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Products featuring 10 µm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 3 µm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 1.5 µm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 1.0 µm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 0.8 µm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 0.6 µm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 350 nm manufacturing process[edit]

Products featuring 250 nm manufacturing process[edit]

Processors using 180 nm manufacturing technology[edit]

Processors using 130 nm manufacturing technology[edit]

Chips using 90 nm manufacturing technology[edit]

Processors using 65 nm manufacturing technology[edit]

Processors using 45 nm technology[edit]

Chips using 32 nm technology[edit]

  • Intel Core i3 and i5 processors, released in January 2010[4]
  • Intel 6-core processor, codenamed Gulftown[5]
  • Intel i7-970, was released in late July 2010, priced at approximately US$900
  • AMD FX Series processors, codenamed Zambezi and based on AMD's Bulldozer architecture, were released in October 2011. The technology utilised a 32 nm SOI process, two CPU cores per module, and up to four modules, ranging from a quad-core design costing approximately US$130 to a $280 eight-core design.
  • Ambarella Inc. announced the availability of the A7L system-on-a-chip circuit for digital still cameras, providing 1080p60 high-definition video capabilities in September 2011[6]

Chips using 22 nm technology[edit]

  • Toshiba announced that it was shipping 24 nm flash memory NAND devices on August 31, 2010.[7]
  • Hynix Semiconductor announced that it could produce a 26 nm flash chip with 64 Gb capacity; Intel Corp. and Micron Technology had by then already developed the technology themselves. Announced in 2010.[8]
  • Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5 processors based on Intel's Ivy Bridge 22 nm technology for series 7 chip-sets went on sale worldwide on April 23, 2012.[9]

Chips using 14 nm technology[edit]

  • Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5 processors based on Intel's Broadwell 14 nm technology was launched in January 2015.[10]
  • AMD Ryzen processors based on AMD's Zen architecture.


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