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A S&S Worldwide Double Shot tower ride at Wild Adventures

Double Shot is a type of amusement ride manufactured by S&S Worldwide.[1]

The ride is a drop tower type attraction that uses compressed air to rapidly propel riders up the tower then gently lower them with a series of air-cushioned bounces back to the loading platform.[2]

The ride is very similar to the Space Shot ride, also manufactured by S&S, but the Double Shot features an extra "shot" while riders are falling down after the first one.[3]


  • Ride Speed: 30–35 miles per hour (50-55 kilometers per hour)[4][5]
  • Capacity: 12-16 per tower[4]
  • Ride duration: 40 seconds[5]
  • Height: Varies from 80 feet to over 125 feet[4][6]


Standard 85 ft Rides[edit]

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