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The following is a list of programs broadcast by GMA News TV, a television network in the Philippines, part of GMA News and Public Affairs and GMA Entertainment TV Group division of GMA Network, which primarily airs news, sports and entertainment programs— including documentaries, current affairs programs, lifestyle, reality, drama, and movie blockbuster. The network launched on February 28, 2011, replacing GMA's originally female-oriented network Q. Selected programs from Q still air on GMA News TV, but most dramatic programming was removed upon the switch. For previously aired defunct shows on Q of this network, see List of programs aired by Q/GMA News TV.

Programs currently broadcast on GMA News TV[edit]

Local programs[edit]


Public affairs programs[edit]

Programs being broadcast on GMA Network[edit]

Program re-runs[edit]


  • Good News Kasama si Vicky Morales (2011–present)*
  • I Juander (2011–present)*
  • Luv U Pet with Jamie Fournier and Lestre Zapanta (2015-present)
  • Pisobilities (2012–present)
  • Pop Talk (2011–present)
  • Road Trip (2012-present, being broadcast on Light Network)
  • Taste Buddies (2012–present)
  • The Healthy Life (2012–present, being broadcast on Light Network)

Travel shows[edit]

  • Biyahe ni Drew (2013–present)
  • I Love Pinas (2011–present, being broadcast on Light Network)

Motoring shows[edit]

  • Life Rocks (2015-present)
  • Turbo Zone, Feed Your Drive! (2012-present)

Entertainment programs[edit]

  • Ang Pinaka (2005–present)
  • Gandang Ricky Reyes: Todo na Toh! (2005–present)

Musical shows[edit]

  • This Is My Story. This Is My Song (2012–present, being broadcast on Light Network)


  • Home Base (2012–present)
  • MyHouse Today (season 3) (2015-present)
  • Weddings TV (2014-present)

Talk shows[edit]

  • #MichaelAngelo (2014-present)
  • Say Mo Doc (2014-present)
  • The Dr. Tess Show (2014-present)
  • Tonight with Arnold Clavio (2010–present)*
  • MARS (2012–present)

Cooking shows[edit]


  • Day Off (2005–present)
  • Fil It Up with Mig Ayesa and Sophie Sumner (2015-present)


  • GMA News TV All Sports (2011–present)*
  • TKO: Tanghali Knockouts, Matira Matibay (2013-present)

Movie documentaries[edit]

  • Reel Time (2011–present)*

Religious shows[edit]

As a part of the partnership that originally allowed DZOE-TV to carry GMA News TV's precursor Q, the network airs the following religious programs, the majority of which are produced by ZOE Broadcasting Network.


  • Amaya (2015-present)
  • Wagas (2013–present)

Movie blocks[edit]

  • Takilya Blockbusters (2012-present)
  • Reel Action Sabado (2014-present)
  • Sunday Screening (2012-present)

International programs[edit]



Upcoming Programs[edit]


Other programs currently broadcast on GNTV International[edit]

These are the some of the programs of GMA News TV International that not currently aired on the main channel.




  1. ^ Program is dubbed in English, Filipino language (Tagalog)

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