Iraq–Philippines relations

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Iraq–Philippine relations



Iraq–Philippines relations refers to the bilateral ties between Iraq and the Philippines. Formal relations were established on January 12, 1975.[citation needed]

Diplomatic mission[edit]

Iraq opened its embassy in Manila in January 12, 1975 marking the formal establishment of relations between Iraq and the Philippines. The Philippines opened its embassy in Baghdad in September 9, 1980. Following the Iraq War. The Philippines moved its diplomatic mission to Amman in Jordan in 2003 while Iraq shut down its embassy in Manila in September 2003. The Philippine embassy in Baghdad by late November 2011.[1]

Iraq War[edit]

The Philippines contributed troops for the Multi-National Force in Iraq. The Philippines withdrew its troops in 2004. after one of its Overseas Filipino Worker by the name of Angelo de la Cruz was kidnapped by anti-occupation militants who demanded for the withdrawal of Filipino troops in exchange for the life of the Filipino in their custody. The Philippines made some rifts to the Iraqi-Philippine relations after Iraq together with the United States expressed its disapproval for the withdrawal in which it describe as "giving in to terrorist demands" despite respecting the Philippines decision on the matter.[2]

Labor relations[edit]

The Philippines has banned sending workers to Iraq in December 2007 due to safety concerns. In 2012, the Philippines lifted its ban in sending workers to Iraqi Kurdistan.[3] In 2013, The Philippines has lifted ban on deploying workers to Iraq except deployments to the Iraqi provinces of Anbar, Ninewah, Nineveh and Kirkuk. Deployment of household services workers is still in effect.[4][5][6]

In 2012, it is estimated that there are 10,000 Filipinos in Iraq despite of a ban imposed during that period.[3] By 2014, 10,000 Filipinos are expected to be deployed to Iraq.[7]


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