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Tourism in Georgia, a country in the Caucasus with an ancient history, is actively encouraged by the Cabinet of Georgia through its Department of Tourism and Resorts of Georgia.[1] in 2011 3 million tourists visited Georgia. By the plans of Georgian government in 2012 the number of tourists will reach 4 million.

The culture of Georgia is ancient and the local people are a mixture of ancient and modern.[2]

Some countries attract one instantly. Georgia seduces you the moment you set foot on its soil

—Kalpana Sahni, quotation from the Official Georgian government tourism website[1]


Freedom square in Tbilisi and the city hall

According to the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Georgia, the word wine comes from the word g'vino of the Georgian language, and the oldest archaeological remains related to grape seeds and winemaking have been found in Georgia, while today the country has over 500 varieties of grape.[3]


25% of Georgia's territory is designated as protected national parks, and 40% of the national territory is covered by forests.[3]


A travel advisory had been announced during and after the 2008 South Ossetia war, with a severity described as "extreme danger", as there are risks from land mines and other inconveniences that are a result of war.[2][4] Countries that have issued travel warnings include New Zealand,[5] but not limited to it.

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Georgia uses the standard Europlug (220 V, 50 Hz), the international dialing prefix is +995, it uses the metric system, and its currency is the lari (GEL or L).[2]

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