj era. Museum guides have reportedly seen various incidents where objects have been moved from their original place, or shifted about while guards have claimed to have "felt" the presence of certain spirits during the night.[120]


  • Baguio City itself is considered highly haunted. Aside from the military academy, there are other haunted places scattered throughout the city, such as cemeteries, old hotels and sites where populated buildings and structures used to stand until the 1990 earthquake brought them down, injuring and killing the people inside.[121][122]
  • Balete Drive, a residential area in Cubao, Quezon City, is famous for the apparition of a white lady. It is told that there was a teenage girl who was raped by a cab driver in the '50s in that area. It is possible that the lady of Balete is seeking revenge.[123]
  • Clark Air Base Hospital is considered as "the most haunted place in the Philippines." There are reports of screams, apparitions, voices and footsteps both by guards and visitors. Ghost Hunters International visited the site in 2009 and confirmed the paranormal activities in the area.[124]
  • The Manila Film Center was the site of a construction accident in the early '80s. When construction of the centre was rushed for a film festival, the ceiling scaffolding collapsed, killing several workmen who fell to the orchestra below. Rather than halt construction to rescue survivors and retrieve the bodies of dead workmen, Imelda Marcos, the First Lady and the main financier of the project, was believed to have ordered cement to be poured into the orchestra, entombing the fallen workmen. Some of them were even buried alive in the orchestra. Various ghostly activities were reported on the site including mysterious sounds, voices and poltergeist activity. In the late '90s, a group called the Spirit Questors began to make visits to the film centre in an attempt to contact and appease the souls of the workmen who were killed in the building. Some of these spirits claimed to have moved on, but a few allegedly remain.[125] Previously abandoned for its haunted reputation, the building is now currently in use.
  • The Ozone Disco was a disco in Quezon City that caught on fire.[126] Due to mass panicking, nobody was able to get out. Some people near the location hear ghostly disco music in their houses at night and see faint people dancing.[127]
  • The Malacanang Palace is believed to be haunted by deceased former presidents and politicians of the Philippines.
  • The Intramuros is the oldest district and historic core of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Known as the Walled City, the original fortified city of Manila was the seat of the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period. It is now considered as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines due to old and long history of the site.


  • The Beau-Séjour Palace, in Lisbon, is said to be haunted by the Baron of Glória, who lived in the palace in the 19th century. Employees working at the palace report moving and disappearing objects and windows opening and closing abruptly. Visitors to the gardens also report hearing the ringing of non-existent bells.[128]
  • Visitors at the Bela Vista Hotel, in Portimão, report hearing unexplainable wailings and bangs on the walls at night. The ghost of the previous owner of the hotel is said to haunt room 108, where she reportedly died.[129]
  • The Castelinho de São João do Estoril, in Estoril, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little blind girl who accidentally fell to her death in a nearby cliff.[130]
  • The Quinta das Conchas, in Lisbon, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a woman from São Tomé and Príncipe who's reported to have been kept in a cage for several years by Francisco Mantero Belard, the owner of the house in the early 20th century.[129]
  • The Quinta da Juncosa, in Penafiel, is said to be haunted by the Baron of Lages and his family. Suspecting that his wife was unfaithful to him, the baron reportedly tied her to one of his horse's legs and dragged her across the floor, killing her. After finding that she was innocent, he proceeded to kill his children and commit suicide. Locals have reported seeing the ghost of the baron several times over the years.[131]


  • Hotel Cismigiu, in Bucharest, is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a female student who accidentally fell down an elevator shaft in the early 1990s. She is said to have died there after a few hours, when no one came to her aid.[132]
  • Hoia Baciu Forest, near Cluj-Napoca, has a reputation for paranormal activity. Reports have included, among others, folk ghost stories, apparitions, faces identified in photographs that were not visible with the naked eye, and, in the 1970s, UFO sightings. Visitors to the forest report anxiety and the feeling of being watched, and the local vegetation is often bizarre (strangely shaped trees, charring on tree stumps and branches).[133] The forest was featured on the Halloween Ghost Adventures special.
  • Iulia Hasdeu Castle (Prahova County) is included in the list of haunted places, after a man said that it was built on the basis of sketches that the writer received in sleep from his dead daughter. Years ago, newspapers reported that in the castle, by night, Iulia piano could be heard singing and Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu clapping.[134]


