Michael Kerrisk

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Michael Kerrisk
Michael Kerrisk.jpg
NationalityNew Zealander
EducationBSc (hons) Computer Science, BA Psychology, University of Canterbury
OccupationAuthor and Programmer
Known forThe Linux Programming Interface, Linux man-pages project

Michael Kerrisk is a technical author, programmer and, since 2004, maintainer of the Linux man-pages project,[1] succeeding Andries Brouwer.[2] He was born in 1961 in New Zealand and lives in Munich, Germany.

Kerrisk has worked for Digital Equipment, Google, The Linux Foundation[3] and, as an editor and writer, for LWN.net.[4] Currently, he works as a freelance consultant and trainer.

He is best known for his book The Linux Programming Interface,[5] published by No Starch Press[6] in 2010. This book is widely regarded[7] as the definitive work on Linux system programming and has been translated into several languages.[8]

As the maintainer of the Linux man-pages project, Kerrisk has authored or co-authored about a third of the man pages and worked on improving the project's infrastructure. For his contributions he received a Special Award of the 2016 New Zealand Open Source Awards.[9]


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