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This article is about the college in Vellore, India. For the college of same name in Ludhiana, India, see Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. For Other uses, see CMC (disambiguation).
Christian Medical College & Hospital
CMCH Vellore.JPG
Entrance to the main hospital
Motto Not to be ministered unto but to minister
Type Medical College and Hospital
Established 1900[1][2]
Director Dr. Sunil Thomas Chandy[3]
Principal Dr. Alfred Job Daniel[3]
Location Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
12°55′29″N 79°08′10″E / 12.924815°N 79.136013°E / 12.924815; 79.136013Coordinates: 12°55′29″N 79°08′10″E / 12.924815°N 79.136013°E / 12.924815; 79.136013
Campus Urban
Affiliations Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University[4]

Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore (CMC Vellore) is an educational and research institute[5][6][7] and a tertiary care[8] hospital located at Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the prominent and well known medical destinations[5][9][10][11][12] in India, having reputations nationally and internationally.[13][14] It is also one of the top-ranked medical colleges in India.[5] Founded in 1900 by an American missionary, Dr Ida S. Scudder, the institute has made significant achievements in the past like starting the first college of nursing in India (1978), performing the first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the World (1948), performing the first successful open heart surgery in India (1961), performing the first kidney transplant in India (1971), performing first bone marrow transplantation (1986) in India and performing the first successful ABO incompatible kidney transplant in India (2009).[15]


Ida S. Scudder as a young woman
Heritage Centre near the main entrance

The hospital was founded by Ida Sophia Scudder in 1900. Ida Scudder was the daughter of an American missionary couple who were living in India. She was born in 1870 in Tindivanam, which was about 60 miles from the then Madras. As a young girl, she was not interested in pursuing her parents' footsteps into missionary works. The Scudder family went back to the United States of America (USA) in 1878 and then returned to India after a few years. But Ida Scudder had stayed in the USA. In 1890, she had to return to India to take care of her ailing mother.[1]

It was at that time that she witnessed the pathetic condition of medical services in India, and felt the desperate need for women doctors in India. One evening, an Indian man came to their home requesting medical help for his wife who was in labour. But he rejected Dr John Scudder, the father of Ida Scudder's offer to help, as Indian social customs had anathematized male doctors' conducting of labour. Two more men came with similar requests, seeking medical help for their wives in labour, but again turning down John Scudder's offer. The three women died in labour that night. The incident rocked Ida Scudder to the core.[1][16][17]

She changed her attitude towards India and made her mind to get a medical degree so she could be of some help to Indian women. She went back to USA and in 1895, she enrolled in the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. She completed her course in 1899 at Cornell University Weill Medical College.[16] She came back to India with a "fiery passion to change things."[1]

She started a small dispensary in Vellore in 1900. In 1902, she built a 40-bed hospital. Her father died soon after she arrived in India. She continued her work in the dispensary and also started training women as compounders in 1903. She began setting up "roadside" dispensaries, the first one, in 1906. The average life expectancy of an Indian then was 25 years.[1] She started a training program for nurses, which expanded into a nursing school in 1909. She also began training women physicians with the Union Mission Medical School for Women that she started in 1918. In the 1938 the government changed its policy declaring that medical degrees could be granted only by universities and medical diplomas granted otherwise would soon be invalid.[16] Scudder decided to upgrade her medical school to a medical college, the Christian Medical College. The college was affiliated to the Madras University, and in 1942 it began offering MBBS courses.[1]

In 1945, a laboratory technician training course was started. In 1946 a college of nursing, India's first, was started. In 1947, first batch of men medical students were admitted. Medical Postgraduate Courses (MD and MS) were started in 1950. In 1969 Postgraduate degree courses in nursing were started.[1]

A number of other people also played an important role in the development of the college including Dr Theodore Howard Somervell, a British surgeon, Dr Paul Brand, another British surgeon, Dr Edward Gault, an Australian surgeon and pathologist, and Dr Mary Verghese, an Indian Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist.[1]

CHAD (Community Health and Development) building in Bagayam locality in Vellore

The hospital has been visited at various times by many prominent personalities including Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Alexander Fleming, Dr Jonas Salk, Mahatma Gandhi, President Radhakrishnan, President Rajendra Prasad, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and President Abdul Kalam.[1]

The college now offers nearly 150 different post graduate courses in the medical, nursing and allied health disciplines, including PhD courses. A total of nearly 2000 students are enrolled every year.[1][18] The hospital serves over 2000 inpatients and 5000 outpatients daily, with 67 wards, 92 clinics each day and 121 departments/units.[2] Each year 100 students are admitted for the undergraduate medical course MBBS.[19] The MBBS course is recognised by the Medical Council of India.[20]


The Christian Medical College is a registered voluntary, non-profit-making organization.[2] The hospital is owned and administered by the Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation Inc. [formerly the Vellore Christian Medical College Board (USA)], a U.S. 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation chartered in the state of New York.[21] Katherine D. Guenther is the president of the foundation presently.[22]

The foundation is an independent, non-profit fund raising and alumni-support group based in New York.[21] The Christian Medical College Council, which is composed of the members of the foundation and other Indian and foreign organisations, governs the hospital.

