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The Asia Pacific Greens Federation is a federation of national Green parties, social and environmental organizations in countries in the Pacific Ocean and Asia, and is one of the four federations that constitute the Global Greens. 32 Parties from 30 nations got together in February 2005 in Kyoto, Japan, to found the network. There they elected a Membership Panel, and delegates to the Global Greens Coordination (GGC).

Thereafter newly endorsed Member parties and groups participated at the Global Greens Conference in São Paulo, Brazil in 2008, and in the 2nd APGN Congress held in Taipei City (Taiwan) in April 2010. This Congress adopted a new organisational structure for the APGN, known as the (APGN rules, and a 5 Year Strategic Plan (2011-2015). A new APGN Coordinating Committee (APGCC) was elected, composed of 8 delegates from different countries (Australia, New Zealand, India, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka). Also the 3 new delegates of GGC from Asia Pacific were elected. Other outcomes included resolutions and a Fair Share Declaration. The final report details the proceedings and outcomes of the 2010 Congress in Taipei.


Member nations and parties include:

Full Membership Groups

Associate Membership Groups

Friends of APGN

  • China: 中国绿人社会 China Green Man Society -
  • China: China Green Party, Chinese Green Party, Green Party of China & Chinese Young Greens
  • Nepal: Apex Mission Nepal

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