The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV

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For the in-game soundtrack, see Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack.
The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV
Soundtrack album by Grand Theft Auto
Released April 29, 2008
Genre East Coast hip hop, alternative rock, heavy metal, dancehall, R&B, reggae, Russian hip hop, disco, jazz fusion, afrobeat, ambient music
Length 70:42
Label Rockstar Games
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The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV
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The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV is a 2008 soundtrack packaged with the special edition of Grand Theft Auto IV. The disc contains several soundtrack selections from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.[1] The soundtrack features several genres, from gangsta rap to rock music and reggae. Several artists re-recorded their songs to make references to in-game locations. Two songs, Liberty City: The Invasion and No Sex for Ben, was composed specifically for the game and the soundtrack.[2]

Production and composition[edit]

The theme song of Grand Theft Auto IV, "Soviet Connection", was composed by Michael Hunter, who previously composed the theme for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Soviet Connection" (Michael Hunter) 2:52
2. "Dirty New Yorker" (Mobb Deep) 2:54
3. "No Sex for Ben" (The Rapture) 4:06
4. "No Fraid A" (Munga) 3:40
5. "Where's My Money?" (Busta Rhymes) 3:58
6. "I Want You" (C.J.) 3:43
7. "Rocky Mountain Way" (Joe Walsh) 5:42
8. "Stand Up Jamrock" (Bob Marley & the Wailers and Damian Marley)  
9. "Liberty City: The Invasion" (Seryoga) 4:28
10. "Vagabond" (The Greenskeepers) 3:00
11. "On a Journey" (Electrik Funk) 4:12
12. "Nickname" (Qadir) 2:19
13. "Holy Thursday" (David Axelrod) 5:26
14. "War Is Necessary" (Nas) 2:55
15. "Zombie" (Fela Kuti) 12:26
16. "Maiden Voyage" (Global Communication) 5:23
Total length:


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