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The Center for Gifted Education is a program at The College of William & Mary. It was created in 1988 under the direction of Joyce VanTassel-Baska, with a specific mission statement and goals based on an understanding of the needs of gifted and talented individuals across the lifespan. The Center is located in the School of Education building. The current center director is Tracy L. Cross.


  1. To provide graduate education programs and opportunities for individuals interested in teaching gifted students and/or assuming administrative and leadership positions in the field of gifted education.
  2. To provide selected programs and services for precollegiate learners and their families.
  3. To develop, field-test, and disseminate curriculum in relevant content areas at appropriate developmental levels.
  4. To conduct research and evaluation for dissemination to relevant audiences and for data based decision making.
  5. To provide professional development to promote leadership and exemplary practice.

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