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Government degree colleges in India are public-sector educational institutes managed mainly through rule and regulations of government accompanied by University Grants Commission (India) (UGC). Education in India has been categorized into elementary, secondary and higher education. The aim behind the formation of the government degree colleges is to provide higher education to undergraduates, postgraduates and Doctoral research scholars in various streams and courses recognized by UGC[1] of India. Presently, the standards have been set up for the classifications of the institutes in 2 (f) and 12 (b) category, which is certified by the UGC, New Delhi to maintain the excellence in higher education. The government degree colleges are fully managed by government, either central or at state level, and affiliated to the universities for course structures. Moreover, the government degree college as the institute of higher education, are administered and controlled by the principal who serves as the head. Teachers (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor) are appointed through Public Service Commissions (a government body under the articles from 315-323 of the Constitution of India) of central and state governments. The teachers appointed through the public service commissions are government servants with Group A post and are gazetted in nature. Education is the matter of concurrent lists in India; the government from the centre or from the states has the right to formulate law on higher education.[2]

Government Degree Colleges in Territories of India[edit]

Andaman and Nicobar Islands[edit]

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Port Blair
  • Mahatma Gandhi Government College[3]
  • Tagore Government College of Education[3]
  • Dr B R Ambedkar Institute of Technology Port Blair[3]

Andhra Pradesh[edit]

Arunanchal Pradesh[edit]





Dadra and Nagar Haveli[edit]

Daman & Diu[edit]



  • National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
  • Government Boys College, Narnaul
  • Government Girls College, Narnaul
  • B.K.N. Government Polytechnic, Narnaul

Himachal Pradesh[edit]

Jammu & Kashmir[edit]



  • Government First Grade College Gulbarga



Madhya Pradesh[edit]




  • Shillong College
  • Tura Government College
  • Kiang Nongbah Government College



New Delhi[edit]

DELHI I. DELHI UNIVERSITY, DELHI 1. Campus Law Centre, Univ., of Delhi, 3 year course Upto 2010-11 1924


2. Law Centre NO - I, University Campus, 3 year course Upto 2010-11 1970

Delhi University, Delhi

3. Law Centre NO - II, A.R.S.D College, 3 year course Upto 2010-11 1970


II. G. G. S. INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY, KASHMIRI GATE, DELHI 1. Vivekananda Institute of Professional 5 year BA.LLB(Int.)(240) Upto 2014-15 2000

Studies, Shivaji Marg, New Delhi.

2. School of Law and Legal Studies, 5 year course Upto 2008-09 2001

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha
University, Delhi

3. Amity Law School, New Delhi 5 year BA.LLB(240) Upto 2014-15 1999 4. Ideal Institute of Management and 5 year course Upto 2012-13 2006

Technology, Delhi

5. Delhi Institute of Rural Development’s 5 year course Upto 2011-12 2007

Institute of Law, Delhi

6. School of Law, Narela, Delhi BA.LLB 5 year course(H) Upto 2013-14 2008

(Chanderprabhu Jain College of (180)
Higher Studies)

7. School of Law, BLS Institute of 5 year BA.LLB(120) Upto 2013-2014 2012

Technology Management,

8. FIMT School of Law, Fairfield Institute 5 year BA.LLB(120) Upto 2013-2014 2012

of Management and Technology, Delhi

III. JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA UNIVERSITY, NEW DELHI 1. Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, 5 year course Upto 2010-11 2002

Jamia Nagar, Delhi 3 year course Upto 2001-2002 1989College Name Courses imparted Status Year of
of approval establishment

8 IV. NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY B. A. LLB (H) Upto 2016-2017 2008 DELHI, DWARKA 5 year course






Tamil Nadu[edit]


Uttar Pradesh[edit]

In Uttar Pradesh, government controlled degree colleges are only 137 in numbers at present for the courses in Under Graduate (UG), Post Graduate (PG) and Doctoral Research programs in Humanities (Arts), Science and Commerce streams.[5] The Department of Higher Education of Government of Uttar Pradesh directly controls the institutes through Directorate of Higher Education,[6] Allahabad. Many of them are located in rural or in the remote areas, and providing educational opportunities to the students belong to poor section of the society as well. The institutes the Director of Higher Education of the state, the Regional Higher Education officer at regional and Principal at the institute who is the immediate officer of teaching and non-teaching staff with authority of Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO). Presently, nine regional offices for higher education have been established to control the Government Degree Colleges in Uttar Pradesh along with large number of aided degree colleges (managed privately and funded by the UGC). All 137 colleges are affiliated with the universities in Uttar Pradesh based on locations. Teachers for the Government Degree Colleges are recruited through Public Service Commission of Uttar Pradesh[7] which is located in Allahabad. The nature of the posts are Gazetted and belongs to Group A services. The government controlled degree colleges are performing better and mostly are in the 2 (f) and 12 (b) category recognized and funded by the UGC. The rigorous procedure of accreditation of the government degree colleges is completed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bengaluru (a sub-body of UGC, New Delhi).

List of Colleges

Rajesultanpur,Ambedkar Nagar


West Bengal[edit]

A) General Degree College and Engineering College (17+6)

B) Art College

C) Colleges for Education including Colleges for Physical Education (7+4)

D) Law College


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