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The Bush Family
George W. Bush and family.jpg
The Bush family in the Red Room of the White House (January 2005). Seated left to right: Marvin Bush, Laura Bush, George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, George H. W. Bush, Jeb Bush. Also pictured, from left: Georgia Grace Koch, Margaret Bush, Brian Berzins Walker Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, Doro Bush, Barbara Pierce Bush, Robert P. Koch, Pierce Bush, Maria Bush, Neil Bush, Ashley Bush, Sam LeBlond, Robert Koch, Nancy Ellis LeBlond, John "Jebby" Bush, Amanda Bush, George P. Bush, and Columba Bush.
Ethnicity mostly English, some German, also small amount of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, French, Czech
Current region Texas
Place of origin New York, United States
Members Samuel Prescott Bush
Prescott Bush
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Jeb Bush
Connected families Flora Sheldon
Dorothy Wear Walker
Barbara Pierce
Laura Lane Welch
Henry Chase Hager
Columba Garnica Gallo
Traditions Episcopalians, Roman Catholics
Estate Bush compound

The Bush family is an American family that is prominent in the fields of politics, sports, entertainment, and business.

Best known for it's involvement in politics, the family has held various national and state offices spanning across four generations - including a U.S. Senator, a Governor, and two Presidents (one having also served as Vice President, while the other was also a Governor). Among other notable family members is a Super Bowl winning National Football League (NFL) executive, and two nationally known TV personalities.

Peter Schweizer, author of a biography of the family, has described the Bushes as "the most successful political dynasty in American history".[1] According to some online sources,[2] the Bush family is of primarily English and German descent.



Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, George H. W. Bush, Laura Bush, and George W. Bush, and Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller watch tee ball on the White House lawn.

Patrilineal line[edit]

Other notable relatives[edit]

Connections to other prominent families[edit]

George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush in Beijing, 2008

Walker family[edit]

George Herbert "Bert" Walker (1875–1953) was a wealthy American banker and businessman. His daughter Dorothy married Prescott Bush, making him the grandfather of the 41st President George H. W. Bush and the great-grandfather of the 43rd President and George W. Bush. He is also the namesake of the Walker Cup, a men's amateur golf trophy contested in odd-numbered years between a U.S. team and a combined Great Britain and Ireland side.

Livingston family[edit]

The Livingston family, a prominent family which migrated from Scotland to New York (then New Netherlands) in the 17th century, whose descendants include signers of the United States Declaration of Independence (Philip Livingston) and the United States Constitution (William Livingston), Lords of Livingston Manor and Clermont Manor, located along the Hudson River in 18th-century eastern New York, First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt, Congressman Bob Livingston of Louisiana, much of the wealthy Astor family, New York Governor Hamilton Fish, and actors Montgomery Clift, and Jane Wyatt. Flora Sheldon, wife of Samuel P. Bush, was a Livingston.

Schuyler family[edit]

The Schuyler family, a prominent family which migrated from the Netherlands to New York (then New Netherlands) in the 17th century around Albany, NY. Descendants include much of the Livingston family, General Philip Schuyler during the American Revolution, Cornplanter, a Seneca Chief who fought on the side of the British during the American Revolution, David Mathews, Mayor of New York City during British occupation, Major General Schuyler Hamilton, a grandson of Alexander Hamilton, and members of the political Kean family which includes Thomas Kean and Thomas Kean Jr..

Family tree[edit]


Awards and honors[edit]

President George W. Bush in 2006 during a White House ceremony.
Beside him is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which is given to the winning team of the Super Bowl.
Bush's cousin Joe Ellis is a two-time Super Bowl winner as an executive with the Denver Broncos.


Politics/public service[edit]


Political offices held[edit]

The Bush Family are among only four (Adams, Harrison, and Roosevelt being the others) to have had multiple members serve as U.S. President.


  • George H.W. Bush (41) - 1989-1993
  • George W. Bush (43) - 2001-2009

Vice President[edit]

  • George H.W. Bush - 1981-1989

U.S. Congress[edit]

  • Prescott Bush (Senator - Connecticut) - 1952-1963
  • George H.W. Bush (Representative - Texas) - 1967-1971


  • George W. Bush (Texas) - 1995-2001
  • Jeb Bush (Florida) - 1999-2007


  • George H.W. Bush
    • UN Ambassador (1971-1973)
    • RNC Chairman (1973-1974)
    • Ambassador to China (1974-1975)
    • CIA Director (1976-1977)
  • Jeb Bush
    • Florida Secretary of Commerce (1987-1989)
  • George P. Bush
    • Texas Land Commissioner (2011-present)

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