Hospital statistics[edit]

  • Total number of beds are 2,632.
  • Patients 2.14 million outpatients and 1.29 lakh inpatients for the year 2012.
  • Total births 17,883 in the year 2012.
  • Daily statistics 6,957 outpatients, 2,165 inpatients, 161 operations are performed, 49 births are registered, 1,960 radiologic tests and 34,493 laboratory tests are done.
  • Staff Over 8,100 staff which includes 1,335 doctors ; 1,825 teaching & technical staff ; 2,364 nurses and 813 administrative staff.
  • Education More than 110 courses including MBBS, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, many postgraduate medical specialities, distance learning courses and PhD programmes.
  • Research 230 publications in indexed peer reviewed journals (the second largest number of medical research papers of any medical college in India.)[18]
  • Wards Total 95 wards including 15 ICUs.
  • Operation theaters – 39 major operation theaters and 18 minor ones
  • Cost of services Running expenses for the year 2012–2013 was 6.29 billion rupees.
CMC Hospital overall statistics
Hospitals and centres Beds Inpatients Outpatients Births Outreach
Main Hospital 2082 1,02,738 16,72,207 13,316 -
Community Health & Development 130 12,077 90,848 3,307 76,919
Rural Unit for Health & Social Affairs 69 3,758 1,07,654 1,063 36,831
Schell Eye Hospital 100 7,040 1,07,301 - 21,140
Low Cost Effective Care Unit 46 1,913 58,888 197 872
Mental Health Centre 98 878 1,01,623 - -
Nambikkai Nilayam 24 104 4,102 - 187
Rehabilitation Institute 83 519 - - 50
Total 2,632 1,29,027 21,42,623 17,883 1,35,999

Statistics based on the year 2012.[2]


The CMC has been consistently ranked among the top medical colleges in India. India Today ranked CMC at second position in 2010,[23] 2012[24] and 2013.[5] Outlook India ranked CMC at third in 2012.[25] Careers 360 (Magazine) has ranked CMS at first in Top Private Medical colleges in India 2015 .[26]


The hospital was given the National Citizens Award as India’s best employer in 2003, the MM Award for Excellence in Healthcare and the Gurukulijyoti Award in 2007.[18] In 2011, the hospital was awarded two awards by the ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company and CNBC-TV18, one for the Best multi-specialty (non-metro area) and the other for the Best cardiology care in India.[27][28][29][30] National Assessment and Accreditation Council, an autonomous institution of the University Grants Commission run by the Government of India, gave a five-star rating to CMC for the quality of education imparted by it. The Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) Ltd. categorized CMC as a super speciality teaching hospital of the highest quality and gave an A1 grading.[2] International Living Award was awarded by LeBonheur Healthcare, USA in 2008.[1]


The college offers MBBS, 66 post-graduate diploma and degree medical courses (MS, MD), 35 Allied Health Science courses, super speciality medical courses (DM, MCh), Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and diploma courses in nursing and other fields, Fellowship courses and PhD courses. A total of about 2000 students are enrolled per year.[18][19]

The MBBS course consists of four and a half years of academics, and one year of CRRI. A block posting in Community Health centres is an integral part of medical education. Students are posted in mission hospitals and secondary care centers.[31] The Christian Medical College is one of the top ranked medical colleges in India.[5]

Medical services[edit]

Way to outpatient department
Coffee shop in the main building courtyard

There are two main campuses - one, the main campus at the heart of Vellore city, and the other at Bagayam, which is about 7 km from the main campus. CMC has over 7,600 staff, including over 1,200 doctors and 2,400 nurses.[18] Almost every clinical specialty is catered to,[32] and many departments are subdivided into units of particular expertise in specific areas, as in the division of Surgery which is broken down into eight units specializing in Head and Neck Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Colorectal surgery, etc.[18] There are a total of 121 specialized departments/units.[2]

Department of Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology caters to more than 40,000 patients a year,[citation needed] covering conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, Spondyloarthropathies including Ankylosing spondylitis and Psoriatic arthropathy, Lupus, Primary Sjogren's syndrome and Takayasu arteritis. This department has its own extremity MRI and Sonography services, and is also involved in clinical and translational research.

The departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Reproductive Medicine, Child Health, Neonatology, Paediatric Surgery and Developmental Paediatrics are housed in the Ida S.Scudder Centenary Center for Women and Children (ISSCC) which has about 424 beds.[2]

The department of Orthopaedics has 3 units and additional specialised units viz Paediatric Orthopaedics, Hand & Micro vascular Surgery and Spinal Disorders Unit.

The Haematology department is a pioneer in the treatment of all blood disorders which includes state of the art bone marrow transplantation, heamato-oncology, and Bleeding disorders.