  • The Kremlin: is said to be haunted by the Soviet leaders, Lenin & Stalin.[136]


  • Old Changi Hospital once a military hospital in Singapore before being closed down some years ago, this hospital is the most haunted spot in Asia's most ghost-ridden city. The morgue is a particular hot spot for ghost sightings of the headless and feetless kind. In 2006, there was a plan to convert it into a spa-resort by the first half of 2008. The plan was scrapped for because the company wanted to demolished the building and build a brand new one over it. As it was so famously haunted, using the same building is difficult to remove its history and make people forget. But the old hospital building with its rich British colony structure is listed as part of preservation and it is not allowed to demolish it. Thus the spa resort plan is abandoned. Where the walls of old changi hospital is having a fresh coat of white paint, removing all the graffiti there used to have sanatic drawings.

South Africa[edit]

  • The Nottingham Road Hotel: A hotel in KwaZulu-Natal, the ghost of a former barmaid is said to still wander the hotel moving pots around the pub, moving light fixtures, moving sheets, and ringing the service bell.[137]


  • Castel d'Escales in Celrà: This site was investigated on Ghost Hunters International.
  • Castillo de la Coracera in Madrid: This castle as an alleged curse due to deaths or suicides that were brought on by Satanic worship. It was investigated on Ghost Hunters International.
  • Royal Palace of Madrid: Strange noises and other related paranormal activities can be heard and seen in this palace.[citation needed]

Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Borella Kanatte Cemetery: Borella is home to Borella Kanatte Cemetery, the main burial ground for all faiths within the city of Colombo. It is located where Narahenpita Road (Elvitigala Mawatha), Bullers Road (Bauddhaloka Mawatha), and Baseline Road (D S Senanayake Mawtha) meet at a large roundabout. There have been various reports of paranomal activities inside and near the cemetery at night. The cemetery was also featured in a reality show called Venasa in channel ITN.


  • Toftaholm Herrgård: The story from the hotel began between a commoner and a baron's daughter. However, the baron had his daughter married to someone else. On the day of the wedding, the commoner hanged himself from the rafters. The spirit of the commoner is said to wander Room 324 where the rafters once were.[138]
  • Borgvattnets prästgård: the rectory of the small village of Borgvattnet in Jämtland, northern Sweden. There has been reports of hauntings since early 1920s. The rectory is today open to the public, and people are allowed to spend up to two nights for a price. The Swedish TV Show Det okända once went to the old rectory for a visit – and were unable to leave and were forced to spend the night, due to their GPS constantly directing them to narrow roads in the forest, and eventually back to the rectory; even though they were driving for the city of Östersund, which is a 1.5 hour drive. There is also an infamous rocking chair, which tells stories of throwing a priest who once lived there on the floor multiple times. Sources (sites are in Swedish): & &


In the federal city of Berne, the house located in Junkerngasse no 54 is said to be haunted. The origin of this belief is unknown.[139]


  • Phitsanulok Mansion – the official residence of the Prime Minister of Thailand. But do not use it as a residence. There used to be the house for official business.[140]
  • Lipe Island, Thailand – located in the Andaman Sea, Lipe is inhabited by the Chao-Le, an ethnic group that are nicknamed the “Gypsies of the Sea.” The Chao-Le still cling to animist beliefs, and say their island is full of rowdy spirits which they call ha-too. Tourists also claim feeling the presence of invisible forces during their visit there. Residents are said to be able to appease these spirits with offerings of cupcakes and cold strawberry softdrinks.[141]
  • Crime Suppression Division Jail Cell – many prisoners claim to have seen ghosts accused in jail cell.[142]

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