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This is a list of television programmes currently, rerunning and formerly on TV3 in Malaysia.


TV3 News[edit]

  • Malay News:
  • Buletin Pagi (Morning Bulletin, airing weekdays at 7:00 am for 15 minutes in-between Malaysia Hari Ini and weekends at 7:30 am for 30 minutes)
  • Buletin 1.30 (1.30 Bulletin, airing everyday except Friday at 1:30 pm; for a short period of time in 2004 moved to 1:00 pm and known as Buletin Jam 1)
  • Buletin Utama (Sometimes in the 80s,Buletin Utama changed times to 6:30pm)
  • Bizworld (Business news programme; formerly known as Detik Niaga in the early 2000s for the Malay broadcast at 11:00 am)
  • Buletin Akhir (the last news of the day before closing down transmissions, ended around the late 1990s)
  • Berita Terkini (Latest News; news summary in 2 minutes at all times and 5 minutes at 9 am)
  • Ringkasan Malam (15-minute late night news summary. Airing from 1991 until 1993)
  • English News:
  • TV3 Evening News (Formerly known as TV3 News and airs at 7:00 pm. Aired until the late 1990s. Sometimes in the 80s,TV3 News changed times to 8 pm.)
  • Bizworld (Formerly known as Business News for the English broadcast at 5:30 pm)
  • TV3 News Hour (Formerly known as Late News in 1989 and TV3 Evening News in 1994. Aired for either 15 minutes or 5 minutes for 1989 till 1991, airing 30 minutes since 1994 and 1 hour or 30 minutes since 1997, airing at 11:00 pm).
  • Nightline (Late night news broadcast airing at midnight.Since 1999.)

Drama Slots[edit]

  • Samarinda - (Samson & Delaila) Every Tuesday - Thursday at 10.30PM
  • Cerekarama - (Telemovies) Saturdays at 10PM
  • Cerekapilihan - (Telemovies rerun) Fridays at 1.30PM
  • Dramasuria - (Dramas rerun) Every Monday - Thursday at 1.30PM
  • Lestary - (Asmara 2) Tuesdays at 9PM
  • Akasia - (Begitukah Cinta) Every Monday - Thursday at 7PM
  • Seram - (Saka Jentayu) Thursdays at 9.30PM
  • Sinetron - (Indonesian dramas)Every Monday - Thursday at 2PM
  • Aksi - (No Ordinary Family) Mondays at 10PM
  • Telenovela - (Asian/Spanish dramas) Every Monday - Thursday at 3PM
  • Lagenda - (Sakti Delima) Every Monday - Thursday at 4.30PM
  • Zehra - (Ustaz Amirul) Fridays at 9PM

Japanese Anime[edit]

International programmes[edit]


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