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This list of fictional rodents in comics is subsidiary to list of fictional rodents and covers all rodents appearing in graphic novelizations, manga, comic books and strips. The characters listed here include beavers, chipmunks, gophers, guinea pigs, marmots, prairie dogs, moles and porcupines plus the extinct prehistoric species (such as Rugosodon).

Mice & rats[edit]

Character/s Species Comic Notes
Anathème Percemiche Rat Sibylline Major antagonist in the series.
Anthracite Rat Chlorophylle Chlorophylle's nemesis.
Atomic Mouse Mouse Atomic Mouse Once a normal mouse, shrunk by an evil magician and given U-235 pills that grant him super powers, which he uses in his fight for justice against the evil Count Gatto.
Biggs Mouse Donyatsu
Diddl Mouse Diddl A white 'Jumping Mouse', with big ears and large pink-soled feet allowing him to jump large distances.
Dinkan Mouse Dinkan Created by story-writer N. Somashekharan and artist Baby in 1983. He was genetically modified with superpowers by experimenting alien scientists.
Lance Lumiere Mouse Hoshi no Samidare
Marmaduke Mouse Mouse Marmaduke Mouse An adventurous diaper-wearing mouse who serves the lion, King Louie. Drawn by Ernie Hart and published by Quality Comics.
Max Mouse Mouse Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids Shylock's assistant who corrects his errors. Max wears pink shorts and a matching bowler hat.
Minimum Mouse Chlorophylle Best friend of Chlorphylle.
Mitron XIII Mouse Chlorophylle White mouse who is the king of Chlorophylle's home world.
Pip Mouse Pellefant Pellefant's best friend and help in need.
Rat Rat Pearls Before Swine Anarcissistic, misanthropic rat, and is an antihero. He frequently breaks the fourth wall, as well as being aware of his implementation as a fictional comic strip character.
Ratbert Rat Dilbert A rat subject to cruel scientific experiments, but escaped and took refuge in Dilbert's house.
Serpolet Rabbit Chlorophylle Friend of Chlorophylle.
Setsuko Mouse Cinderalla
Sibylline Mouse Sibylline Anthropomorphic female mouse who lives in the forest.
Stewart the Rat Rat Stewart the Rat
Space Mouse Mouse Space Mouse A space agent who prevents the Felinia cats from invading the mice of Rodentia.
Splinter Rat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles An antropomorphic rat and the sensei of the Turtles.
Squeak Mouse Squeak the Mouse A violent and murderous version Jerry Mouse who frequently kills the cat.
Supermouse Mouse Supermouse Pines comics and Coo Coo comics. His superpowers are activated only by a special kind of cheese.
Taboum Mouse Sibylline Anthropomorphic mouse who is Sibylline's partner.

Squirrels & chipmunks, & groundhogs[edit]

Character/s Species Comic Notes
Alicia Acorn Chipmunk Sonic the Hedgehog Sally Acorn's evil Anti-Freedom Fighter counterpart.
Amy the Squirrel Red squirrel Sabrina Online
Ch'p H'lvenite Green Lantern A squirrel/chipmunk-like alien from the planet H'lven who was a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe/
Dodger De Squoil Gray squirrel Dodger De Squoil A feisty squirrel with a Brooklyn accent created by Jack Bradbury
Elias Acorn Ground Squirrel Sonic the Hedgehog Former Prince, later king and eventually dethroned ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn. His existence was initially unknown to most, as he was thought to have been killed along with his mother by Overlanders. He becomes crowned as the new king after his father's health begins to fall. Elias loses his position by Geoffrey St. John, who crowns Ixis Naugus as the new ruler. With the help of the owl; Harvey Who, Elias becomes a member of a new team of Freedom Fighters and stops Naugus in his plans to control his people. Elias is unlikely to return in the comic due to a lawsuit involving Ken Penders, a former writer of the comic.
Hammy American red squirrel Over the Hedge Originally known as Sammy
Maximillian Acorn Chipmunk Sonic the Hedgehog King of the Kingdom of Acorn, who is initially trapped within the Zone of Silence after Robotnik's takeover.
Portnoy Groundhog Bloom County Surly mouthed groundhog
Princess Sally Acorn Chipmunk Sonic the Hedgehog Co-leader of the Freedom Fighters alongside Sonic, also his love interest.
Spip Eurasian red squirrel Spirou et Fantasio Spirou's grouchy but helpful pet squirrel.
Sunshine Squirrel Eurasian red squirrel Acorn Green A cook
Tippy-Toe Gray squirrel Marvel Comics Squirrel Girl's second close companion.


Character Species Work Notes
Bruce, Chuck, Clint, and Jackie Hamsters Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters Originally published by Eclipse Comics, followed by Parody Comics, and currently, Dynamite Entertainment
Chlorophylle Dormouse Chlorophylle
Porkypine Porcupine Pogo
Pure Prairie dog Train*Train