Entfernet euch, ihr heitern Sterne, BWV Anh. 9

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Entfernet euch, ihr heitern Sterne
BWV Anh. 9
Secular cantata by J. S. Bach
Aŭgust Mocny. Аўгуст Моцны (H. Rodakowski, XIX).jpg
The Elector Frederick Augustus I (better known as Augustus II the Strong) for whose name day the cantata was written.
Composed 1727

Entfernet euch, ihr heitern Sterne (Disperse yourselves, ye stars, serenely!), BWV Anh. 9,[a] is a birthday cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach.[1] He composed it in Leipzig to celebrate the 57th birthday of the Elector of Saxony, King Augustus II the Strong,[2] and it was performed for him on his birthday, 12 May 1727, on the Marktplatz of Leipzig, by students of the University of Leipzig,[3] with Bach directing.[2] The king was also presented with the work's libretto, written by Christian Friedrich Haupt.[2]

The music to this secular birthday cantata by Bach is lost.[1][2] It has been speculated from the surviving libretto, however, that several movements from the Mass in B minor are derived from it. A reconstruction has been created using the music of the Mass.


The reconstruction by Dr. Klaus Höfner has been recorded.[1]


  1. ^ "BWV" is Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis, a thematic catalogue of Bach's works.


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