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The following list of G-20 summits summarizes all Group of 20 conferences held by different levels of government: heads of government, finance ministers and central bank governors, and employment and labour ministers of the G-20 major economies.

Heads of government[edit]

Year # Dates Country City Host leader
2008 1st[1] November 14–15 United States United States Washington, D.C. George W. Bush
2009 2nd[1] April 2 United Kingdom United Kingdom London Gordon Brown
3rd[1] September 24–25 United States United States Pittsburgh Barack Obama
2010 4th[2] June 26–27 Canada Canada Toronto Stephen Harper
5th[3] November 11–12 South Korea South Korea Seoul Lee Myung-bak
2011 6th[4] November 3–4 France France Cannes Nicolas Sarkozy
2012 7th[5] June 18–19 Mexico Mexico Los Cabos Felipe Calderón
2013 8th[6] September 5–6 Russia Russia Strelna,[7][8] Saint Petersburg Vladimir Putin
2014 9th[6] November 15–16 Australia Australia Brisbane[9] Tony Abbott
2015 10th[6] TBA Turkey Turkey TBA

Finance ministers and central bank governors[edit]

Locations in bold text indicate the meeting was concurrent with a G-20 summit.

Year Location Dates Notes
1999 Germany Berlin, Germany
2000 Canada Montreal, Canada
2001 Canada Ottawa, Canada
2002 India New Delhi, India
2003 Mexico Morelia, Mexico
2004 Germany Berlin, Germany
2005 China Beijing, China
2006 Australia Melbourne, Australia
2007 South Africa Cape Town, South Africa
2008 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
2009 United Kingdom Horsham, United Kingdom March
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom September
United Kingdom St Andrews, United Kingdom November
2010 South Korea Incheon, South Korea February
Canada Toronto, Canada June
South Korea Seoul, South Korea November
2011 France Paris, France February
United States Washington, D.C., United States April
United States Washington, D.C., United States September As part of the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank[10]
France Paris, France October
France Cannes, France November
2012 Mexico Mexico City, Mexico February
United States Washington, D.C., United States April
Mexico Mexico City, Mexico November [11]
2013 Russia Moscow, Russia February [12]
United States Washington, D.C., United States April Part of the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank[13]
United States Washington, D.C., United States October Continuation of the meeting mentioned above[14]
2014 Australia Sydney, Australia February First such meeting for Brisbane 2014[15]
United States Washington, D.C., United States April
Australia Cairns, Australia September

Labour and employment ministers[edit]

B-20 Summits[edit]

B-20 summits are summits of business leaders from the G-20 countries.

C-20 Summits[edit]

C-20 summits are summits of civil society delegates from the G-20 countries.

T-20 Summits[edit]

T20 Summits are summits of the think tanks from the G-20 countries.

Trade and Investment Promotion Summits[edit]

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