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An asymmetric haircut

An asymmetric cut is a haircut in which the hair is cut in such a way that the hair does not have left-right symmetry and one side is cut or appears to be longer than the other.[1] It is a versatile hairstyle with many subvariations.[1][2] Usually it is a combination of two separate styles, one for each side.[1] An extreme variation is the "side shave", in which one side of the head is totally or partially shaved close.[3]


Celebrities who have sported asymmetric hairstyles include Justin Bieber,[4][5] January Jones,[6] Milla Jovovich,[7] Kim Kardashian,[8] Cyndi Lauper,[1] Rihanna,[3] Roland Orzabal,[9] Phil Oakey,[10] Avril Lavigne,[11] Demi Lovato,[12] Kelly Clarkson, [13] and Davey Havok[14] of AFI. Reality television star Kate Gosselin became well known for her asymmetrical cut,[5][15] which she has since changed.[15]


Asymmetric cuts can confer an aesthetic property known to professional hairdressers and cosmetologists as "asymmetrical balance" when they balance asymmetrical facial features.[16]: 237–238,251 [17]: 158,160  Hairdressers advise the use of an asymmetric cut for clients with asymmetrical features, such as a crooked nose, because symmetrical hairstyles draw attention to the facial asymmetries.[1][16]: 245  Experts on personal appearance management in business offer the same advice.[18]: 99  The asymmetry of the hairstyle should be opposite to that of the facial feature.[19] Asymmetrical styles that show the ears can make the face look slimmer, and hence are advised for clients with round faces or wide-set eyes.[16]: 427 [17]: 156  If the client wears eyeglasses, an asymmetric cut can distract attention from them.[17]: 156  Asymmetric cuts are often more "trendy" than symmetrical hairstyles.[16]: 237 


Psychological experiments have shown that hairstyle asymmetries are helpful, although not necessary, in determining whether or not an image of a familiar face has been mirror-reversed.[20]


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