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Cardinal Sforza Pallavicino.
Istoria del Concilio di Trento (1656-1657)

Sforza Pallavicino (or Pallavicini) (28 November 1607, Rome – 5 June 1667, Rome), was an Italian cardinal and historian, son of the Marquis Alessandro Pallavicino of Parma.[1]


Having taken holy orders in 1630, and joined the Society of Jesus in 1638, he successively taught philosophy and theology in the Collegium Romanum. As professor of theology he was a member of the congregation appointed by Innocent X to investigate the Jansenist heresy. He also contributed to the work of the Accademia dei Lincei.[2]

On 9 April 1657 Francesco Maria Sforza Pallavicino was made a Cardinal in petto by Alexander VII who publicly honoured him as such in 1659. Pallavicino is chiefly known by his History of the Council of Trent. Pallavicino paved the way for Canonical Coronations beginning with "La Madonna Della Oropa" on 29 August 1620.



  1. ^ Pallavicino's first name is Sforza, not Pietro, a mistake very often found even in scholarly literature. 'Pietro' is no part of his name: you will search in vain for the appearance of 'Pietro" in any of his own published works or early works about him. One also can consult the catalogues of the major research libraries of the world, including the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale (of Rome), the Universita Gregoriana (Roma), the Library of Congress, the British Library, Harvard University, etc., to have authoritative confirmation of this fact of his nomenclature.
  2. ^ http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/ItalianAcademies/PersonFullDisplay.aspx?RecordId=022-000005168&searchAssoc=Assoc accessed 11/7/2017

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