Anantnath Swami Temple

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Anantnath Swami Temple
Ananthnath Swami Temple
Basic information
Location Puliyarmala, Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala
Affiliation Jainism
Deity Anantnath
Festivals Mahavir Jayanti
Date established 1st century BCE

Anantnath Swami Temple (also known as the Puliyarmala Jain Temple[1]) is a Jain temple located at Puliyarmala, 6 km from Kalpetta in the Wayanad district in the state of Kerala in India. It is dedicated to Ananthnath Swami, a Tirthankar of the Jain faith.[2]


This famous Jain temple is located at Puliyarmala, Kalpetta in the district of Wayanad in Kerala. It is dedicated to Lord Anantanatha the 14th Tirthankara. Jainism came to Kerala in the 3rd century BCE after Chandragupta Maurya traveled to Shravanabelagola in Karnataka accompanied by the Jain Acharya Bhadrabahu. Many of the followers traveled further South to Tamil Nadu and Kerala in search of places of solitude for meditation and penance. Jainism received royal patronage from some of the Kings which helped in the spread of Jainism.

The outer entrance of the temple has a large pillar of carved granite in front of the main gate. The entrance doors contain intricately carved panels. Constructed in the traditional Dravidian style, the ornate carvings of the stupa are colorfully painted as they rise in a pyramid shape to the top where there is a carving of Mahavir. The small steps of the temple's main shrine are covered with many different Jain idols and symbols constructed of stone, brass and gold.[3]

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