Arikapú language

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Native to Brazil
Region Rondônia, at the headwaters of the Rio Branco
Ethnicity 32 (2009)[1]
Native speakers
2 (2009)[1]
Macro-Gê ?
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ark
Glottolog arik1265[2]

Arikapú or Maxubí is an endangered Yabutian language that in 1998 was spoken by only six individuals in Rondônia, Brazil, at the headwaters of the Rio Branco. It is being supplanted by Portuguese.


Arikapú alphabet
a ä b d dj e h i ï k m n o p r t tx u ü y w

Nasalisation is indicated by a tilde on the vowel : ⟨ã ä̃ ẽ ĩ õ ũ⟩.


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