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Greg Kroah-Hartman
Greg Kroah-Hartman at SUSE Offices in Nuremberg, Germany on September 2011
Other namesGreg KH
EmployerLinux Foundation[1]

Greg Kroah-Hartman (GKH) is a major Linux kernel developer. As of April 2013 he is the Linux kernel maintainer for the -stable branch,[3] the staging subsystem,[3] USB,[3] driver core, debugfs, kref, kobject, and the sysfs kernel subsystems,[3] Userspace I/O (with Hans J. Koch),[3] and TTY layer.[3] He also created linux-hotplug, the udev project, and the Linux Driver Project.[4] He worked for Novell in the SUSE Labs division and, as of 1 February 2012, works at the Linux Foundation.[1][5]


Kroah-Hartman is a co-author of Linux Device Drivers (3rd Edition)[6] and author of Linux Kernel in a Nutshell,[7] and used to be a contributing editor for Linux Journal. He also contributes articles to, the Linux news site.

Kroah-Hartman frequently helps in the documentation of the kernel and driver development through talks[8][9] and tutorials.[10][11] In 2006, he released a CD image of material to introduce a programmer to working on Linux device driver development.[12]

He also initiated the development of openSUSE Tumbleweed, the bleeding-edge rolling release model edition of openSUSE.[13][14]


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