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Keith Mason is the co-founder, along with Cal Zastrow[1] of Personhood USA which was launched following the 2008 Colorado for Equal Rights Campaign. The intent of this campaign was to define the term "Person" as used in the Colorado Constitution as starting from the moment of conception, thus in theory outlawing abortion.

Personhood USA has assisted political efforts to constitutionally define personhood in all 50 states.[citation needed]

Mason began organizing other young activists in 2000 with the Campus Life Tours[citation needed] where he along with other activists "educated" students about his view of abortion. These tours visited over 500 colleges nationwide and over 1000 high schools as well.[citation needed]

Mason also organized the "Truth Truck" project for the organization Operation Rescue.[2] For this project trucks covered with very graphical pictures of aborted children are driven around the country. Operation Rescue is the pro-life organization that moved to Kansas in 2002 to target George Tiller, the abortion provider MD killed in 2009 by a pro-life extremist.


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