List of freshman class members of the 109th United States Congress

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The 109th United States Congress began on January 4, 2005. There were nine new senators (two Democrats, seven Republicans) and 40 new representatives (16 Democrats, 24 Republicans) at the start of its first session.

New members at the beginning of the 109th Congress[edit]

These senators and representatives served at the beginning of the Congress on January 4, 2005.


State Image Senator Party Switched party Prior background Religion Birth year
Colorado Kensalazar.jpg Ken Salazar Democratic Yes
Open seat; replaced Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Attorney General of Colorado Roman Catholic 1955
Florida Mel Martinez.jpg Mel Martinez Republican Yes
Open seat; replaced Bob Graham
United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Roman Catholic 1946
Georgia Johnny Isakson.jpg Johnny Isakson Republican Yes
Open seat; replaced Zell Miller
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives United Methodist 1944
Illinois BarackObamaportrait.jpg Barack Obama Democratic Yes
Open seat; replaced Peter Fitzgerald
Member of Illinois Senate Christianity/United Church of Christ 1961
Louisiana David Vitter official portrait.jpg David Vitter Republican Yes
Open seat; replaced John Breaux
Former Member Louisiana House of Representatives, Member U.S. House of Representatives Roman Catholic 1961
North Carolina Richard Burr Official Picture 2.jpg Richard Burr Republican Yes
Open seat; replaced John Edwards
Member U.S. House of Representatives Methodist 1955
Oklahoma Tom Coburn.jpg Tom Coburn Republican No
Open seat; replaced Don Nickles
Former Member U.S. House of Representatives Baptist 1948
South Carolina Jim DeMint.jpg Jim DeMint Republican Yes
Open seat; replaced Ernest Hollings
MemberU.S. House of Representatives Presbyterian 1951
South Dakota John Thune official photo.jpg John Thune Republican Yes
Defeated Tom Daschle
Former MemberU.S. House of Representatives Evangelical Christian 1961

House of Representatives[edit]

District Representative Switched party Prior background Religion Birth year
California 3 Daniel Lungren No Former Congressman Roman Catholic 1946
California 20 Jim Costa No Family farmer Roman Catholic 1952
Colorado 3 John Salazar Yes Soldier Roman Catholic 1953
Florida 14 Connie Mack IV No State Representative Roman Catholic 1967
Florida 20 Debbie Wasserman Schultz No State Representative State Senator Jewish 1966
Georgia 4 Cynthia McKinney No Former Congresswoman Roman Catholic 1955
Georgia 6 Tom Price No State Senator Presbyterian 1954
Georgia 8 Lynn Westmoreland No State Representative Baptist 1950
Georgia 12 John Barrow Yes Athens City Council, Athens County Commissioner Baptist 1955
Illinois 3 Dan Lipinski No Political assistant, college professor Roman Catholic 1966
Illinois 8 Melissa Bean Yes Sales executive Serbian Orthodox 1962
Indiana 9 Mike Sodrel Yes Guardsman, automotive executive Baptist 1945
Kentucky 4 Geoff Davis Yes Ranger, manufacturing consultant Baptist 1958
Louisiana 1 Bobby Jindal No Consultant Roman Catholic 1971
Louisiana 3 Charlie Melancon Yes Small business owner Roman Catholic 1947
Louisiana 7 Charles Boustany Yes Surgeon Episcopalian 1956
Michigan 7 Joe Schwarz No Physician Roman Catholic 1937
Missouri 3 Russ Carnahan No State Representative Methodist 1958
Missouri 5 Emanuel Cleaver No Minister United Methodist 1944
Nebraska 1 Jeff Fortenberry No Publishing executive, economist Roman Catholic 1960
New York 27 Brian Higgins Yes Political assistant Roman Catholic 1959
New York 29 Randy Kuhl No State Representative, State Senator, attorney Episcopalian 1943
North Carolina 5 Virginia Foxx No State Senator, college professor/administrator Roman Catholic 1943
North Carolina 10 Patrick McHenry No State Representative, realtor Roman Catholic 1975
Oklahoma 2 Dan Boren No State Representative Methodist 1973
Pennsylvania 8 Mike Fitzpatrick No Attorney Roman Catholic 1963
Pennsylvania 13 Allyson Schwartz No State Senator Jewish 1948
Pennsylvania 15 Charlie Dent No State Representative Presbyterian 1960
South Carolina 4 Bob Inglis No Attorney Presbyterian Church in America 1959
Texas 1 Louie Gohmert Yes Soldier Southern Baptist 1953
Texas 2 Ted Poe Yes Prosecutor, judge Harris County, Airmen Church of Christ 1948
Texas 9 Al Green No Justice of the Peace Harris County, attorney Baptist 1947
Texas 10 Michael McCaul Yes Federal prosecutor Roman Catholic 1952
Texas 11 Mike Conaway Yes Soldier Southern Baptist 1948
Texas 24 Kenny Marchant Yes State Representative Church of the Nazarene 1951
Texas 28 Henry Cuellar No State Representative, Secretary of State Texas, Roman Catholic 1955
Virginia 2 Thelma Drake No State Representative, realtor United Church of Christ 1949
Washington 5 Cathy McMorris No State Representative, orchardist Christian 1969
Washington 8 Dave Reichert No Sheriff King County, Airmen Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod 1950
Wisconsin 4 Gwen Moore No State Representative, State Senate, civic affairs specialist Baptist 1951


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