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Buccellato 1.jpg
Type Cake
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Sicily
Main ingredients Candied fruit
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A Buccellato [buttʃelˈlaːto] is a Sicilian circular cake given by godparents to the godchild and family on the christening day. The cake is supposed to be as large as possible to ensure good luck. Legend has it that the cake has even once reached the size of a Ferris wheel.[citation needed] Depending on the recipe used, it can include dried or candied fruit.

It is often paired with warm tea or cappuccino.

It is usually consumed at about 16.00-17.00 pm but many also eat it for breakfast.

A famous saying of the Lucchesi (people from Lucca, in Tuscany, which has its own type of buccellato) is: "those who come to Lucca without eating the Buccellato is like they never been there!".

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