Indore – Bangalore Express

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Indore - Yesvantpur Express
Current operator(s) Indian Railways
Start Indore Junction, Indore
Stops 20
End Yeshvantapur Junction, Bangalore
Distance travelled N.A.
Average journey time not announced yet
Train number(s) 19301 Up / 19302 Down[1]
Route map
(Indore - Yesvantpur) Express Route map.jpg

The Indore – Bangalore Express, also known as Indore - Yesvantpur Express is a recently[when?] announced weekly train which runs between Indore Junction station of Indore, the largest city and commercial hub in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and Yeshvantapur Junction in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Arrival and departure[edit]

  • Train no. 19301 DN will start from Indore at 20:55 (every Sunday), will reach Bangalore at 11:15 (on Tuesday).
  • Train no. 19302 UP will depart from Bangalore at 13:30 (every Tuesday), will reach Indore at 05:05 (every Thursday).

Route and halts[edit]

The train will go via Ujjain Junction, Bhopal Junction, Itarsi Junction, Narkher, New Amravati, Akola, Nizamabad, Nanded and Kacheguda.

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