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Two chocolate Teddy Grahams.

Teddy Grahams are bear shaped graham cracker snacks created by Nabisco. Introduced in 1988, Teddy Grahams come in two distinct shapes: bears with arms up and legs closed, and bears with legs open and arms down. When first introduced, Teddy Grahams were available in honey, cinnamon, fruit punch, and chocolate flavors. A chocolate chip and recently[when?] discontinued oatmeal variety have since been introduced as a cereal.

Nabisco has also put out various other products under the Teddy Grahams brand, including various Disney character shaped grahams, a larger bear shaped chocolate-iced cookie line called Dizzy Grizzlies, and a cereal called Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears.

Nutritional information[edit]

Nabisco has always considered Teddy Grahams to be a healthy snack choice. However, these claims have come under withering attack. In a New York Times article, Eating Well, Marian Burros points out that Teddy Grahams use more bleached flour than actual whole wheat graham flour. In response, Nabisco increased the amount of whole grain flour used in the snack.[1] The snacks also contain no trans fat[2] and are also considered a good source of calcium with a significant amount of iron.[3] Additionally, according to PETA chocolate and cinnamon Teddy Grahams are vegan friendly.[4]


Teddy Grahams sold more than $150 million worth in its first year. It was "the biggest new-product success in the industry in more than 25 years. It became the third-best-selling cookie, after Chips Ahoy! and the market leader, Oreo, both from Nabisco.[5]


The most notable advertisements were for Teddy Graham "Breakfast Bears" Cereal and the limited edition Teddy Graham “Rockin’ Bears.” These commercials featured three rock star bears that played catchy rock music based on the latest Graham snacks.

Classic Jingles

To the tune of the Elvis Presley song "Teddy Bear": "We just want to eat, tasty teddy grahams. Scrumptious bunch of bite sized bears, full of golden graham. Oh let them be, your teddy grahams. (Delicious graham snacks in honey, cinnamon and chocolate.) Just want to eat those teddy grahams!"

To the tune of Wake Up Little Susie: "Wake up everybody! Wake up! You’ve all been sound asleep woo, here’s breakfast bears to eat. (Introducing Teddy Grahams breakfast bears cereal.) Your dreams are over, its seven o’clock, graham cereals they can’t be beat. (In honey, cinnamon, and chocolate, they’re scrumptious in milk. And they’re part of this nutritious breakfast, cause they’re bursting with wholesome graham goodness.) Wake up to breakfast bears!"

"(New Teddy Grahams Rockin’ Bears!) Tasting those Teddy Grahams! We got new shapes to savor; we love to munch the snacks! We got the graham, Teddy Grahams. New Rockin’ Bears in vanilla and chocolate too, the rockin’ taste is just for you! (New Teddy Grahams Rockin’ Bears, four new rockin’ shapes. On tour for a limited time only.) Woo Woo, tastin’ those Teddy Grahams!"

At one point, there was a promotion in which one would collect UPCs and mail them away for a cassette tape featuring the jingles.

Media References[edit]

At times Teddy Grahams have enjoyed a place in the spotlight, being used as a prop on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, were referenced on The Simpsons, and were referred to in a Strong Bad email.[6] The snack was also referenced in the song "Ridin' Rims" by Dem Franchize Boys.

Dizzy Grizzlies[edit]

Dizzy Grizzlies are a variant of Teddy Grahams, and are so called because they would "become dizzy" due to the snacker looking at each side again and again, as the backside is covered with chocolate and sprinkles. These crackers are also themed in extreme sports such as in-line skating.


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