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This is a list of programs currently or previously broadcast by Travel Channel, an American cable television network devoted to travel; Discovery, Inc. serves as the majority owner and owns a 65% stake in the network, with cable television provider Cox Communications owning the remaining 35%.[citation needed]

Current programming[edit]

Aired regularly[edit]


  • Travel Channel Uncut takes the "bloopers" from the shows listed above and makes them into an episode/special of this series.

Aired occasionally or previously[edit]

  • 5 Takes, a reality show that lets viewers control the action
  • Adventure Bound
  • Appalachian Stories, a documentary series about Appalachia, originally produced and shown in Knoxville, Tennessee, as The Heartland Series[1]
  • Are You Game?, game show host Todd Newton travels to Japan to appear on the game show Urakage
  • Arthur Frommer's Almanac of Travel
  • Bite Me with Dr. Mike, in which virologist Dr. Mike Leahy experiences close encounters with some of Earth's most dangerous creatures
  • Bizarre Collections (special), visits five unusual collections: Anthony Toth's airline memorabilia; Bob Grove's airline barf bags; Audra Kunkle's collection of the macabre; Rich and Flo Newman's toilet paper samples; and Richard and Judith Lang's art made from beach trash
  • Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, in which Bridget Marquardt searches for the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • Caprice's Travels, a series following the host Caprice as she travels around the world
  • Cash and Treasures, hosted by Kirsten Gum, features places around the United States and the world where the public can dig for valuable gemstones and artifacts
  • Castles of Horror, a documentary series that journeys to castles from all across Europe
  • Cruises We Love!, a 12-episode series that showcases everything from mainstream cruise lines to exclusive ships
  • Culture Shock, a program hosted by Shenaz Treasurywala, showing "peculiar customs and bizarre traditions" of various cultures around the world
  • Distant Shores, featuring the couple Paul and Sheryl Shard sailing to interesting or exotic places
  • Dream Riders, in which a father takes his son on a 4,000-mile bike journey across America in an effort to rebuild their relationship
  • Drew Carey's Sporting Adventures, a show hosted by comedian Drew Carey as he travels the world photographing association football matches
  • Extreme, showcases everything extreme, from swimming pools to very large ants
  • Flight Attendant School
  • Food Heavens
  • Food Paradise, finds the ultimate food paradises in America
  • Food Wars, a show where food feuds are settled
  • Forbes Luxe 11, a glimpse at 11 escapes for the super affluent
  • Fred Willard's American Festivals
  • Get Packing
  • Globe Trekker
  • Great Getaway Game
  • Great Hotels, a reality series hosted by Samantha Brown that checks into hotels all over the country deemed as "great" values and stays
  • Great Park Adventures, hosted by Russell Shimooka, shows adventures at North American national parks
  • Great Sports Vacations
  • Hotel Impossible: Showdown, a spin-off of Hotel Impossible where successful hoteliers compete for a prize of $25,000
  • Joan Cusack's Local Flavor
  • Journeys to Remember
  • Lawrence of America, a show hosted by English-born journalist Lawrence Beldon-Smythe that exposes America and its subculture
  • Lonely Planet Six Degrees
  • Made in America, hosted by John Ratzenberger, features stories of the best people, places, and products in the US
  • Madventures, a Finnish travel show that focuses on low-budget backpacking
  • Man v. Food, a show where Adam Richman partakes in food competitions
  • Man v. Food Nation, the fourth season of Man v. Food, in which Adam Richman coaches others to take on food competitions
  • Mark & Olly: Living with the Tribes, a reality series that follows Olly Steeds and Mark Anstice as they live with the Mek and the Kombai people
  • Meet the Natives
  • Metropolis, a mini-series featuring the culture and history of major metropolitan cities in the world.
  • Most Haunted, follows the Most Haunted team to the scariest sites in their home country, the UK
  • Mysteries at the Hotel
  • Mysteries and Myths with Megan Fox
  • Not Your Average Travel Guide, a series that attempts to give an unconventional personal tour of the world; also featured during the show are small travel tips and facts
  • Off Limits, host Don Wildman ventures through unexplored or forgotten parts of iconic American cities to reveal their "untold stories and secrets"
  • The Osbournes Want to Believe
  • Passport to Europe, a show hosted by Samantha Brown that tours cities of Europe
  • Passport to Green Getaways, a special hosted by Samantha Brown that shows vacations to three eco-friendly destinations in North America
  • Passport to Latin America, a show hosted by Samantha Brown that tours cities of Latin America
  • Road Trip
  • Slice of Brooklyn
  • Stranded with Cash Peters
  • Super Swank, a series which features luxurious lifestyles
  • Surf Patrol, follows Australian lifeguards as they patrol some of the most dangerous and beautiful beaches
  • Taste of America, hosted by Mark DeCarlo
  • Toy Hunter
  • Travellers
  • Treasure Hunter: Kirsten Gum, hosted by Kirsten Gum, features places around the United States and the world where the public can dig for valuable gemstones and artifacts
  • Treasure Hunters
  • Tribal Life, features indigenous peoples of different tribes
  • Tribal Life: Meet the Namal, follows the Namal tribe in Vanuatu
  • Truck Stop USA
  • Vacation Home Search, a show in the style of House Hunters, in which a couple tours three possible vacation homes and purchases one of them.
  • Vegas Revolution, a behind-the-scenes look at Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Weird Travels
  • When Vacations Attack, a reality documentary show where a survivor (or survivors) escape from a horrific disaster or accident
  • The Wild Within, a show hosted by Steven Rinell who reveals his deep conviction that within all of us, an instinctual hunter/gatherer is waiting to come out[2]
  • World Poker Tour, which moved to Game Show Network in 2008
  • World's Best
  • World's Lost Tribes
  • World's Most Dangerous Places

Future programming[edit]

  • Fountain Kings, an upcoming docu-series following the accomplishments and challenges experienced by designers, engineers and builders behind some of the world's most recognizable water fountains by WET Design[citation needed]


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