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CSI Aviation Services, Inc. is a worldwide aviation services company, established in 1979, that provides air charter and aircraft leasing to corporations, athletic teams[1] and government agencies. Additionally, corporations and government agencies use the company to carry out personnel evacuations all around the world.[citation needed] CSI does not own or operate any aircraft.[2] Instead, they contract with aircraft owners and operators to provide services to their clients.


In 1983, CSI began representing various United States airlines to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) through the U.S. Transportation Command, which includes handling Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) issues and coordinating domestic and international military air charter requirements.[3]

In 1990, CSI began providing its services directly to the federal government.[3] The company has several contracts in place with various government agencies.[4]

In 2007, CSI began offering private jet solutions and hourly packages for jet membership.[citation needed]

In 2009, CSI began offering fuel services.[5]

Law suit[edit]

In 2011, CSI was involved in an important law suit with the United States government regarding aviation contracts.


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