Cleveland Ballet (founded 2014)

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Cleveland Ballet
General information
NameCleveland Ballet
PredecessorCleveland Ballet (founded 1972)
Year founded2014
  • Gladisa Guadalupe
  • Michael Krasnyansky
Founding artistic directorGladisa Guadalupe
Principal venuePlayhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio
Senior staff
Chief ExecutiveMichael Krasnyansky
Ballet Masters
  • Cynthia Graham
  • Rainer Diaz[1]
Official schoolSchool of Cleveland Ballet

Cleveland Ballet was founded in Cleveland in 2014 by Gladisa Guadalupe and Michael Krasnyansky.[2][3] It is the third incarnation of a Cleveland Ballet, having been preceded by establishments of the same name founded in 1935 and 1972. Guadalupe, an alumna of the School of American Ballet and a former principal dancer,[4] serves as artistic director, and Krasnyansky, a Ukrainian American businessman, serves as president & CEO.[5]

The company has grown from 5 to 26 dancers from 11 countries and territories over its initial 5 seasons,[6] and as of 2019 was one of the fastest growing professional ballet companies in the U.S.[2] In 2017, it became a resident company of Playhouse Square.[7]

History and growth[edit]

In October 2015, Cleveland Ballet's inaugural season debuted with the ballet Past. Present. Future. at Playhouse Square, characterized by The Plain Dealer as a "stylistically diverse and entertaining" production.[8] The company continued with a production of Coppélia in May 2016, described as "evidence of a company eager and able to do great things", with the dancers' performances as "mostly excellent".[9]

By its second season, 2016–2017, the ballet had grown to fourteen members.[10] It concluded the season with a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was reviewed as featuring "smartly-crafted, deceptively difficult, and wonderfully illustrative choreography".[10]

Cleveland Ballet became Playhouse Square's resident classical ballet company in 2017, during its third season.[7] This designation resulted in additional marketing funds, access to more rehearsal space, and priority in scheduling.[7]

In 2017, Cleveland Ballet also reintroduced regular holiday performances of Tchaikovsky's ballet, The Nutcracker, as a seasonal tradition in Cleveland—the first Nutcracker production by a local company at Playhouse Square since 1999.[11] Additional performances of the season included the 1909 ballet, Les Sylphides,[12] as well as Alice, a new ballet based on Lewis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland.[13]

In the fourth season, 2018–2019, the company increased to 20 professional dancers.[14] In addition to The Nutcracker, Cleveland Ballet presented Fall Collection and Coppélia as main stage productions at Playhouse Square.[15][16][17]

In its fifth season, 2019–2020, the ballet grew to 25 dancers, performing Carmen at the Ohio Theatre in October [18] and offering 12 performances of The Nutcracker at the Hanna Theatre in December.[19] The season was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020, requiring the cancellation of the company's planned performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute.[20]


Ballet Initial performance date Venue Choreographer(s) Notes and sources
Past. Present. Future. October 2015 Ohio Theatre
  • Gladisa Guadalupe
  • Cynthia Graham
  • Joseph Morrissey
  • Bobby Wesner
  • Gerardo Teissonniere
Coppélia May 2016 Ohio Theatre Ramon Oller [9]
A Celebration of Dance & Music October 2016 Ohio Theatre
  • Gladisa Guadalupe
  • Meghan Haas
  • Ramon Thielen
The Nutcracker Tea December 2016 Andrews Osborne Academy Gladisa Guadalupe [22]
Midsummer Night’s Dream April 2017 Ohio Theatre Ramon Oller [23]
Les Sylphides October 2017 Ohio Theatre Gladisa Guadalupe [12]
The Nutcracker Suite December 2017 Hanna Theatre Gladisa Guadalupe [11]
Black and White Gala March 2018 Ohio Theatre Gladisa Guadalupe [24]
Alice May 2018 Hanna Theatre Margo Sappinton [23]
Fall Collection October 2018 Ohio Theatre Gladisa Guadalupe [15]
The Nutcracker December 2018 Hanna Theatre
Coppélia April 2019 Ohio Theatre Ramon Oller [17]
Carmen October 2019 Ohio Theatre Gladisa Guadalupe [18]
The Magic Flute (canceled) [May 2020] Ohio Theatre Gladisa Guadalupe [25][b]
  1. ^ The Nutcracker was repeated in December 2019 and is anticipated to be an annual production.[19]
  2. ^ The May 2020 The Magic Flute performances were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[26]


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