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Not to be confused with China Merchants Tower.
Headquarters of China Merchants Bank in the West Futian district of Shenzhen

China Merchants Bank Tower (Chinese: 招商銀行大厦; pinyin: Zhāoshāng Yīnháng Dàshà), or the Shenzhen World Trade Centre is one of the tallest buildings in Shenzhen. It is located in Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China.

The exact location is at the intersection of 农园路 (Nongyuan Road; Pinyin: Nóngyuán Lù) and 深南大道 (Shennan Boulevard; Pinyin: Shēnnán Dàdào), the major east-west conduit of central Shenzhen.


Completed in 2001,[1] The structure is home to the China Merchants Bank world headquarters. The uniquely shaped 50-story [2] landmark in the 车公庙 (CheGongMiao) area also lends its name to the surrounding bus stops.


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