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Doraemon is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Fujiko F. Fujio and published by Shogakukan. The series has been released in many parts of the world.


Region Manga first published Television series first broadcast / release status Language Local name(s)
China 1991 First broadcast on CCTV-2 in 1991 Mandarin Chinese 哆啦A梦 (Duo La A Meng). Previously known as 小叮当 (Xiǎo Dīng Dāng) ("Little Bell", referring to Doreamon's bell around his neck.) or 机器猫 (Jī Qì Māo) "Robotic Cat".
Taiwan 1976 as 小叮噹 (unlicensed, introduced after publication in Hong Kong). Licensed publication in 1993. First introduced to broadcast in 1996 on Taiwan Television, Chinese Television System afterwards. Mandarin Chinese 哆啦A夢. Previously known as 小叮噹.
Hong Kong and Macau First published and translated to English and Mandarin Chinese on 31 October 1993 by Television Broadcasts Limited. First broadcast on 31 October 1993 until now by TVB Jade. Doraemon is very successful in Hong Kong and Macau thus it broadcast until now in same time (every Sunday at 18:00 until 18:30 HKT before News at 6:30). Cantonese (with Chinese subtitles) 叮噹 (Ding Dong) from 31 October 1993 until 30 June 1997;
多啦A夢 (Doh La A Mung) from 1 July 1997 until now.
India and Pakistan The manga hasn't been released. The anime airs on Hungama TV since 13 February 2005, which was the introduction of the Doraemon franchise in India.[1][2] Since 19 November 2010 Hungama TV's sister – channel, Disney Channel India began showing reruns of the old dubbed Doraemon episodes by Hungama TV.

Indian dubbed episodes started with the Doraemon (1979 anime) series. Later episodes of the Doraemon (2005 anime) series started airing on Hungama TV and Disney Channel India since October and November 2013 as New Doraemon.[3] Doraemon is available on Amazon Prime Video India in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu (season 1 is Hindi only).[4]

In February 2017 Doraemon was the second most watched kids show in India.[5] It has won Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards India 2 times in a row for "Best Show For Kids" (2013 and 2015).

Concerns about Doraemon were also raised in Pakistan by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party.[6]



डोरेमोन (Hindi)

டோரேமான் (Tamil)

డోరేమాన్ (Telugu)
Bangladesh The manga hasn't been released. Bangladesh used to get Hindi-language children channels such as Disney Channel India, which airs Doraemon.

In 2013, Bangladesh banned the airing of unapproved foreign satellite television channels which was aimed at Doraemon. Due to concerns that these channels were learning children Hindi instead of Bengali.[7] An MP was quoted as saying "The government doesn't want children's educational atmosphere to get vitiated due to the telecast of Doraemon. The government has already issued notices directing to stop the telecast of unapproved foreign satellite television channels like Disney, Disney XD and Pogo. So, the airing of the children's favorite cartoon Doraemon has been banned." The lawmakers also said that Doraemon serial "only taught about telling lies and speaking Hindi."[8] Later on, a Bengali dub for the episodes was brought by Ddhoni Chitra Ltd. and the 1979 anime of Doraemon has been airing on the Bengali cable channel Asian TV since 1 April 2014[citation needed].

Bengali ডোরেমন
Indonesia 1994 by Elex Media Komputindo First broadcast at 13 November 1988 by RCTI. Because Doraemon is very successful in Indonesia it broadcast until now in Sunday at:
8:00–9:00 am (since September 2015)
8.00–8.30 am (June 1991–Agt 2015)
8.30–9.00 am (May 1991)
9.00–9.30 am (Dec 1990–Apr 1991)
5.30–6.00 pm (Agt 1988)
Also broadcast by SCTV Surabaya (1990–93)
1979 version: 13 November 1988–11 September 2011
2005 version: 18 September 2011–present
Bahasa Indonesia Doraemon
South Korea 1994 First broadcast in 2001–2002 by MBC then Anione and Champ TV from 2006–present. Korean 도라에몽 (Revised Romanization: Doraemong)
Malaysia 1987 First broadcast from 1990 until 25 January 1997 by TV1 a subsidiary of Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM)

Later was moved to NTV7 a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad was officially rebroadcast from 5 January 2008 until now, as Doraemon is very successful in Malaysia.

Bahasa Malaysia Doraemon
Philippines Doraemon was first published by JLINE COMICS CENTER and translated in Tagalog in 1990. 1999 on GMA Tagalog, Cebuano or a few other Philippine languages in selected local GMA TV channels. The character Jaian is known as Damulag (literally "big person" or "big kid" in Filipino). Doraemon is pronounced as "do-REI-mon".
Singapore First published and translated to English and Mandarin Chinese on 2005. First broadcast on December 1992 until now by SBC 8. Doraemon is very successful in Singapore thus it broadcast until now in same time (every Sunday at 09:30 until 10:00 SST). There are no options of dual sound (Japanese and Chinese) available and only dubbed in Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan dubbed) with Chinese subtitles.

