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Khoresh-e-Gheimeh in Iran
Type Stew
Place of origin Iran and Iraq
Main ingredients lamb, tomatoes, yellow split peas, onion, dried lime
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Gheimeh, Qeymeh (Persian: قیمه‎) is a Persian and Mesopotamian stew (khoresh) consisting of meat, tomatoes, split peas, onion and dried lime. This stew is garnished with aubergine and/or French fries and usually served with rice.

Iraqi Qeema is made with finely diced meat and crushed split peas, and is traditionally prepared on a large communal scale at the annual Āshūrā commemorations. The name qeema is an ancient Akkadian word meaning 'finely chopped'.[1]


  • Gheimeh Sibzamini (Persian: قیمه سیب زمینی‎) or classic Gheimeh: Gheimeh stew with thin-cut potato fries.
  • Gheimeh Bademjaan (Persian: قیمه بادنجان‎): Gheimeh stew with pan-fried whole or long-cut eggplants.

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