Kola Escocesa

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Kola Escocesa
Brand Kola Escocesa Plastic Bottle 600 ml.jpg
Type soft drink
Manufacturer Empresa Yura S.R.L
Country of origin Peru
Introduced 1950
Colour red
Variants light
Related products Kola Inglesa

Kola Escocesa which translates to "Scottish cola" is a Peruvian soft drink. It is a brand of the Yura company, located in town of Yura, not far from the city of Arequipa.[1] The beverage has been produced since the 1950s, using mineral water from the company's own water source. It is sold in PET bottles of 440ml, 600 ml, and 1.5 litres.[1] Bottles come in both plastic and glass. Plastic is available in all sizes and the bottles take the former of a clear plastic bottle with a red label (see pictures). Glass bottles are a clear glass with writing directly on the bottle in a white color. Glass bottles are available in 600ml and 1.5L sizes. The soda can be hard to find outside of the city of Arequipa. The soda is also available in a light variant which has no sugar. Plastic bottles that are available in the light variant fade to white near the bottom of the red label. These bottles also have the word light on the label instead of clasica.

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