The Doraemon manga has been published in English in print by Shogakukan Asia, using the same translation as the manga available on Amazon Kindle in the U.S. and Canada.

Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan dubbed, with Chinese subtitles) 多啦A夢 (Chinese), Doraemon (English). The previous Chinese name 小叮噹 is also used.
Thailand 1970s (licensed), 1982 (unlicensed) 1994 on Modernine TV Thai โดราเอมอน, โดเรม่อน
Cambodia (Unknown) 2014 on TV3 Asia Khmer ដូរ៉ាអិម៉ុន
Laos (Unknown) (Unknown) Lao ໂດລາເອມອນ
Vietnam 11 December 1992 (Đôrêmon version, uncopyright)

1996 (licensed)

29 May 2010 (Doraemon version, licensed)

In the 2000s, VTV1 and VTC1 aired some episodes in the 1979 anime.

– VTV1: have many casters like Hoài Vân, Anh Tuấn, Lưu Hà etc.

– VTV1: titled Chú mèo máy Đô Rê Mon as part of Tuổi thần tiên.

HTV3 aired 52 episodes of the 1979 anime from 9 January to 4 July 2010, then the remaining of the anime from 20 November 2014 to 2 December 2015. Later, HTV3 aired the 2005 anime since 3 December 2015. HTV3 also aired 17 movies from 7 December 2012 to 27 December 2013.

The Stand By Me Doraemon film aired on 1 June 2015 in K+ NS.

From 2013, The Doraemon movies were licensed in cinema theaters.

Vietnamese Đôrêmon (1992–2010), Doraemon (2010)


Country Manga First Published Anime First Broadcast
Cyprus 1994 (Unknown)
France 2003 2003 by M6 and Fox Kids; 2014 by Boing (France)
Portugal 1990s by Canal Panda in Spanish with subtitles (before 2010) and dubbed in Portuguese (since 2011), 2000 bt RTP1 and RTP2 dubbed in Portuguese, 2009 by Panda Biggs with the after-2005 episodes and the 1979 episodes in Spanish with subtitles in Portuguese and 2015 by Cartoon Network Portugal with the after-2005 episodes dubbed in Portuguese
Italy 2003 1982

In Italy, there are several popular theme songs, including DORAEMON gatto spaziale (Doraemon the space cat) sung by Oliver Onions and "A me mi piacerebbe un robot che farebbe i compiti miei" (Me would like a robot to do my homework, with intended grammatical mistakes), sung by Nora Orlandi.

Russia 1990 1993 with Japan Foundation
Spain 1994 1993 by TVE-2 and 1994 by Televisió de Catalunya, Canal Nou, Euskal Telebista, Canal Sur, TVG and other autonomical televisions (FORTA). Apart of running now on FORTA autonomical televisions network, the Spanish version also runs on Boing, a channel that airs around the whole country, giving it even a more mainstream appeal. In fact Doraemon acts as the unofficial mascot of that channel, its logo sharing the same blue color and the series airing during most of its day programming. The Doraemon airings on Boing offer a choice between Spanish and Japanese audio, and also offer Spanish teletext closed captioning. Doraemon is translated into four languages including Basque, Catalan (including a Valencian version since early decade of 1990 and a Balearic one since mid-2000 decade) and Galician in addition to Spanish. The first Doraemon film was televised in 2000.
Poland 2014 by Disney XD Poland.
Turkey 2014 by Disney Channel Turkey.
United Kingdom 17 August 2015 by Boomerang.

Middle East[edit]

The show was first broadcast in Arab countries in 1995. Since 7 March 2016 a dub of the Doraemon 2005 series airs on Spacetoon.[9][10]

Doraemon in Arabic: ("Abqoor" عبقور, which means a mini Genius)

North America[edit]

Country Manga First Published Anime First Broadcast
United States and Canada November 2013 on Amazon Kindle Turner Broadcasting System acquired the US rights to Doraemon in 1985, and planned to air the first 50 episodes that year on what was then called SuperStation WTBS, but due to unknown circumstances leading to the series not to air on the network as planned, the license was eventually dropped.

TV Japan aired Doraemon in its original Japanese version without subtitles in the United States and Canada until March 2014.

The U.S. dub of Doraemon started airing on 7 July 2014 on Disney XD U.S.. Disney XD Canada aired nine episodes of the show in the summer of 2015 for two weeks before pulling it.

Mexico (Unknown) 1981 and 1982 by Canal 5 and again on the same channel from 2000 until 2001.


Country Manga First Published Anime First Broadcast
Australia The manga hasn't been published. 26 January 2015 on Network Ten

South America[edit]

In some Latin American countries, the show was called Doraemon El Gato Cósmico, O Gato Cósmico (Doraemon The Cosmic Cat) and the cat's name was Cósmico (Cosmic), yet sometimes named Doraemon.

Doraemon has been broadcast until the present in

Doraemon was broadcast for some years from 1982 in

Doraemon used to be available on Netflix in Brazil.[11] In Chile it is currently airing on ETC.


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