Jê languages

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Jê–Kaingang, Gê, Ye
Ethnicity Gê peoples
Linguistic classification Macro-Jê
  • Central Jê
  • Jeikó
  • Northern Jê
  • Southern Jê
Glottolog jeee1236[1]
Jê languages proper (clear yellow) and other Macro-Jê languages (dark yellow) in modern times. Shadowed area represent approximately extension in the past.

The Jê languages (also spelled , Jean, Ye, Gean), or Jê–Kaingang languages, are spoken by the , a group of indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Family division[edit]

According to Ethnologue (which omits Jeikó), the language family is as follows:

Genetic relations[edit]

The Jê family forms the core of the Macro-Jê family. Kaufman, Murno-Gladst, et al. (1990) find the proposal convincing.


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