The department of Ophthalmology functions inside a campus that is separate from the main one.[2] The Mental Health Centre, CMC's department of Psychiatry functions at Bagayam. This centre also houses the faculty for the evaluation and training of mentally retarded children, which is called Nambikkai Nilayam, a Tamil phrase meaning the Centre for Hope.[2] The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department also functions in the Bagayam campus.[2]

Radiology reports are incorporated into a film-less digital system Picture archiving and communication system (PACS), the first in the country, started in 2000. Medical professionals can view the images on any computer that is on the hospital network. Laboratory test results are also incorporated into the hospital intranet, making them accessible anywhere inside the hospital.[18]

Community works[edit]

The Christian Medical College's community works are organised by its Department of Community Health, which was established in 1957. The community programmes run by CMC are Community Health And Development (CHAD), Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA), College of Nursing Community Health (CONCH) and Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU)[1][2]

Community Health And Development (CHAD) functions through a Community Hospital located in the Bagayam campus, administrated by the Community Health department of CMC. The programme involves public health teams, socioeconomic development workers and part-time community health workers, and serves a rural, semi-urban and tribal population of about 2,50,000 around the area of Kaniyambadi, including the Kaniyambadi block (82 villages), Jawadhi Hills (120 tribal villages), and urban areas such as Kansalpet, Saidapet, Sreenivasanagar, and Kagithapattarai.[1] CHAD also provides consultancy services to a population of 1,20,000 in Anaicut Block.[2]

Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA) is located at KV Kuppam Block, about 25 km from Vellore. It is a 70-bed secondary care health centre and has many peripheral health care centers in the Block.[1] It organises a number of field programmes for the rural people around the area, providing inpatient care, mobile health services and vocational training programmes, and involves over 100 local family care volunteers, serving about 1,35,000 people in 39 Panchayats.[2] Efforts have been made to alleviate poverty through encouraging income generating projects and improved agricultural practices.[18]

College of Nursing Community Health (CONCH), established in 1987, is a primary health care programme managed by nurses. Home visits form the basis of this outreach programme, focussing on a population of 63,199 persons living in 22 villages and 23,000 persons living on the urban periphery of Vellore city. CONCH also organises health camps, street plays, films and exhibitions, to generate health awareness among people. CONCH also works with the District Health Administration and NGOs in implementing government health projects.[1]

Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU), established in 1983 caters the health care needs of those particularly those living in slums. The programme involves Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and trained volunteers, and provides cost effective health care, without undue reliance on sophisticated technology, yet providing comprehensive health care.[1]

CMC believes that "better education and economic development can have a greater impact on health than medical services. Improvements in basic infrastructure (especially safe water and sanitation) can save more lives than vaccination."[18] CMC also organises camps for diabetes screening, cancer screening for women, general health screening and health education regarding lifestyle changes to prevent non-communicable diseases.[18]

Significant achievements[edit]

CMC is the home of the South Asian Cochrane Network and Centre and is also an internationally recognised Infectious Diseases Training and Research Centre. The college hosts a Stem Cell Research Centre, which is funded by the Indian government.[18] A number of research programmes in CMC are funded by many national and international agencies. About 230 research articles are published in indexed peer reviewed journals in a year (the second largest number of medical research papers of any medical college in India.).[18] The establishments of the Fleming Memorial Research Laboratory in Virology in 1965, the Artificial kidney Laboratory in 1976, the Betatron ICMR Centre for Advanced Research in Virology in 1978, the National AIDS Reference and Surveillance Centre in 1986, the Cytogenetics Laboratory in 2002 and the Vellore Bombay Artificial Limb Bioengineering Department in 2003 are significant initiatives in the field of medical research.[1]

Significant milestones in the history of the hospital are,[1]

  • Establishing India's first college of nursing in 1946,
  • Performing the first reconstructive surgery on leprosy patients in the world in 1948,
  • Establishing the first Neurological Sciences Department in South Asia also in 1948,
  • Performing the First Successful Open Heart surgery in India in 1961,
  • Performing the first Middle-ear Microsurgery in India also in 1961,
  • Establishing the first Rehabilitation Institute in India in 1966,
  • Performing the first Kidney Transplant in India in 1971,
  • Performing India's first Bone marrow Transplant in 1986,
  • Performing the first carotid bifurcation stenting procedure in India in 1996,
  • Performing the first trans-septal carotid stenting procedure in the world also in 1996,
  • Performing the first trans-jugular mitral valvuloplasty procedure in the worldin 1996,
  • Performing the first Successful ABO Incompatible Renal Transplant in India in 2009.

Notable alumni[edit]

Ida Scudder School[edit]

Ida Scudder School, named after the founder of the Christian Medical College, was started in 1969 by a group of faculty of the Christian Medical College. The school is a private, non-residential, co-educational school, located at Kalinjur in Vellore. It has classes from Lower kindergarten to higher secondary, and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi.[35][36]

Students associations[edit]

  • SA (Student's Association) : All medical students from the college form the general body of the Student's Association.[37]
  • OPTSA (Occupational and Physiotherapy Students Association) CMC Vellore.


  • ASHA (Association of Students for Health and Allied Sciences) CMC Vellore for AHS courses.
  • SNA (Students Nurses Association ) for students of degree and diploma students of nursing.

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